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Isaak Presley biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Isaak Presley


singer, actor

Birth Date

June 16, 2002


21 years

Zodiac Sign



Los Angeles, California, United States



Isaak Presley family members

Father's Name

Lou Presley

Is Isaak Presley a gay/bisexual?


What is Isaak Presley marital status?


Who are Isaak Presley parents?


Isaak Presley doesn’t have a mother. His father paid for a surrogate to have him. So, he grew up by his father’s side.

Lou Presley (father)

Lou Presley

photo / loupresley

His father brought up Isaak on his own. The boy had neither mom nor siblings, so his father is the only relative he grew up with.

Lou comes from Cuba. He has a twin sister, named Rosa, with whom he is really close.  Isaak’s father worked as an entertainer. Our hero was just 5 when his dad put a guitar in his hands, and he started to play. Lou was a great father for the boy, and Isaak tells in his interviews that his father has been his role model all the way.

It was Lou, who helped Isaak to fulfill his dream and become a singer and an actor. The young star tells, he feels really confident because of his dad and he never gets upset because of some criticism, which quite often can be heard during the audition process. But the boy is not hurt – mostly due to Lou’s support.

Currently, Mr. Presley positions himself as self-employed. He performs by his son’s side at malls and other venues from time to time.

Lou is incredibly proud of his son and the things he does. He promotes each project Isaak takes part in through social media. Once, while congratulating his son on his birthday, Lou told, that Isaak was born on Father’s Day. And that was the best gift he had ever dreamed about.


Isaak Presley bio

photo / isaakpresley

He is a great-looking guy, so funny and charming, and he is a real cowboy! No wonder that girls all over the world gather in front of the screens to watch “A History of Radness”, the series about siblings Jack and Tessie, aspiring young musicians, where Isaak played one of the title roles.

He is famous both, as an actor and as a singer. Raised by a single father in Los Angeles, Isaak started to ride horses at the age of 4. He won numerous rodeos during his childhood years and then depicted his passion for this kind of sports through a song. He uploaded the song “Cowboys are Real Men” on YouTube, and it gained millions of views. His talent for entertaining people was obvious.

That initial success inspired Isaak to continue. He visited auditions by his father’s side and was immediately cast by Nickelodeon, a famous kid’s channel. Presley played recurring roles in “Instant Mom”, “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn” and cemented his young fame with the brilliant work in “Fuller House”.

The young entertainer moved forward and acted in a number of big screen films, including quite complex “One Nation Under God”, where Isaak depicted a faithful student, so spiritual and bold to speak about God.

As of now, Isaak Presley is a busy actor, singer, and songwriter. His most famous songs are “About Love”, “Be King” and others.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. His height is 5 ft 5 in. His weight is 125 lbs.
  2. He is a big fan of Ryan Reynolds, whom he considers as a multi-talented artist and a great person. He dreams to work with him one day.
  3.  His talent of a musician has already been valued with The Official Voice of Norco award.
  4. He named his fans an IPT (Isaak Presley Team). The actor tries to stay connected with his followers and answers almost every comment.
  5. He supports a number of charity projects. Previously Isaak donated the part of his income for the operations of kids with cleft palates. He encouraged his followers to do the same.
  6. He speaks Spanish fluently and writes lyrics in it, too.
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