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Jack Avery biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Jack Robert Avery



Birth Date

July 1, 1999


22 years

Zodiac Sign



Burbank, California, United States


Susquehanna Community High School



Jack Avery family members

Father's Name

John Avery

Mother's Name

Kristin Stanford

Siblings names

Sisters: Sydnie Avery, Isla Stanford, Ava Stanford, Camila Avery (rumored)

Is Jack Avery a gay/bisexual?


What is Jack Avery marital status?

In relation

How many children does he have?

1 (daughter Lavender May Avery)

Jack Avery family

photo instagram / jackaverymusic

Gabriela Gonzales (baby mother; girlfriend since 2018)

Gabriela Gonzales photo

photo instagram.com / gabbieegonzalez

Date of birth: September 6, 2001

Gabbie Gonzalez is an Instagram star, an aspiring surfer and Jck Avery’s girlfriend. They started dating in 2018, and although their relationships were not smooth, they managed to keep their love. Now WDW member names Gabbie as the dearest person in his life. In April, 2019 Ms. Gonzales gave a birth to a baby girl, whose father is a music star Jack Avery.

Jack Avery kids

Lavender May Avery (daughter with Gabbie Gonzalez)

Lavender May Avery daughter Jack Avery

photo instagram.com / gabbieegonzalez

Date of birth: April 22, 2019

Jack became a father for the first time at a tender age of 19. In april, 2019 he welcomed the cute baby daughter with his on and off girlfriend Gabbie Gonzalez. The singer posted the story about his little girl on Instagram in May that very year, and the news sounded so shocking to his fans, that they hadn’t believe at first and presumed that the girl was adopted. But then Jack congratulated his loved one Gabbie on Mother’s Day through Instagram and confirmed, that he is a doting father as for now.

Who are Jack Avery parents?

John Avery (father)

Jack Avery’s father tries to avoid publicity. We are not even sure, that his parents are still married. But his father obviously was an inseparable part of the singer’s life in his young years. It was his dad, who introduced Jack to music and taught him to play the piano. Poppy Avery was a great musician, too!

Kristin Stanford (mother)

Kristin Stanford

photo instagram / jackaverymusic

Date of birth: June 2, 1974

Everyone knows that each famous man has a strong woman behind his back. In case of Jack Avery that woman is his mother. Kristin serves as the young singer’s manager. She knows exactly, what is good for her son.

Except for Jack, she is also a mother for three girls. They have a beautiful and friendly family, the pic of which Jack demonstrated through Instagram on Mother’s Day in 2017. Jack stressed, that his mother’s guidance and support helped him a lot in his career.

Jack Avery mother

photo instagram / jackaverymusic

Before she became a mother, Kristin had been a student in State University of New York, where she got Bachelor Degree in trade. Previously she was an entrepreneur and ran the dancing studio.

As for now, Kristin is the biggest Why Don’t We (WDW) fan!

Jack Avery siblings

Sydnie Avery (older sister)

Sydnie Avery sister Jack

photo instagram / sydnieavery

Date of birth: October 30, 1995

Every teen knows about her now, and it’s even hard to believe, that several years ago she was in the shadow. But nowadays Sydnie is an Instagram star with more than 100k of followers. She is also a blogger and a fashion designer. Her clothing line, named “Sweet Girl”, enjoys high level of selling.

Jack’s sister has been dating a musician and social media star Devin Hayes since September, 2018. Two young people have never tried to hide their love from their fans. They eagerly share their sweet romantic moments through Instagram.

Ava Stanford (younger sister)

Ava Stanford sister Jack

photo instagram / ava_stanford

Date of birth: March 6, 2004

Ava is the third child of Kristin Stanford and Jack’s little sister. She has a massive following base in various social networks, mostly due to her status of Why Don’t We member’s sister.

Isla Stanford (younger sister)

Isla Stanford sister Jack

photo instagram / islastanford

Date of birth: November 12, 2008

Isla is Jack’s younger sister. Due to her talented brother, she has become popular at a very young age. The girl is a social media personality with a large fan base. The amount of her Instagram followers has already crossed 200k mark. The girl is also a gifted musician. She posts her music at musical.ly app. There Isla is known under the name “ImIslaRose”.

Camila Avery (rumored sister)

Some sources tell that Jack has one more sister – Camila Avery. But she isn’t present on his family photos.


Jack Avery bio

photo instagram / jackaverymusic

Jack Avery is celebrated as a musician, songwriter and a band member. Fans know and love him as one of WDW singers. The band, which was formed 2 years ago, boasts with 5 extended plays and one studio album as for now. Jack is one of 5 talented young musicians, who dream to reach the fame of One Direction or NSYNC. Each of band members is in late teens, but any of them has already gained some experience in music industry. For example, Jack Avery was previously a participant of Impact tour.

Avery was born in California, but at the age of 1 his parents moved him to Pennsylvania, where the future star got a school education. In spite of the fact, that Jack was obviously talented as a singer, music wasn’t his priority in middle school years. But the gracious athletic boy was keen on basketball, which he practiced both, at home and at school.

But being inspired by his father, he gradually turned his face to music. At first Avery uploaded his records to various social media platforms. Soon he developed a large fan base and found people, who shared his passion to this art. Thus, he crossed the ways with Daniel Seavey, Zach Herron, Corbyn Besson and Jonah Marais. They formed WDW band, which immediately has become a sensation.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Jack Avery runs his own YouTube channel, where he posts his music videos. The music star boasts with more than 200k subscribers.
  2. He likes gum and chews it all the time.
  3. If he had such an opportunity, he would sing with a rapper A$AP Rocky.
  4. In 2018 Jack Avery in the company of other WDW members has set out on a tour around Europe. That was an incredible experience for each of them. Jack visited lots of new cities. He tells, that London impressed him more than other places.
  5. Jack likes performing in front of the public. But most of all he likes, when his viewers scream. That gives him some extra energy.
  6. Jack Avery’s celebs crash is Selena Gomez. He likes this hot young star. But life is always different from dreams, so in reality WDW member is dating another woman. In 2018 he was romantically linked to Gabbie Gonzalez. Two stars tried to make it private at first, but in February this year they finally confirmed their dating rumors. Gabbie is a great girl, an Instagram star and a skilful surfer. In spite of chemistry between them, Gabbie and Jack decided to break up because of too busy schedules.
  7. Jack has never told, that he plans career of an actor, but he has already debuted in this area, too. The young man acted in a short superhero movie “Fearless Five” about 5 teenagers, each of which has some super power. That was a great debut and now his fans are waiting for more roles!
  8. Although WDW singer’s cute curly hair (for which his fans nicknamed him as “Noodle Head”) form the inseparable part of his image, they are not natural. His hair is straight from birth.
  9. Two years ago Avery released his solo single, titled “Liar”. His song got more than 1 million views at YouTube.
  10. The other boys from his band think that Jack will go down the aisles the first of them.
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    Information for you:
    Jack Avery’s Biological dad is named John Avery. Camila Avery is Jack’s half sister. the reason why Camila isn’t in family photos is because Jack’s parents split up when he was younger, they then found other people and had kids with them. Camila’s dad is John Avery, so she lived with him. whereas Jack and Sydnie live with their mother but sees they’re biological dad when they can. Isla and Ava have different last names to Jack and Sydnie, this is because Kristen remarried and had kids with a guy named Darrin Stanford. Darrin Stanford is Isla and Ava’s dad. He is Jack and Sydnie’s stepdad.
    Also Sydnie and Devin broke up a couple months after they started dating.
    He went on a social media tour with IMPACT in 2016, before becoming a signed musician with top industry leaders. Where he toured with Zach Herron and Corbyn Besson. Later on that tour he met Jonah Marais.
    Jack audition on american idol but different make it however, Daniel Seavey auditioned for american idol the same day , same year as Jack but Daniel got in.

    If you want more information, just email me, i have a lot more information on Jack Avery to make this page for Jack better and up to date. Sorry if I sound mean, i just want to help you help others learning about Jack and his family. Also I”m a loyal Limelight that wants to help others learn about the boys and help them fall in love with them more.