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Jackie Chan biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Chan Kong San



Birth Date

April 7, 1954


69 years

Zodiac Sign



Victoria Peak, British Hong Kong


Chinese Opera Research Institute



Jackie Chan family members

Father's Name

Charles Chan

Mother's Name

Lee-Lee Chan

Siblings names

Fang Shide (older half-brother), Fang Shisheng (older half-brother), Guilan Chan (older half-sister), Yulan Chan (older half-sister)

Is Jackie Chan a gay/bisexual?


What is Jackie Chan marital status?


Who is Jackie Chan wife?

Feng-Jiao Lin

When did get married?

December 1, 1982

How many children does he have?

2 (Jason Chan, Etta Ng Chok Lam)

The internationally popular star Jackie Chan dreams about invitation to one of Hollywood action movies. “I want to play a superman in Hollywood! It’s such an easy thing – just to put on a suit and pretend to be tired, while stuntmen do the job instead of you!” Everyone knows that the legendary Chinese actor does all stunts himself. And it’s painful – almost each bone in the star’s body at least once has already been broken. How does he relax after a hard filming process? The answer is simple – he spends the time with his wife. But he has quite strained relationship with kids. Want to know more? Keep up reading!

Jackie Chan wife

Feng Jiao Lin (wife since 1982)

Feng Jiao Lin wife Jackie Chan

Date of birth: June 30, 1953

Feng-Jiao Lin, also known as Joan Lin, is the only person, who is mentioned in Jackie Chan will. After his death the cult actor ordered to share his millions between his wife and his charity organizations. This act proves that Mr. Chan values his wife and is thankful to her.

She was born in Taipei, Taiwan. The girl grew up alongside 4 siblings. Their family was very poor, that’s why she had to quit her studying at the age of 12 and to begin working.

Her life changed for better in early 1970s, when the beautiful young girl started career of an actress. She gained popularity after the release of Kung-Fu film “Hero of Waterfront”, where she played a part.

In 1970s Joan cemented her position of a serious movie star, having participated in a string of hit films, including “The Story of a Small Town”, which brought her prestigious Golden Horse Award (the award, which is annually given in Taiwan for Chinese entertainers).

Feng Jiao Lin

She appeared in more than 70 movies till 1981. That year the woman met Jackie Chan and fell in love with him.

They started dating, and she got pregnant. Jackie proposed the mother of his future baby, and they tied a knot on the first day of December in 1982, just several days earlier the birth of their son. After marriage the actress quit her career and focused on family life. In his interviews Mr. Chan tells, that he is lucky to have such a wife and that previously he hurt her. The truth is that the actor had a love affair with ex-Miss Asia Elaine Ng. He met the beauty while filming “Gorgeous” in 1998. Then Jackie lost his head and fell in love with a young actress. Soon she got pregnant and she gave a birth to their daughter.

It was hard for Joan Lin to forgive her husband. But she did it, and now Jackie is so thankful to her!

Jackie Chan kids

Jason Chan (son with Feng-Jiao Lin)

Jason Chan

photo instagram / jaycee_chan

Date of birth: December 3, 1982

The only son of Jackie Chan and Joan Lin, also known as Jaycee Chan, was born in Los Angeles, CA and spent his early and teen years there. Jaycee’s father and mother were too popular in China, and they both wanted their son to grow up out of limelight, so they made up this hard decision and moved to USA.

No need to say, that the boy’s father had a busy schedule, that’s why he visited his son and wife just on holidays.

Chan Jr was educated in Santa Monica High School. Jason was ordered not to tell his classmates the real name of his dad. Once he broke that ban and told that a popular actor Jackie Chan was his father. But the friends didn’t believe the boy. “Jackie doesn’t even tell, that he is married”, one of the boys said.

The son of two entertainers, Jaycee studied performing arts too. The famous American dancer and actress Debbie Allen was one of his coaches. In addition to acting, the teenager studied music and dancing. He played the guitar and developed his vocal skills.

During many years Jason Chan lived in the shadow. The son of one of the most popular actors in the world, he had never appeared at any public events alongside his father.

When Jaycee turned 15 years old, he lost his godfather Leonard Ho, a popular film producer. The boy convinced his father to let him visit Ho’s funeral. That was the first time, when Jackie Chan son appeared in public near his famous dad.

Now Jason Chan is known as a talented actor and singer. He has an opportunity to see his father more often, than earlier. But two men have troubled relationships. Previously Chan named his child “a lazy bone” in his interviews. After that he disherited the son telling that Jason must earn his living himself.

Several years ago Jaycee was imprisoned for drug possession. That ruined his relationship with his father for a long time, but recently they reconciled.

Etta Ng Chok Lam (daughter with Elaine Ng)

daughter Jackie Chan

Date of birth: November 19, 1999

The birth of this baby has become a sensation for the whole world. No wonder, because she was a daughter of a cult actor Jackie Chan and his mistress Elaine Ng. When Etta’s mom knew about her pregnancy, her love affair with a married actor became obvious. Soon journalists chased her, and Jackie’s fans blamed her in breaking his family.

Mr. Chan later told that his romance with ex-Miss Asia was a mistake. He begged his wife to forgive him, and had never been interested in life of his daughter.

Elaine rose her daughter in Shanghai. The ex-beauty queen got used to alcohol. No need to say, that her daughter had a very troubled childhood.

Now Etta is 18. Not long ago the girl uploaded home video to YouTube, where she told, that she is a lesbian. Chan’s daughter moved with her female partner Andi Autumn to Canada. Etta is 12 years younger than her lover. She opened up, that she is homeless and has no money. Her parents cut all ties with her after she had confessed, she was a lesbian.

In November 2018 she wedded her Canadian partner Andi.

The actor, who spends millions of dollars for charity, doesn’t spend even a couple of cents for his estranged daughter. By the way, the girl doesn’t like her biological father. “I’ll never call him dad”, she says.

Who are Jackie Chan parents?

Charles Chan (father)

 Jackie Chan parents father

Date of birth: December 18, 1914

Date of death: February 26, 2008

Jackie Chan father Charles, who is also known as Chan Chi-Peng, was a person of an interesting fate. He was born in Anhui in a poor family. The boy was not interested in school studying. He finished his education at the age of 15.

In his teens the boy developed deep interest in martial arts. His dad Fang Zhengwen coached young Charles. Later the boy moved to Shanghai, where he studied Xiahong box during 4 years. Initially he served as a trainee at a drapery factory.

When Jakie’s future father turned 20, he became a really strong and skilful young man.  Adventurous Chan Sr found the job at a cargo ship. Together with 7 other sailors he illegally shipped linen and salt from Wuhu to Nanjing. Soon their small gang became quite rich. Charles managed to become its leader.

But soon the sailors were arrested by Japanese policemen. Charles Chan was imprisoned. In the company of other smugglers was sentenced to death, but avoided execution because of the beginning of the second Sino-Japanese War.

After that the man decided to start a calm family life. He married a beautiful Chinese girl Wan and the couple had two sons (Jackie’s older half-brothers). After 9 years of happy marriage Charles’s wife was diagnosed with cancer. To relief her pain, her husband illegally bought her opium. It was not hard for him to find opium, as he worked in the port, where smugglers brought various forbidden substances. Among opium sellers was the cute girl Lee-Lee, future Jackie’s mother. She occasionally met Charles and they made friends. Soon Mr. Chan’s wife died from cancer.

The man changed the name Chén to Charles and went to Shanghai, where met Lee-Lee again. They fell in love and soon got married.

They lived a long and happy life. He died at the age of 93 in Hong Hong in the company of his grandson Jason.

Lee-Lee Chan (mother)


Date of birth: 1916

Date of death: February 28, 2002

Lee-Lee Chan, or Chén Yuèróng, was born in China in the family of grocery store owners. Being really beautiful, she got married at a very young age. Her husband earned his living as a shoe-maker. They welcomed two daughters (Jackie Chan’s older half-sisters).

Lee-Lee husband was killed by the bomb during Sino-Japanese War, and the woman had to care about her daughters herself. To earn her living, she decided to ship opium illegally. She crossed the ways with Jackie Chan’s future father in the port, where he worked. He had to examine the girl’s things. The man found opium, but let Lee-Lee escape. That was love at first sight.

They tied a knot many years after the first meeting. The cult Hollywood actor is their only common child. Charles and Lee-Lee, who changed the name for Lily later, moved to Australia, where her husband worked as a cook. There Mrs. Chan spent the last days of her life. She fell ill and during a long period before her death was motionless. Her younger daughter Guilan cared about her.

Jackie Chan loved his mother deeply. He found the gap in his schedule to come to her and never hesitated to do any dirty job to care about her – clean her face or wash her.
She was buried in Australia, like her husband 6 years later. Jackie Chan dreams one day to transfer tombs of his parents to their home country – China.

Jackie Chan siblings

Fang Shide (older half-brother)

Fang is the son of Charles Chan and his first wife. His mother died, when he was 8 years old. After that his father turned into a single parent. He had to leave his kids in 1948, when Chinese war between Communists and Nationalist was broken. As a nationalist and a secret agent, Chan Sr. could simply be executed. He asked his friends to care about his sons. During many years Fang Shide was estranged from his father. They met in 1985 after many years apart. Currently he works as a mail carrier.

Fang Shisheng (older half-brother)

He is the second son of Charles Chan and Wan. He was 2, when his mother passed away from cancer. Like his brother, one day he woke up and saw that his dad disappeared. During many years he knew nothing about his parent. But in late 1980s they crossed their ways. He earns his living as a farmer.

Jackie Chan still doesn’t know any of his older half-brothers and isn’t interested in them.

Yulan Chan (older half-sister)

Yulan is Jackie Chan’s older half-sister from his mother’s side. She is 6 years older than Guilan. The girl was about 10, when her father was killed. Her mother was penniless, that’s why she even intended to sell her older daughter. But then changed her mind and started to sell opium.

Guilan Chan (older half-sister)

She is the younger daughter of Lee Lee Chan. She cared about her mother, when she fell very ill and became motionless. During an interview the woman told, that she doesn’t blame her mother for living her sister and her alone for a long time and moving to Australia with her second husband.

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