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Jackie Christie
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Jackie Marie Christie


reality TV star, author, entrepreneur

Birth Date

July 25, 1969


54 years

Zodiac Sign



Seattle, Washington, United States


Mark Morris High School, Rainier Beach High School, Pepperdine University



Jackie Christie family members

Mother's Name

Cora Mansfield

Siblings names

2 sisters, one of them is late

Is Jackie Christie a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Jackie Christie marital status?


Who is Jackie Christie husband?

Doug Christie Sr.

When did get married?

July 8, 1993

How many children does she have?

3 (daughters Ta'Kari and Chantel Christie, son Douglas Christie Jr.)

Jackie Christie husband

Doug Christie (husband)

Jackie Christie husband

Jackie Christie husband Doug Christie

Date of birth: May 9, 1970

Jackie Christie has been married to the former NBA player Douglas Christie since July 8, 1993. They raised 3 kids together, and 2 of them are common. They got acquainted through their friend Stevie P. Stevie decided to introduce their friends to one another as he thought they would be a great couple. They have been married for 30 years as of 2023 and they exchanged wedding vows each year on the day of their anniversary. That refreshed their feelings and responsibility for one another.

We’ll tell you about Doug in detail in “Doug Christie Family”.

Jackie Christie kids

Ta’kari Christie Lee (daughter)

Ta'kari Christie Lee

Ta’kari Christie Lee daughter Jackie Christie

Date of birth: August 24, 1990

Jackie’s oldest daughter is named Ta’kari Christie Lee. In college, she had a short love affair, which resulted in a young unexpected pregnancy. In August 1990 Jackie gave birth to a baby girl Ta’kari.

For the major part of her life, Ta’kari lived with her maternal grandmother Cora and younger half-sister Chantel. The girl has never seen at a close distance her biological father. It’s rumored, that Mr. Lee was in jail the most of his life. But she was on good terms with her stepdad Doug.

But Kari has never been close with her mother Jackie. In her memoirs “Lights to her Shadow” Kari wrote that her mother was “the coming lady” for her. Ta’kari felt that she was like a burden to her mother. Jackie was too strict with the girl, making her keep to a strict diet and workout even during their vacations. Troubled relationships with her mom brought lots of psychological problems to the girl. She had low self-esteem, a speech impediment, and hearing loss in her childhood.

Jackie Christie kids

The fact that Jackie doesn’t stay in touch with her oldest daughter became public in 2016. Then Ta’kari’s son Jaxson got his head and neck accidentally burnt. And she needed money to pay her son’s medical bills. Then, she founded “GoFundMe” to gather money for Jaxson’s treatment. His grandmother didn’t contribute a penny to the fund. At the same time, Jackie’s co-star Evelyn Lozada contributed to the fund.

Nowadays, Kari is married to Derek Isaacs. He is the owner of D1 Duct Cleaning Company. The couple resides in Tacoma, WA. They have 4 kids – the sons Javony (born in 2009), Jariah (born in 2011), Jaxson (born in 2016), and a daughter Ja’Cynda (born in 2017). She works as a content creator and designer.

Kari maintains warm relationships with her younger half-siblings Chantel and Doug Jr. But she doesn’t have a close bond with her mom Jackie.

Chantel Christie (daughter)

Chantel Christie daughter Jackie Christie

Chantel Christie daughter Jackie Christie

Date of birth: June 1, 1993

Chantel Nicole Christie is the first biological child of Doug Christie and his wife Jackie. The girl was born in June 1993, a month earlier before her parents’ official wedding ceremony.

Chanti grew up in Tacoma, WA in her maternal grandmother’s house. With her older half-sister Kari and grandma Cori, she was like three musketeers (according to her sister’s memoirs).

Ms. Christie became popular after her appearances on her mother’s reality show “Basketball Wives LA”. She also acted on her parents’ TV show “The Christies: Committed”.

Jackie’s second daughter has already been involved in several public scandals. In 2014 she had a public altercation with Draya Michele, another Basketball Wives star. Chantel told in an episode of the reality show, that she was romantically involved with Orlando Scandrick, Draya’s then-partner and father of her 2 kids.

Later she dated another professional basketball player Stacy Davis. She got p[regnant from him and didn’t tell him about it. Besides, she refused to make a DNA test. They planned to start the court process but later settled a friendly agreement. According to it, Stacy remains present in the baby’s life.

In January 2017 Chantel welcomed a daughter Saniyah.

Douglas Christie Jr. (son)

Douglas Christie Jr. son Jackie Christie

Douglas Christie Jr. son Jackie Christie

Date of birth: March 1, 2001

Douglas Christie Jr. is the third for Jackie and the second for Doug Sr.’s biological kid. He gained popularity in the kindergarten age after his appearance in the family reality series “The Christies: Committed”. Later he was featured on “Basketball Wives LA”, too.

Doug Jr. shares a close bond with each member of his family, including the estranged sister Ta’Kari. He studied at Folsom Lake College. He follows his father’s steps and plays basketball. Doug plays for the college basketball team “Falcons”.

Who are Jackie Christie parents?


Jackie Christie father

Jackie Christie father

Jackie’s father passed away many years ago. But they shared a close bond previously.

Cora Mansfield (mother)

Jackie Christie mother

Jackie Christie mother

Date of birth: August 6, 1941

Date of death: September 18, 2011

The name of Jackie’s mother is Cora Lee Mansfield. Like other members of her family, she appeared in episodes of “Basketball Wives”. As you know, Jackie exchanged vows with her husband every single year on the day of their anniversary. Cora was present at the 16th wedding ceremony. She passed away after that.

The reason for her death is cancer. Cora had a long battle with this illness, which she lost. She passed away in her house in Tacoma, Washington at the age of 70. Jackie shared the sad news in her interview at “The Tom Joyner Morning Show” set.

Cora was very close with Jakie’s kids. Her daughters, Ta’kari and Chanti lived permanently in Cora’s house, while Jackie was busy caring for her famous husband and developing her business projects. Cora’s death became a great loss to each member of her family.

Jackie Christie siblings

It is known about 2 siblings of Jackie Christie. One of her sisters was featured on Basketball Wives. She cared about Cora, Jackie, and her mom, while she was in the last stage of her battle for life.

The other sister passed away long ago. She was lesbian and lived with a partner, named Anna.


Probably, you have seen Jackie Christie as a regular on the popular reality show “Basketball Wives LA”. The show, which started in 2011 as the expansion of the franchise “Basketball Wives Miami”, became extremely popular. In August 2022 this reality show was renewed for the 10th season. Jackie made a cameo appearance on Basketball Wives Miami set. And she became a regular on Basketball Wives LA.

Jackie Marie Christie made her first breath on July 25, 1969, in Seattle, WA. She attended Mark Morris High School and then transferred to Rainier Beach High School. After that, she entered Pepperdine University. Jackie graduated from the University in 1994.

During her years at college, she became a mother of Takari, her oldest child. Her daughter is the result of a short-term love affair. In 1993 she tied the knot with her husband Doug Christie, the retired NBA player. She gained wide popularity as his spouse on the super famous reality show “Basketball Wives LA”.

But that gig is not the only one in Christie’s life. Before the show, in 2007 she authored several books, which went well with the public. They are “Proud to be a Colored Girl”, “Woman”, and “In The Land of Sex & Money” to name a few. Around that time she and her husband created their family reality show “The Christies: Committed”. Unfortunately, the show wasn’t very successful and it was canceled before the final episode.

In addition to the above mentioned projects, she also launched the fashion brand “Slayed by Jackie Christie” and the cosmetic label “Slayed Cosmetics”. She sells lipstick, sunglasses, waist trainers, etc. Besides, Jackie is a music producer. She owns the labels “BSM Media” and “Jean Fya Records”.

The Basketball Wives LA star also maintains an Instagram account, which is followed by 762k people.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Jackie put lots of effort to remain close to her husband Doug. She visited most of his NBA matches, and he often looked at her during the game. They say, Jackie was very jealous and didn’t allow female correspondents to interview her husband. Besides, she always stayed in touch with him via Skype, when they were apart.
  2. Her husband and she have the same tattoos on their wrists – the sign of infinity with a heart on it.
  3. In her young years, Jackie used to work as a model. She worked under the stage moniker “Mahogany”.
  4. After getting married to Doug, she became part of that basketball world. She maintained friendly relationships with Juanita Vanoy, Michael Jordan’s ex-wife. Besides, she was a kind of “mother bear” to the wives of her husband’s teammates.
  5. Her height is 5 feet 7 inches and her weight is close to 139 pounds.
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