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Jaiden Animations biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Jaiden Kiyomi Dittfach


YouTube star

Birth Date

September 27, 1997


25 years

Zodiac Sign



Arizona, United States


Red Mountain High School, the University of Arizona



Jaiden Animations family members

Father's Name

Hugo Dittfach III

Mother's Name

Lynn Dittfach

Siblings names

Jaxen Dittfach

Is Jaiden Animations a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Jaiden Animations marital status?


Who are Jaiden Animations parents?

Lynn Dittfach (mother)

Lynn Dittfach

photo facebook.com / lynn.terashitadittfach

Date of birth: May 27, 1965

Jaiden was blessed with a beautiful and doting mother. Mrs. Lynn Dittfach is Japanese. She looks much younger of her biological age.

Lynn was raised in Canada. She attended Georgetown High School, from where she graduated in 1984. Her future husband Hugo attended the same school.

She married Hugo Dittfach many years ago, and they welcomed 2 kids together. Currently, Lynn resides with her family in Mesa, Arizona.

Hugo Dittfach III (father)

Hugo Dittfach III

photo facebook.com / hugodittfach

Date of birth: December 1, 1961

Jaiden’s father is white, so the girl is a beautiful mixture of Japanese and Caucasian roots. He comes from Canada. The man got brilliant education at Georgetown District High School and after graduation he entered Ryerson University in Toronto. He majored in industrial engineering.

Now Hugo and his family live in Arizona. He is the founder of a real estate appraisal company “HD Appraisals”.

Jaiden Animations siblings

Jaxen Dittfach (younger brother)

Jaxen Dittfach

photo facebook.com / lynn.terashitadittfach

Date of birth: 2001

Jaiden has a younger brother Jax, who has appeared in some of her videos. He attended Red Mountain High School and was an aspiring athlete there.

The young man likes to play chess and soccer in his free time. In 2018 he founded a YouTube channel “Jax Films”.


Jaiden Kiyomi Dittfach is a celebrated YouTuber. Her channel, “Jaiden Animations”, boasts with 6, 5 million followers. The girl gained wide popularity as the creator of animated videos, which she uploads on YouTube. She is not a professional animator, but obviously, she is very talented, and it helped her to become a social media star.

She is half-Japanese, half-American. The girl’s parents came to USA from Canada. Jaiden studied at Red Mountain High School and after graduation, she entered the University of Arizona.

Jaiden initially appeared on YouTube as an animator for iHasCupquake channel, managed by Tiffany Herrera. Her videos became popular, and on February 2014 she created the channel by herself. Jaiden uploaded her first video just half a year later, in July.

As of now, her channel is full of funny interesting animation videos. She shares with her fans the stories from her childhood, tells about some of her habits and tastes (for example, why she hates high heels) and speed art videos.

She collaborated with some famous YouTubers, like TheOdd1sOut (Robert Rallison) and TonyvToons, which helped her to increase the number of her subscribers.

Jaiden is active in social media, and she boasts with extensive fan base there, too. She keeps her personal life in secret and hasn’t been noticed with any man by her side yet.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Her net worth is estimated at $2 million. The girl enjoys massive following on various platforms, including Instagram. Her channel occupies the 32nd place on YouTube in the category “Film & Animation”.
  2. She is a multi-talented person. The girl plays the piano and violin skillfully. She started to play the violin at a high school.
  3. She has a parrot, named Ari. He is the hero of some of her videos. Ari is introduced to Jaiden’s fans as “a brat”.
  4. She attended VidCon in 2016, and in 2018 she appeared at the same event in Australia.
  5. In her teens, she suffered from food disorders – anorexia and bulimia.
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  • Johann Dittfach. says:

    Yup, Cat is correct, and I got the family tree proof for it, I’m Her Father’s Nephew (Aka His Sister’s Son) although I was thrown into a family I’m not even related to, and I don’t mean to harass anybody but I’m just saying and stating proof.

  • FerretLover says:

    BTW Jaiden, if you see this comment, I freaking LOVE your videos!!! ?♎✏️

  • FerretLover says:

    I love Jaiden’s videos. She does a super awesome job. She has inspired me to start a Youtube channel at some point in my life. 11/10 on her channel. Plus, her videos are so freaking funny.

  • TheTrueJaidenAnimationsFan says:

    Btw Jaiden is AroAce meaning she doesn’t want to date anybody.

  • Cat says:

    My bestie always says that jaiden animations is his cousin

  • Cyka blyat says: