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Jamie Zhu biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Jamie Zhu


social media star

Birth Date

September 2, 1993


30 years

Zodiac Sign



Sydney, Australia


University of New South Wales



Jamie Zhu family members

Father's Name

Zhu Xi

Mother's Name

Eve Zhu

Is Jamie Zhu a gay/bisexual?


What is Jamie Zhu marital status?


Who are Jamie Zhu parents?

Eve Zhu (mother)

 Jamie Zhu mother Eve Zhu

photo instagram.com / evezhu_

Date of birth: June 25

Mrs. Zhu is a rare guest in Jamie’s videos. She appeared on his channel for the first time not long ago – on her birthday-2019. Her son took her for a birthday dinner – and they ordered ideally healthy dishes – smoothie and a plate of fresh fruit salad. Previously, Jamie confessed, that his mom is keen on healthy organic meals and taught him to eat right, too.

Eve lives in Sydney, Australia. Jamie seems to have just one kid – Jamie Zhu, but in her Q&A she confessed, that she wouldn’t mind having a couple more and the sex of the children is not important for her.

She earned her living as a teacher of English. The woman got married the film director Mr. Zhu many years ago, and they welcomed just one child together – a son Jamie. The couple divorced when the future YouTube star was just 5. After that, his dad moved back to China, but Mrs. Zhu was wise enough to keep the ties with the Chinese part of her family, so Jamie stayed connected with his dad and his paternal grandmother Neinei.

Eve has a strong connection with her adult son Jamie. Recently, he moved out of his mom’s house but remained closely-knitted with her.

Zhu Xi (father)

Zhu Xi

photo instagram.com / jamiezhu

Jamie’s father appears in his videos very often. And the man has already gathered a solid fan base – many of his son’s followers ask Jamie to make one more video with his dad in their comments.

In spite of the fact, that Jamie shows his father to his fans constantly, he has never mentioned his name. At the same time, Daddy Zhu is a celebrity in his home country – China.

Zhu Xi (yes, we’ve found Jamie father’s name in Chinese media) graduated from theater academy in Shanghai in 1982. His graduate work “A Pink Girl” (translated from Chinese) is devoted to the collective memory of numerous generations in China. He is professionally responsible for the hit film “Not At The Crime Scene” and for the TV series “It’s You”.

During 8 years he lived and worked in Sydney and there met Eve, who later became the mother of his son Jamie. They separated in 1998 but kept amicable relationships in the sake of their son.


Jamie Zhu is a social media star. He enjoys the massive following at various online platforms, including his eponymous YouTube channel (520k+ followers), Facebook page (4, 1 million readers), Instagram and TikTok accounts, etc.

Jamie was born on September 2, 1993, in Australia in the family of a Chinese father and Hungarian mother. Thus, he defines his nationality as Chinese-Hungarian-Australian. Then his father returned to China, and the boy stayed with his mother in Australia, at first in Melbourne, and then in Sydney.

In his teens he dreamed to become a professional soccer player, that’s why his parents sent them to study at a sports college in London. During his studying Jaime felt, that playing soccer wasn’t actually his cup of tea, so he came back to Australia and joined his peers at all-boys high school. Later he started the career of a YouTube personality.

In April 2014 Jamie launched a channel on YouTube, and his first humorous video “Lenny Lurker at the Beach” lasted just about 40 seconds. But it gained more than 7, 000 views, and it inspired Zhu to continue. Soon he presented a string of funny interesting videos – pranks, challenges, and famous “Awkward Interruptions” series went well with the audience, and Jamie awoke popular.

He gained a large fan base at YouTube, but he has become even more successful on Facebook – he gained millions of followers within a couple of months after registration there.

Now the entertainer enjoys his fame and works from morning till night to make it even wider – he makes short humorous videos with his dad, and his pranks over Mr. Zhu have attracted new subscribers to his channel every single day.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. He tells that he is on YouTube with the one aim – to get famous.
  2. His hobbies include acting, singing and being an idiot in public (as he said in one of his videos).
  3. His favorite kind of cuisine is Japanese.
  4. For those, who dream to become social media stars, he has some tips. First of all, he advises to prepare high-quality content, then to be persistent, and finally, to enjoy the journey – that means to pay attention to the process, not to the result.
  5. He tells that he was born in a bath. His mom chose such type of childbirth for her son.
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