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Jasmine Tookes biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Jasmine Tookes



Birth Date

February 1, 1991


30 years

Zodiac Sign



Huntington Beach, California, United States



Jasmine Tookes family members

Father's Name

Sean Tookes

Mother's Name

Cary Robinson

Siblings names

Chloe Danielle (half-sister), Sean Tookes Jr (half-brother), Jacquelyn Tookes (half-sister)

Is Jasmine Tookes a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Jasmine Tookes marital status?


Who is Jasmine Tookes husband?

Juan David Borrero

Jasmine Tookes husband

Juan David Borrero (fiancé)

Juan David Borrero fiancé Jasmine Tookes

photo instagram.com/jastookes

Jasmine Tookes is a great girl, and everybody expects her to have the perfect partner in life by her side. And it seems, this incredibly gracious lady has found such a man. In 2016 she started dating Juan David Borrero.

The young man is not a celebrity and his Instagram account is followed by 71k people only (in comparison with Jasmine’s 4.7 million. But that doesn’t mean, he has nothing to boast with. Juan is the representative of a rich and famous family (his father, Alfredo Borrero Vega became the vice president of Ecuador in May 2021) and one of Snapchat’s directors.

In September 2020 Juan proposed to Jasmine with a $250k engagement ring. She said, “Yes!”

Who are Jasmine Tookes parents?

Cary Robinson (mother)

Cary Robinson photo

photo instagram.com/carythestylist

Date of birth: circa 1973

Cary Danielle Robinson, Jasmine’s mother, is so proud of her talented daughter. Cary is that person, who stands behind her daughter’s success. She introduced the girl to the world of fashion and even helped her with her style at the initial stages of her career.

Mrs. Robinson’s father was a lawyer and her mother, Sharon Robinson, was a teacher. During some period her family lived in Germany, and there she met Sean Tookes. The young people got married and welcomed an incredibly beautiful daughter Jasmine. They moved from Germany to the USA, settled at Huntington Beach, but that didn’t save their family. After the divorce, Cary was raising her daughter as a single mom.

At first, Cary dreamed to become a lawyer, but then changed her mind and became a fashion stylist. She was introduced to this profession by her colleagues at a hairdresser’s, where she was working as a receptionist. Cary started her way as an assistant to a famous Hollywood stylist, whose name she doesn’t tell. Later she became an independent celebrity stylist, who worked with such famous people as Roselyn Sanchez, Josephine Skriver, and many others.

Except for Jasmine, Cary has the younger daughter Chloe.

Sean Tookes (father)

Sean Tookes

photo instagram.com/seantookes/

Hardly, you can find common pictures of Jasmine and her father on the media, because they don’t stay in touch. Her dad Sean Tookes as well as the part of her family from the paternal side are cut from her life.

Her father Sean is the son of Luther Tookes, the ex-military man. Luther served in the army in Germany and there the Tookes family crossed the way with the Robinson family, which also resided in that country. Sean fell in love with Cary Robinson and they got married. Then the couple returned to the USA, where they welcomed their only common child – Jasmine. Sean dreamed to become a recorded musician, that why he moved from Huntington Beach, CA to Atlanta, GA. His family life with Cary was ruined, but at first, he tried to keep a strong connection with his daughter Jasmine. Nevertheless, the girl had a too-tight schedule and gradually she stopped visiting her father in Atlanta and lost connection with him.

Jasmine Tookes siblings

Chloe Danielle (younger half-sister)

Chloe Danielle younger half-sister Jasmine Tookes

photo instagram.com/carythestylist

Date of birth: October 20, 2009

Jasmine has no full siblings, but she has three half-siblings – two of her paternal and one of her maternal side.

Chloe Danielle is the daughter of Cary Robinson. The name of the girl’s father is not publicized. Chloe is just a little girl (as of 2021), but she has already tried her hand in modeling. She appeared by her older sister’s side in the seasonal catalog of the famous fashion brand “J.Crew”.

The little girl maintains a super popular Instagram account, which is followed by 26k subscribers. Except for modeling, she is also busy with her school studies. After classes, she shares her time between two hobbies – horse riding and gymnastics. In her free time, Chloe likes to travel.

Sean Tookes Jr (younger half-brother from paternal side)

Sean Tookes Jr

photo instagram.com/seantookes

Sean Jr is Jasmine’s half-brother from the paternal side. He is the son of Sean Tookes Sr and his second wife Jacquelyn. His parents have been married since 1995.

Jasmine’s brother lives in Georgia. In 2020 he graduated from high school. He is not close at all with his famous half-sister.

Jacquelyn Elizabeth Tookes (younger half-sister from paternal side)

Jacquelyn Elizabeth younger half-sister from paternal side

photo instagram.com/seantookes

Jasmine’s other younger half-sister is named Jacquelyn. She also dreams to be a model. Jacquelyn is a school pupil in 2021. She doesn’t stay in touch with the VS angel Jasmine, her famous relative.


She was covered with the wave of enormous popularity in 2016 when she was honored to demonstrate a $3 million Fantasy Bra at Victoria’s Secret show. Till now Jasmine Tooks remains one of the most popular models in the world and her ideal face and perfect body decorate the covers of many reputable magazines. But how did that all start?

Jasmine Danielle Tookes was born in Huntington Beach, a cozy town in California, situated by the ocean. Her parents divorced when she was still little, and she was raised mostly by a mother, fashion stylist Cary Robinson. In her teens, Jasmine practiced volleyball and fastpitch softball. She started modeling with the help of her mother at the tender age of 15. Then jasmine participated in the DKNY fashion show. That very year she graced on the cover of Vogue Italy. By the way, jasmine had to quit her sports activity, because she was getting too fit for a model. And modeling was her main dream and most passionate aim.

Her first attempt to become part of Victoria’s Secret show failed, but she didn’t take it personally, because she understood, she had to grow up just a little bit. In 2012 she was finally accepted. In her interview, Jasmine confessed, that she couldn’t believe her happiness at first. In 2015 she became Victoria’s Secret angel.

Jasmine had done lots of things for the Victoria’s Secret brand – she participated in sports videos, demonstrated lingerie at its shows, and became the face of its “Scandalous” fragrance. She still represents this brand and collaborates with other companies, too. She modeled for Dolce & Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta, Versace, and many other giants of the fashion world.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Previously to Juan David Borrero Jasmine Tookes dated a model Tobias Sorensen and a musician Brandon Mychal Smith.
  2. She is in great shape, and very often people ask her, what she eats per day. The model eats everything but in moderation. She works out a lot to stay fit. Yoga is her favorite method to stay slim.
  3. Jasmine’s guilty pleasure is pizza.
  4. In her childhood, she dreamed to a model for Victoria’s Secret brand. As a girl, she put on homemade wings and arranged shows in front of her mother. Tyra Banks was her role model.
  5. Her height is 175 cm and her weight is 115 pounds.
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