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Jason Nash biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Jason Eric Nash


YouTube star, Instagram star, comedian

Birth Date

May 23, 1973


50 years

Zodiac Sign



Boston, Massachusetts, United States


Medfield Senior High School, University of Massachusetts Amherst



Jason Nash family members

Father's Name

Robert Nash

Mother's Name

Lorraine Nash

Siblings names

Barrie Nash (older sister)

Is Jason Nash a gay/bisexual?


What is Jason Nash marital status?


Who is Jason Nash wife?

Marney Hochman (ex-wife; children's mother)

How many children does he have?

2 (son Wyatt Nash and daughter Charley Nash)

Jason Nash wife

Marney Hochman (ex-wife)

Marney Hochman ex wife

photo instagram.com/marneyh

Date of birth: June 16, 1969

The ex-wife of the Internet star Jason Nash, with whom he parented two kids, is named Marney Hochman. Their love story is not known. They separated in 2017, but it seems, that Marney and Jason stay in touch till now. Once she featured in his video “Handcuffing Myself to My Ex-Wife”.

Marney is famous not just as the former partner of the Internet celebrity, but also as a film producer and entrepreneur. She is the co-owner of “Ryan Mankind Production Company. Marney co-produced the films “Mad Dogs”, “The Last Resort” and some others.

Marney was born in the family of Ronald and Frances Hochman. She was educated at college and there she met her future husband Jason Nash. She started her career at Fox Television Studios.

Ms. Hochman’s son and daughter are often featured on the channel of their father, titled “Jason Nash Family”. At its peak phase, the channel boasted with 9 million+ subscribers. But Marney forbade her ex-husband to shoot their kids in his vlogs, so the channel was closed and the number of subscribers gradually decreased.

Jason Nash kids

Wyatt Nash (son)

Wyatt Nash son Jason Nash

photo instagram.com/jasonnash

Date of birth: January 15, 2006

Wyatt Nash is Jason’s son from his marriage to Marney Hochman. The teenager followed his father’s steps and became a social media influencer. His Instagram account is followed by 184k subscribers.

The boy’s face became famous several years ago when he appeared on his father’s video at Jason Nash Family channel. Then his dad bought him a $100k guitar.

By the way, Wyatt plays this musical instrument rather well. Very often he uploads the videos of his version of some popular songs. His performance of the popular Led Zeppelin’s song “Black Dog” gained 125k+ views.

Charley Nash (daughter)

Charley Nash daughter Jason Nash

photo instagram.com/charleynash23

Date of birth: January 22, 2009

Charley is Wyatt’s younger sister from the same parents. No need to say, that the girl is active on social media, too. She posts short musical videos on the Tik Tok platform. By the way, Jason’s daughter is very good at singing, and she makes his videos more vivid, when she sings, while her brother is playing the guitar during the shooting process. Charley loves her parents and brother. Sometimes she congratulates them through social media.

Who are Jason Nash parents?

Robert Nash (father)

Robert Nash father Jason Nash

photo instagram.com/jasonnash/

Date of birth: 1944

Not much is known about Jason’s biological father. His name is Robert Nash, but his friends and relatives call him Bob. He is divorced from the YouTuber’s mother, but still stays connected with his son. Bob has appeared on Jason’s video “Girlfriend VS Dad Challenge”. Jason’s ex-partner Trisha Paytas, the social media star, acted in this episode, too.

Currently, Bob lives in Norwood, MA. He is married to an interior designer Jane Morrison. Jane’s granddaughter is Jason’s fan.

Lorraine Nash (mother)

Lorraine Nash mother Jason Nash

photo instagram.com/jasonnash

Date of birth: 1944

You’ve already heard about Lorraine Charlotte Nash, Jason’s mother, who wedded her son’s best friend and colleague David Dobrik, in Las Vegas in autumn 2019. They separated a month later and admitted that their marriage was a prank. Jokingly, Jason named David “my second father” on the media.

Jason Nash siblings

Barrie Nash (older sister)

Barrie Nash older sister Jason Nash

photo instagram.com/jasonnash

Date of birth: 1967

Jason has an older sister, named Barrie. The fans of the YouTuber have already seen her in his videos, like in “Making The World’s Best Chocolate Cookies!!!” where Barrie shared her recipe of so tasty bakery.

Not much is known about her personal life – just the fact that she lives in Wenham, MA.

Jason confessed, that his mother always taught him to protect his older sister, and till now he tries to care about her.


The famous comedian Jason Nash started his way on top in the early 2000s. He gained initial recognition as a Vine star. Later he started the YouTube channel, which now boasts with 3 million+ subscribers. Jason’s talent helped him to perform well at the Last Comic Standing talent show. He became the semi-finalist. Jason Nash boasts with many other successful projects, too. But how did that all started?

Jason Eric Nash entered this world on May 23, 1973, in the biggest Massachusetts city of Boston. He was educated at Medfield High School. After graduation from school, Jason entered the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He left his university to let his dream fulfill. Jason started to work at Saturday Night Live. He assisted the famous comedian Norm Macdonaldand learned from him. In the early 2000s, he moved to Hollywood appeared on the comedy show “Random Play”.

He was working at MTV when its managers bought Atom.com, the small digital company. Thus, Jason got a chance to create a digital TV show for this platform. That wasn’t the exact thing he was dreaming about, but he wrote the web series “The Shaman”, which went well with the viewers. To create how he teamed up with his colleagues and friends Mike Blieden and Matt Price.

The next web show, which cemented his status of the Internet comedy star, is named “Jason Nash is Married”. The story about the everyday life of the married couple (Nash’s screen wife was portrayed by an actress Busy Philips) became even more popular than the previous one.

But the real fame came to him after he had created the account on the Vine video platform. He immediately gained a massive following there.

Nowadays Jason Nash is a social media star, who creates high-quality content and collaborates with other famous YouTubers, like David Dobrik. They host a podcast, titled “Views”.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Jason Nash is single as of now. After his divorce in 2017, he started dating Trisha Paytas, the Youtube star, fifteen years younger. She featured on many of his videos and everything seemed good between them. But in 2019 the couple separated. Trisha hinted that the reason was Jason’s ignorance and her complicated relationships with her ex’s best friend David Dobrik.
  2. He is a member of the popular YouTube team “Vlog Squad”. The other members of the team include Gabbie Hanna, Josh Peck, Liza Koshy, and many others.
  3. In his interviews, he confessed, that the hardest thing in the world for him is to balance his career and his family life. He tries to spend much time with his kids, but he feels, he can’t miss professional opportunities as well.
  4. His height is 5 ft 1 in and his weight is 176 pounds.
  5. Jason Nash is quite a rich person with a net worth of $1 million. He earned his money mostly through his digital shows and social media activity.
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