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Jason Priestley biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Jason Bradford Priestley


Actor, Director, Producer, Voiceover Artist, Writer

Birth Date

August 28, 1969


52 years

Zodiac Sign



North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Windsor House School; Argyle Secondary School



Jason Priestley family members

Father's Name

Lorne Priestley

Mother's Name

Sharon Kirk

Siblings names

Justine Priestley (older sister)

Is Jason Priestley a gay/bisexual?


What is Jason Priestley marital status?


Who is Jason Priestley wife?

Naomi Priestley

When did get married?

May 14, 2005

How many children does he have?

2 (daughter Ava Veronica Priestley and son Dashiell Priestley)

For those, who remember the American hit series “Beverly Hills, 90210”, it will be interesting to know about one of its leading stars Jason Priestley and his big Canadian-American family.

Jason Priestley wife

Ashlee Petersen (ex-wife)

Ashlee Petersen

photo instagram.com/ashleepetersen/

Date of birth: 1969

In 1999 Jason was a star of “Beverly Hills” and lots of girls all over the world were in love with him. That’s why news about his wedding has become quite sad for them.

He met the makeup artist Ashlee Petersen at the set, and they immediately fell in love with each other. The couple got married in Miami in 1999, and just after a year decided to part their ways. Their divorce was finalized in 2000.

Now Ashley is a horse rescuer and a mother of five.

Naomi Priestley (wife)

Naomi Priestley

photo instagram.com/jason_priestley

Naomi Lowde- Priestley has been Jason’s better half since 2005. As the actor later confessed, he fell in love with a beautiful woman at first sight. They simply met in the street, while both were crossing it.

She grew up in London, England. Before meeting the movie star Jason Priestley, she led a busy interesting life. Naomi graduated from London University with a bachelor’s degree in painting. She worked at a media agency when she occasionally met her future husband in the street. She moved with him to the USA, where they settled and created a nice loving family. Naomi shares her time between caring about their two kids and working as a fitness instructor and a makeup artist.

Jason Priestley kids

Ava Veronica Priestley (daughter)

Ava Veronica Priestley

photo instagram.com/jason_priestley

Date of birth: July 2, 2007

Jason and Naomi welcomed their first child in the summer, 2007. They had a beautiful daughter, who inherited her deep blue eyes from her famous dad.

Now Ava Veronica is a cute teen girl, who has already tried her hand as a performer and even got her first award for it in 2016. She is also a trained gymnast.

Dashiell Priestley (son)

Dashiell Priestley son Jason Priestley

photo instagram.com/naydoggy/

Date of birth: July 2009

In 2009 Jason and his wife Naomi announced to their followers, that they are expecting the second child. In summer they welcomed a baby boy, named Dashiell.

The boy has similar to his sister’s hobbies. He is an actor, who gave his voice to Abby Craden from “Grinch”. Besides, he takes gymnastics classes and participates in competitions.

Who are Jason Priestley parents?

Lorne Priestley (father)

Jason and his father are close friends and business companions. They share a tight bond, although Lorne left Jason’s mother when the future Hollywood actor was a primary school pupil.

Lorne was raised in Canada. After school, he entered the University of Victoria, and there he met the beautiful girl Sharon. They fell in love and then got married, being unprepared for the difficulties of family life. Nevertheless, Jason names his childhood years as happy. His father was a great swimmer and member of the yacht club, and it was he, who took Jason into the water when the latter one was still a toddler. “I was a real little sailor”, the actor confessed later in his memoir.

Lorne and Sharon were not happy together, but they put lots of effort to cover it from their daughter and son. That’s why the day, when both announced their separation, became tragic for Jason.

Later Lorne re-married. He co-owns the hotel in Vancouver with his talented son.

Sharon Kirk (mother)

Jason’s mother is the person, who inspired her son to become an actor. She starred on the amateur stage of the University of Victoria and fell in love with a handsome student Lorne Priestley, who built the set. Lorne was a vivid rugby player, swimmer and aspiring athlete. But she refused to date him at first – as she was too busy with dancing at the Royal Canadian Ballet and making attempts to become a professional actress.

She had to quit acting after she got married, Mr. Priestley. Both settled in Vancouver and cared about their small kids – little Jason and his older sister.

Mrs. Priestly knew the reputable acting agent Fiona Jackson and she asked her to represent her daughter and son. Thus, Jason got the chance to make it big in the movie industry.

He is closely-knitted with his mom until now. She works as a real estate agent and spends a lot of time with her children and grandchildren.

Jason Priestley siblings

Justine Priestley (older sister)

Date of birth: April 18, 1968

Jason’s older sister started to act at the kindergarten age by her brother’s side, but she didn’t become as popular as he. Justine appeared on photos in catalogs and starred in TV commercials when she had just turned 5. After school, she left her home country and traveled around the world. After that, she returned to Vancouver and again became an actress.

During the years of her career, Justine starred in many successful theater productions and screen projects. The most popular of them is “Highlander”, “A Crack in the Floor” and some others. She also starred on several episodes of “Melrose Place 2”.


His fate is quite typical for an actor of the super-successful TV show and is different at the same time. He decided to become an actor at the tender age of 5 and immediately told his mom about it. The boy, who resided with his parents and sister in North Vancouver, Canada, has already watched the most popular productions, which were on the air at that time – “The Friendly Giant”, “The Littlest Hobo” and some others.

His mother, an actress, supported his idea and took him to an acting agency. Soon the cute blue-eyed Jason Priestley appeared on television as the actor of commercials. He also did some catalog jobs, but that was not enough for a little actor. He dreamed about movies, and at the age of 6, he finally won his first serious role – in the Canadian movie “Stacy”, where he played the drowned in the ocean son of the main heroine (portrayed by Lois Smith).

Thus, little Jason made his debut, but for his parents, he was just a little schoolboy. Priestley attended Windsor House School, and he told, it was the best place for him to be educated at. After his parents’ divorce, he had to leave Windsor and was sent to a public school with his sister.

After graduation from high school, he moved to Los Angeles, USA with a strong intention to become a professional actor. And at that time the fate gave him its biggest gift – the role in the most iconic American series of the 1990s, “Beverly Hills, 90210”. He worked on the show as an actor and as a producer, and till now people know and love him as smart, honest and very handsome Brandon Walsh.

It seems unfair to some extent because Jason Priestley did a lot in the movie industry. He participated in more than 200 screen works as an actor, director, and producer, which include the satirical comedy “Die, Mommie, Die!”, the psychological thriller “Enter the Dangerous Mind” and others.

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