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Jay Cutler Bodybuilder biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Jason Isaac Cutler


bodybuilder, businessman, social media star

Birth Date

August 3, 1973


48 years

Zodiac Sign



Sterling, Massachusetts, United States


Wachusett Regional High School, Quinsigamond Community College



Jay Cutler Bodybuilder family members

Mother's Name

Ann Cutler

Siblings names

Kelly Coughlin (older sister), Keith Cutler (older brother), Ann Fleming (sister), Joyce Cutler (sister) and two bothers

Is Jay Cutler Bodybuilder a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Jay Cutler Bodybuilder marital status?

In relation

Who is Jay Cutler Bodybuilder husband?

Angie Feliciano (fiancée), Kerry Cutler (ex-wife)

Jay Cutler Bodybuilder husband

Angie Feliciano (fiancée)

Date of birth: June 25, 1979

Jay Cutler separated from his wife several years ago, but there’s not much joy for his female fans here, because he was immediately taken. Now he is engaged to a fitness model Angie Feliciano.

Angie was raised in New Jersey. In 2000 she graduated from the Montclair State University, where she majored in business administration. Now she works as a model and entertainer at Hakkasan Nightclub in Las Vegas. 

Angie and Jay have lots of common interests, the main of which is their love for building their bodies. They are absolutely in love with one another. 

Kerry Cutler (ex-wife)

Previously, Jay was married to Kerry Cutler. They tied a knot in 1998, after 10 years of relationships. Both met at a high school. It was Kerry, who took Jay from his mother’s home, when he was poor, but very enthusiastic about his idea to become a fitness star. She believed him and supported him on his way to success.

Kerry and Jay divorced after 10 years of marriage, in 2009. Kerry lives in Las Vegas, Nevada now. She works as a family nurse practitioner at Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery. They had no kids.

Who are Jay Cutler Bodybuilder parents?


Cutler Bodybuilder parents

photo instagram.com/jaycutler

Date of birth: 1930

Jay’s father doesn’t want to publicize his name. Once a journalist asked him, “What’s your name?”, and Mr. Cutler answered, “Just go to hell! That’s my name”.

Daddy Cutler was a strict father. He was very hard on the kids, but they respected him. At the same time, he let his children some freedom to try something new and make their own mistakes. Mr. Cutler worked in the military. Later, he was working on his farm.

The famous bodybuilder is close to his father. He spends a lot of time on the farm, where Mr. Cutler lives. That’s why Jay was very upset, when his dad had a stroke in spring, 2019. He lost the ability to walk and to speak and was sent for rehab. His kids, including Jay, cared about him. 

Ann Cutler (mother)

Ann Cutler

photo facebook.com/JayCutler4x

Jay reached a peak in the field of his activity mostly due to his mother’s support. Ann was working on the cattle on their family farm, but she made the gap in her tough schedule to go to the commissary and buy the necessary products for him. He needed the right nutrition to build his muscles. Those products were very expensive, and sometimes he was short of money and couldn’t buy what he needed. Ann supported him and spent her own cash for his meals.

Now Jay cares about his mom a lot. He listens to her pieces of advice, one of which is to remember, where he came from. That’s why Jay Cutler is very simple in spite of his star status now. 

Jay’s mother and father are separated. Still, she cares about her ex-husband and visits him from time to time. 

Jay Cutler Bodybuilder siblings

Kelly Coughlin (older sister)

Kelly is the oldest girl in the Cutler clan. She has cordial relationships with her brother. She resides in Sterling, Massachusetts. Kelly is a mother of two daughters and a son. She has a big heart and cares about her father, Mr. Cutler, who is very ill as of now. 

Keith Cutler (older brother)

Date of birth: October 9, 1960

Keith is Jay’s older brother and his first boss. He is the founder of the construction company “Cutler Brothers”, and his younger sibling Jay started his career way as the worker here. He is married to Julie Cutler. Keith and Jay have a close bond.

Ann Fleming (sister)

Jay’s other sister is Ann. From her side, Jay has lots of nieces and nephews. Ann tries to keep out of the limelight and stay aside from her brother’s fame. But she is closely knitted with her famous brother and is proud of him. 

Joyce Cutler (sister)

Jay Cutler sister

photo facebook.com/joyce.cutlerhemenway

The other sister of the talented bodybuilder Jay Cutler is named Joyce. She graduated from Wachusett Regional High School. Currently, Joyce lives in Lunenburg, Massachusetts. She works as a mortgage loan officer. 

Joyce is proud of her brother Jay. Sometimes, she posts pictures with him on social media. Joyce misses her famous talented sibling, who is so busy with his career and is a rare guest in Massachusetts. He spends the major part of his life in a condo he owns in Las Vegas, Nevada. 


He has two other brothers, whose names are undisclosed. In general, Jay has three brothers and three sisters. All of them are in the picture above.


Jason Isaac Cutler is widely celebrated as the talented bodybuilder, fitness model and social media star. He won Mr. Olympia title four times during the years of his career. He also participated in the Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Festival three times and won the first prize there, too.

Jay Cutler comes from an ordinary American family. His parents had seven kids. Both worked hard (his mom was a farm worker, and his father served in the military) to provide his children for everything necessary. Still, the Cutler family was quite poor. That’s why Jay started to work at a very young age – he was just 11 when his older brother Keith hired him to his construction company. There he got used to being disciplined and persistent.

Jay attended Wachusett Regional High School. After school, he entered Quinsigamond Community College. Jason studied criminal justice. After graduation from college, he started to serve as an officer in jail. During his years there Jay got interested in bodybuilding. He crossed the way with a gifted coach Marcos Rodriguez. They both put certain career goals in front of themselves and began to work to achieve them.

Cutler’s big break took place in the early 1990s when he won the Iron Bodies Invitational. After that, he participated in numerous competitions and was the first in many of them. In 2001 Jay got Mr. Olympia contest for the first time. 

After several decades of success, Jay got an injury and left the big sport. Now he is a social media star with a massive following on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Also, he is the owner of Cutler Nutrition Company. 

Interesting and fun facts

  1. In spite of all cash and fame Jay has now, his family is the most important and valuable thing in his life. He tells that the people who influenced him the most and helped him become who he is now, are his siblings and parents.
  2. Steak is his favorite food. The bodybuilder thinks that muscles are built in the kitchen, so he cares a lot about his diet.
  3. His favorite body parts to train are legs and delts.
  4. His favorite actor is Bruce Willis, and his favorite film is “Die Hard”. His other favorite movie star and inspiration is Robert De Niro.
  5. He is an animal lover and his favorite pets are dogs. He owns two dogs, Scrappy and Trace. 
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  • Omar says:

    Very sorry to know that Jay and Kerry are no longer together. I guess she was a key player in his career as much as a beloved wife. All the respect for Jay for not only being a champ but a family man as well.

  • Harry watson says:

    Too bad he got divorced, Kerry did help him in his quest to become great, he gave her alot of credit, I’m glad he has a great family

  • Jack says:

    Nice familly