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Jayson Tatum biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Jayson Christopher Tatum Sr.


basketball player, NBA star

Birth Date

March 3, 1998


25 years

Zodiac Sign



St. Louis, Missouri, United States


Chaminade College Preparatory School, The Duke University



Jayson Tatum family members

Father's Name

Justin Tatum

Mother's Name

Brandy Cole

Siblings names

Jaycob Tatum (younger half-brother), Kayden Tatum (younger half-sister)

Is Jayson Tatum a gay/bisexual?


What is Jayson Tatum marital status?


How many children does he have?

1 (son Jayson Tatum Jr)

Jayson Christopher Tatum Sr. is a professional basketball player. He gained initial popularity in 2016 when he was titled the Gatorade National Player of the Year. Later he became one of the best players at Duke University, and finally, he was drafted by the Boston Celtics.

To know more about the rising NBA star and his family members, continue reading.

Jayson Tatum wife

Toriah Mimms baby mother Jayson Tatum

Toriah Mimms (baby mother; ex-girlfriend)

Date of birth: February 1997

Jayson Tatum has never been married officially. But he has a special woman in his life – Toriah Lachell Mimms. Although they parted ways in 2017, she remains part of his life as a mother of Jayson’s firstborn Deuce.

Toriah was raised in St. Louis, Missouri, but she moved to Boston in 2018. She was raised by a mother Julie Gibbs and a stepfather John Gibbs. John owns the graphic designing company “Logo Daddy”. He gained a Master’s Degree in Architecture at Northwest High School. Toriah has a younger brother Morgan from the maternal side.

In her primary school years, Toriah was very interested in various hair care procedures. She started caring about her hair and then became the domestic hair stylist for her relatives and friends. Gradually her hobby turned into a profession. She enrolled in Empire Beauty School in Boston. Currently, she is the owner of The Curl Bar Boston, the hair care salon.

On her Instagram page, Toriah shared some facts about herself. She was an athlete in her secondary school and played for the softball and varsity soccer team. She met Jayson while she was a secondary school pupil. Toriah got pregnant in March 2017, but she shared the baby news with her boyfriend just several months later. As Jayson told in his interview, he kept the news about his fatherhood in secret for a while. He was “a little selfish” and thought that he wouldn’t be accepted to the NBA team because of that.

But later he understood that fatherhood keeps him more concerned and inspires him to play better. Although his baby’s mother and he separated, they both remain great parents to their boy Jayson Tatum Jr.

Jayson Tatum kids

Jayson Tatum kids - son Jayson Tatum Jr

Jayson Tatum Jr (son)

Date of birth: December 6, 2017

In 2017 Jayson witnessed two very important events in his life, being just a 19-year-old boy. First of all, he was drafted by Boston Celtics. And secondly, he became a father for the first time. He welcomed his son Jayson Christopher Tatum Jr. with his school sweetheart Toriah Lachell.

The boy has already become a celebrity, although he is still very little. Jayson’s son, usually nicknamed Deuce, has become the mascot of his father’s team Celtics. Deuce is featured on the official page of this well-known NBA team.

Jayson Tatum son

Although Jayson separated from his son’s mother, he is still present in his kid’s life. In his interview Jayson confessed that his son’s year of birth coincided with the start of his career, so they are growing up together.

Deuce is a frequent guest at his father’s matches. Jayson Sr. opened up, that he tries to play better, knowing that his son is watching him. He also has his son’s name written on all his sneakers. Their cordial relationships became an example for many NBA young fathers.

Currently, Deuce shares his time between his mother’s and father’s homes. He likes singing karaoke songs and playing the drums. Although his musical activity is a kind of a joke nowadays, who knows, what it would mean in the future.

Who are Jayson Tatum parents?

Justin Tatum (father)

Jayson Tatum father Justin

Date of birth: April 11, 1979

Jayson’s parents welcomed him in their late teens, while both were studying in college. Although they were not married, both shared their parenthood duties. Jayson is very close with his father nowadays. Justin is very proud of his son Jay not just because of his NBA career, but also because of his ability to be a great dad to Deuce.

Justin Ward Tatum was born in Saint Louis, MO. He is the son of James Tatum, a financier, and Rose Mary Johnson, the educator and school principal. She was also a military servant and retired as a master sergeant. Justin’s grandmother grew up in St. Louis and was a neighbor and close friend of the Celtics star and NBA player Jo Jo White. That’s an irony of fate, that his son Jay was also drafted by the Celtics in 2017. Then Justin told in his interview with “Boston Globe” that his son’s draft was “a destiny”.

Jayson Tatum parents

Justin studied at a high school with Larry Hughes, the ex-Philadelphia 76ers player. Later Larry became Jayson’s godson. He also grew up with a sister Kristen Tatum-Lawson, the real estate consultant.

Often nicknamed Tat, Justin played for the basketball team “Bearcats” at McKendree University. He dreamed to become a professional basketball player and shortly performed for the Holland team Leeuwarden. Later he became a gym teacher and coach. For 6 years he coached kids at Soldan International Studies High School. He still works at the Best Summer Basketball Camp in St. Louis, MO.

Previously, he majored in criminal justice at College at Saint Louis University.

Jayson’s father is ranked as one of the best basketball coaches in Missouri. Besides, he is a father of 2 sons and a daughter.

Jayson Tatum mother

Brandy Cole (mother)

Date of birth: April 25, 1979

Although Jay’s father was the first person, who gave a ball into his hand and taught him to play basketball, his mother was that strong woman, who inspired him to win.

Brandy Nicole Cole was raised by a single mother Kristie Jursch, a Missouri Southern State University graduate.  Brandy has 2 sisters, Christan and Heather Shelton. Brandy was an aspiring athlete at a high school. She studied law at Saint Louis University when she suddenly felt, she was pregnant. During the first trimester, she didn’t tell her mom about the pregnancy. She knew that Kristie wished for a better future for her daughter – happy marriage, and career, but not the fate of a single mom.

Jayson Tatum mother brandly

When Kristie learned about her daughter’s pregnancy, she supported Brandy. But her daughter wanted to be independent, so she left her mom’s house soon after Jay’s birth. At first, Brandy struggled a lot, sharing her time between studying at the college and babysitting for a neighbor. Her son Jay saw, how hard she worked. That inspired him to succeed, too.

The NBA player Jayson Tatum shares a close bond with his mom. He knew, that they grew up together – she as an attorney and he as an athlete.

Now Brandy works at Better Family Life, Inc. as a compliance manager. She is married to Marcus Lavale Barnes, whose daughter from the first marriage Miyah is an aspiring basketball player, too.

Jayson Tatum ex-girlfriend

Jayson Tatum siblings

 Jaycob Tatum (younger half-brother from the paternal side)

Jayson Tatum siblings

Date of birth: January 27, 2004

Jayson maintains warm relationships with his younger paternal half-brother Jaycob Tatum. His father Justin welcomed Jacob with his ex-girlfriend Bexx Batiste, a physician, who is currently married to Robert Joseph Ferrier.

Although Bex and Justin separated, he remained close to his son Jacob. Jay and his younger half-brother spent a lot of time together. Like other Tatum boys, Jacob became an athlete. He won two championships as a member of the American football team at CBC High School. He continued playing American football at Western Illinois University.

Kayden Tatum (younger half-sister from paternal side)

Kayden Tatum

Date of birth: April 2014

Kay Marie Tatum is Jay’s only sister from the paternal side. The girl is a 3rd-grade pupil as of 2023. She spends a lot of time with her father and paternal grandmother Rose. The name of the girl’s mother is undisclosed. Like her brother, Kay is very athletic. She dances and plays various kinds of sports games.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. The legend says he was noticed by Jon Scheyer, the Duke Blue Devil head coach when he was 6-7 years old. That happened in 2013 when Scheyer came to the Amateur Athletic Union tournament to scout another athlete. He occasionally noticed Jay on the court and from that moment to invite him to the Duke was Jon’s main goal.
  2. His mother Brandy put lots of effort to help her son become an NBA player. He was 13 when she persuaded the basketball talented coach Drew Hanlen to train Jay. That was hard because Hanlen refused to coach a teenager. But Drew changed his mind when he knew, his mother was Brandy’s volleyball coach at a high school.
  3. Jay lost the state championship as a high school junior. As his coach Hanlen told, that was because of Jay’s too-kind nature. After that Brandy asked Drew to make her humble son “an arrogant star”.
  4. Before he was drafted by the Celtics, he dreamed to become part of his favorite team The LA Lakers. The late Kobe Bryant, the Lakers player, was his favorite sports star.
  5. His height is 2.03 m and his weight is 95 kg.
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