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Jelly Roll biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Jason DeFord


merican rapper and singer

Birth Date

December 4, 1986


36 years

Zodiac Sign



Nashville, Tennessee, United States



Jelly Roll family members

Father's Name

Buddy DeFord

Siblings names

Scott DeFord, Roger DeFord, Shelby DeFord.

Is Jelly Roll a gay/bisexual?


What is Jelly Roll marital status?


Who is Jelly Roll wife?

Bunnie DeFord

How many children does he have?

2 children (daughter Bailee Ann and son Noah Buddy DeFord)

Life of singer and songwriter Jelly Roll wasn’t always so easy, as it is now. Jail, problem with drugs, loss of father — it is not a full list. But despite this he became a good son, father and husband. How did it happen? Let’s look together.

Jelly Roll wife

Felicia (baby mama)

Felicia baby mom Jelly Roll


The first mightily loving of Jelly Roll was Felicia — mother of 2 of his children. She has been battling a deep rooting drug addiction in and out of jail. Bailee Ann, the couple’s firstborn, repeatedly mentioned in social networks that she previously had a difficult relationship with her mother because of this. Almost 3 years ago Felicia got sober in jail and came back into children’s life.

Bunnie DeFord (wife)

Bunnie DeFord


Now Jelly Roll is married to Bunnie DeFord aka Bunnie XO, who brings up his 2 children from a previous relationship. The couple met while DeFord was on his tour in Las Vegas. He admires her kindness to adopted children: «The amount of love, strength and selflessness it takes to raise a child you didn’t birth is indescribable. You truly are the epitome of a woman who puts everyone’s needs in front of her own». Bunnie XO has been paving her way through the entertainment industry for years. She`s the owner of Dumb Blonde Productions, podcast host and model.

Jelly Roll kids

Bailee Ann DeFord (daughter)

Bailee-Ann-DeFord daughter Jelly Roll

Date of birth: May 22, 2008

As Jelly said, when his daughter was born he decided to do something to change his life and become a better man and a good father. To understand who this girl is, it’s enough to read only one phrase of Roll: “She is a mix between being an Honor Roll student and sometimes a little bit of trouble. I love being “Bailee’s Dad” more than I`ll ever love being Jelly Roll”.
Bailee Ann is a versatile personality. She is a musician, as her father — multiple times the girl sang with Jelly in front of thousands of people. She is a makeup artist and describes herself as a fashionista.

But her life wasn’t only magnificent – a year ago Bailee dealt with some kind of Mental Health issues. But her family, especially stepmother, helped to fight it. «She helps me on what I need help with… she helps me emotionally cope… and she just makes my life and everyone else’s who is around her better every day», — Ann said on her Instagram page.

Noah Buddy DeFord (youngest child)

Jelly Roll kids photo

Date of birth: 2016

There’s very little information on the Internet about the youngest child. And that’s why: «I don’t talk or post about my son very much and that’s for respect of his mother and her privacy», — once famous rapper said.

Who are Jelly Roll parents?

Buddy DeFord (father)

Buddy DeFord photo

Date of birth: October 20, 1943

Date of death: March 20, 2019 (aged 75)

Buddy was a natural salesman and big liberal. He taught Jelly to hate racism. «He would tell me stories about how in the 60s and 70s he was the only white guy that would sell meat to the black part of town. He taught me all men were created equal in the eyes of God. He taught me how to carry myself as a man, how to shake a man’s hand and look him in the eyes», — the guy remembered.

Jelly said a lot of warm words about his dad: «He was my best friend, he taught me how to live and later in life he taught me how to die». His father lost a battle to Leukemia, he took his last breath on the morning of March 20, 2019.


Mother photo

Date of birth: May 23,1950

The woman was born and raised in East Nashville by a single mother with 3 sisters and 1 brother. After marriage with Buddy DeFord, she gave birth to three sons and a daughter. Unfortunately, her mother’s fate awaited her — after some time she and Buddy got divorced and she was left alone with three children. She was first, who got Jelly Roll to fall in love with music. And now she is reaping the benefits of being a good mother — her son is taking very good care of her.

Jelly Roll siblings

Jelly Roll brother


Scott DeFord (brother)

Roger DeFord (brother)

Shelby DeFord (sister)

Brothers and a sister of Jelly Roll lead a non-public life. Sometimes the singer posts joint photos in social networks, but his relatives have closed their social media accounts and don’t give interviews.


Jelly Roll grew up in Nashville. DeFord’s father left him and his mother on their own when he was just a teen.

At age 14, Jason was incarcerated for the first time. Then he had several more incidents, including a drug possession conviction. He often got into trouble, but his mother was always there to save him: when he was 15 years old, he wrecked a car, ran home and his mother dealt with the police, took him to the hospital then to juvenile and got me out the same day. And there were many such cases.

Jelly Roll began rapping around 2005, and started as a team player – firstly in collaborations with Lil Wyte and Haystak. He joined Wyte and BPZ in the group SNO in 2011.
But a year ago, he understood that he became famous enough and started as a solo artist with independent debut album, The Big Sal Story. Next year was for a new album of mixtapes Whiskey, Weed, & Waffle. And then things are actually going great. Tours, girls, drinks… Success came!

From the last news, in 2021, Jelly Roll offered up the short project Ballads of the Broken — album with a different stylistic approach on almost every track.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Roll family is an open book for their followers, which is a rare trait among celebrities. Jelly Roll, his wife and daughter write in social networks a lot of honest long reads with details of his personal life.
  2. In 2019 Jelly Roll fulfilled his mother’s dream — bought her a big house. The woman hasn’t had a house of her own since she divorced with his dad more than 20 years ago.
  3. Jelly has 2 nice bulldogs.
  4. As a real American Jelly adores Halloween. His family constantly uses images from the movie for their festive outfits: The Addams Family, antagonist from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, etc.
  5. Jelly has his own YouTube channel named Jelly Roll, where he posts vlogs about his personal life.
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