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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Jennie Kim


pop singer, band member

Birth Date

January 16, 1996


27 years

Zodiac Sign



Gangnam District, Seoul, South Korea


ACG Parnell College



Jennie family members

Siblings names


Is Jennie a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Jennie marital status?


Who are Jennie parents?


The fans are sure, Jennie Kim comes from an affluent family. Her mom is a director of a South Korean entertainment company “CJ E&M”. She holds the shares of the firm, too. Jenny likes to spend free time with her mom. Sometimes, paparazzi catch them while eating in the restaurant and looking for new clothes in boutiques. Obviously, they enjoy one another’s the company.


Her father runs a hospital.


Jennie bio

photo /jennierubyjane

Many young girls in Southern Korea dream about the career in the music industry. Just some of them reach their aims, and even less amount of these aspiring singers become popular all over the world.

The newly-formed band “Blackpink” managed to become a sensation in USA and Europe. No wonder that the girls from the group are interesting to their fans, which live in different parts of our planet.

Jennie Kim is one of the girls, who perform in the band. It seems that she made a huge leap forward, and turned from an unknown South Korean citizen into an internationally popular star. But the truth is, she has been working for several years at YG Entertainment – took music and dancing classes, appeared in advertising campaigns before she has become the member of “Blackpink”.

Jennie is the only kid in her parents’ family. She was born in Kangnam, the large and rich district in Seoul, but was mostly raised in New Zealand, where her parents sent her to get an education. The girl attended ACG Parnell College. She was academically great, studied lots of foreign languages, including English. After graduation, she moved back to South Korea with a strong intention to make a career in show business. She was signed by YG Entertainment and appeared in a number of music videos of other singers till she finally got a chance to become the part of the successful project.

In 2016 she was selected as one of 4 members of the girls’ band “Blackpink”. Now Kim Jennie is the lead rapper of the group. In addition, she can play the piano and flute.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Jennie is different from the others by her rich style and very elegant appearance. The girl has lots of luxurious items in her wardrobe. Her favorite brand is Gucci.
  2. She is the first member of the band, who has already started a solo project. In October 2018 Jenny released a song “Solo”. The music video to the song immediately gained millions of views on YouTube. It’s interesting to know, that Jennie changed her clothes about 20 times in the video. In her interview, she explained, that in such a way she wanted to be different from the others.
  3. She tells that her role model is Rihanna. As a rapper, she tries to study from the best artists of this genre. In her interview, Jennie confessed, that her favorite rappers are Lauryn Noelle Hill and the girl’s hip hop band “TLC”.
  4. Kim is popular not just as a singer, but also as a model. She was named Harper’s Bazaar muse in Korea. In addition, she presented Channel beauty in her country and became the face of a famous Korean brand “Hera”.
  5. Jennie became the first solo singer in Korea, who performed at Coachella Music Festival in 2019. Billboard ranked her performance as one of the best at Coachella in 2019.
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