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Jesse Lee Soffer biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Jesse Lee Soffer



Birth Date

April 23, 1984


37 years

Zodiac Sign



Ossining, New York, United States


The Gunnery School, New York University



Jesse Lee Soffer family members

Father's Name

Stan Soffer

Mother's Name

Jill B. Hindes

Siblings names

Craig Soffer (older half-brother), Melisa Soffer (older half-sister), Shayne A. Hindes (younger half-sister), Jenna Hindes (younger half-sister)

Is Jesse Lee Soffer a gay/bisexual?


What is Jesse Lee Soffer marital status?


Who are Jesse Lee Soffer parents?

Stan Soffer (father)

Date of birth: 1942

Date of death: April 20, 1993

The only thing, which is known about Jesse’s father Stan is that he died in 1993. The man was 51 at that time, while his son Jesse was just 10. Stan was married twice in his short life. From his two marriages he had 3 kids. Jesse Lee Soffer is his only son with the wife Jill B. Hindes. Melisa and Craig Soffer are Jesse’s older half-siblings and Stan’s children from the first marriage.

Jill B. Hindes (mother)

Jesse Lee Soffer mother Jill B. Hindes

photo instagram / jesseleesoffer

Date of birth: September 6, 1953

Jesse’s mother is the person, who played the key role in his fate. It was she, who decided to support her 6-year-old son in his idea to become an actor. She took him to an agent, and soon a primary school pupil Jesse Lee Soffer had got his first job – of an actor in a Kix cereal advertisement.

Jill’s maiden name is Bruning. She was born in the family of Peter and Norma Bruning. Jill has two sisters. She was married to Stan Soffer and had a son Jesse with him. After her husband’s death she got remarried. The name of her second husband is Robert Hindes. She welcomed two daughters – Shayne and Jenna.

Jesse Lee Soffer siblings

Shayne A. Hindes (younger half-sister)

Shayne A. Hindes

photo instagram / shayneahindes

Date of birth: November 11, 1993

Shayne is a daughter of Jill and Robert Hindes. Her parents both are physicians. Shayne resides in New York. She has a boyfriend. She earns her living as a model. The girl is closely-knitted with her older brother Jesse. She loves him and tells about it in her numerous Instagram posts.

Jenna Hindes (younger half-sister)

Jenna Hindes sister Jesse Lee Soffer

photo instagram / jennahindes

Date of birth: May 3, 1995

Jenna is the youngest sister of a television star Jesse Lee Soffer. She is a daughter of his mother Jill and stepfather Robert.

Jenna is a big animal lover. She owns a husky, named Loki. The girl is very close with her parents and siblings. She has cordial relationships with her brother Jesse and is proud of him.

He has two older paternal half-siblings – Craig Soffer and Melisa Soffer. But he doesn’t communicate frequently with them.


Jesse Lee Soffer bio

photo instagram / jesseleesoffer

Jesse Lee Soffer is a famed actor, known by such films and TV series as “In Time”, “Chicago P.D.”, “Chicago Med” and others.

He entered this world in Ossining, NY, but then moved to Connecticut with his family. Jesse is the only common son of Stan and Jill Soffer. His father died, when the boy was just about 10 years old. His mother got married again, and the major part of his life Mr. Soffer spent with his stepfather, Dr. Robert Hindes. He has two older half-siblings from paternal side, with whom he isn’t close. And he has two half-sisters from his mother’s second marriage. Jesse loves and respects both of them.

He decided to become an actor at the age of 6. He was watching TV and asked his mom, if he could be in commercials. Several weeks later his mother took the boy to an agent and he won his first role – in a Kix cereal advertisement.

After that the talented boy moved from acting in ads to depicting characters in films and TV shows. His career started to flourish very quickly – at the age of 10 he portrayed Susan Sarandon’s screen son in the drama “Safe Passage”. Then he appeared in the comedy “The Brady Bunch Movie”, where depicted the youngest of six kids in the screen family.

In spite of incredible popularity at a very early age, the actor decided to make a pause in acting and focus his mind on studying. He attended The Gunnery (a boarding school) and then entered the New York University.

He returned to the big screen as Will in the series “As the World Turns”. He didn’t plan to re-start his acting career, but he got a phone call from TV managers and decided to give it a try.

As for now, the young actor has an extensive resume. One of his recent projects is the super popular drama series “Chicago Med”, where he co-stars Torrey DeVitto.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. He ate so much of Kix cereal while doing a commercial that he got sick and tired of it and couldn’t even look at it.
  2. To win the role in the family comedy “The Brady Bunch Movie” was not easy for Jesse. He auditioned 6 times, and each time put 100% of efforts on the set. And it paid off – the comedy gained international popularity and later was continued with a sequel.
  3. He keeps his personal life in secret, but several years ago paparazzi caught him the company of Sophia Bush, Chicago P.D. They confirmed their relationships, but had split after a year of love.
  4. His height is 5 ft 10 in and his weight is 170 lbs.
  5. The actress Jennifer Landon, whom he met at “As the World Turns” set, is his close friend.
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  • Jaycee says:

    Jesse lee soffer is awesome on Chicago P.D him and Sophia Bush is my favorite actors on that show I hated when Sophia Bush left tnw show

  • Rose Soffer says:

    Rose Marie Soffer portrayed by rose mukin Drama series Chicago P.D. and NCIS Los Angeles.