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Jessica Lange biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Jessica Phyllis Lange


actress, photographer

Birth Date

April 20, 1949


72 years

Zodiac Sign



Cloquet, Minnesota, United States


Cloquet High School; the University of Minnesota



Jessica Lange family members

Father's Name

Albert John Lange

Mother's Name

Dorothy Florence Sahlman-Lange

Siblings names

Ann Lange (older sister), Jane Lange (older sister), George Lange (younger brother)

Is Jessica Lange a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Jessica Lange marital status?


Who is Jessica Lange husband?

Paco Grande (ex-husband)

How many children does she have?

3 (Shura Baryshnikov; Hannah Jane Shepard; Samuel Walker Shepard)

Jessica Lange is one of the most famous Hollywood divas nowadays. She is so successful and beautiful that quite often even overshadows some younger colleagues. Each her role finds great response from the audience. Many viewers are interested not just in her career, but also in her family life. Let’s have a look at her relatives!

Jessica Lange husband

Paco Grande (ex-husband; married in 1970-1981)

Paco Grande

ex-husband Jessica Lange

Date of birth: 1943

Jessica Lang has been in the movie industry during more than 30 years, but journalists were interested in her personal life more, than in her screen works. Most of actress’ love affairs stirred up some drama. She was married just once and cohabited with several really talented reputable men. So, who tried to make the beauty happy?

She met her only husband in late 1960s. Then Jessica, who hated public attention, decided to pursue career of an artist, so she entered the University of Minnesota to train. She attended the venue just about a year and a half, but it had a great impact on the girl’s fate. There she met a mature artist and photographer Paco Grande. The man was born as Francisco José Grande Sánchez in Madrid, Spain and attended there prestigious Complutense University. He was 5 years older than Jessica and looked like her exact opposite – he was olive-skinned, black-haired and very energetic. He loved life and could enjoy it. The girl lost her head from this man.

They left college and started travelling. In 1970 two young people tied a knot. At first their life looked like a fairy-tale – they loved each other, were free of any duties and visited various concerts and demonstrations. Gradually, Jessica fell in love with acting. Together with her husband she moved to Paris, where was accepted to Etienne Decroux acting school. She had to quit her education and start working as a waitress to support her husband, who had an eye disease. But the couple had lots of marriage problems, which caused their separation. In early 1970s the woman returned to New York, where she started modeling and continued to develop her acting skills.

The actress filed for divorce from her husband in 1980s, when she had already become a star. As a result, she had to give Paco a fat paycheck, as she became rich during the years of their marriage. But frankly speaking, for a man his marriage to Jessica became the brightest moment in his life.

He didn’t become popular as a painter and even tried his hand as an actor. But now he is remembered just as Jessica Lange ex-husband.

Mikhail Baryshnikov (boyfriend in 1976-1982)

Mikhail Baryshnikov

Date of birth: January 27, 1948

To the moment of her meeting with a Russian ballet star Mikhail Baryshnikov she had already portrayed King Kong favorite girl, but got mostly negative reviews from critics, who called her “an untalented beauty”. Her career success hadn’t come yet, but fate gave her another gift – love.

Mikhail seemed to be an ideal boyfriend. Born in Soviet Union on the territory of modern Latvia, he grew up in the family of an engineer (father) and a dressmaker (mother). When the boy was in his teens, his mother committed a suicide. To cope with his inner pain, the boy started attending ballet lessons. Soon his talent became obvious. He was accepted as a student to a prestigious Russian ballet school, named The Vaganova Academy. After that he became a ballet dancer at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg.

Having become a popular ballet dancer in Soviet Union, Baryshnikov did a thing, which made him anti-hero in his home country. He remained in USA, when his ballet theater was on tour there.

He continued dancing and acting in USA. Modern viewers know him as Aleksandr Petrovsky from the series “Sex and the City”.

His love affair with Jessica Lange turned to be short. They cohabited during 4 years and gave a birth to a daughter Shura. At that time their relationship had been almost ruined. Lange was jealous of him, and he didn’t try to hide the fact, that she was not the only woman in his life. They separated.

Now Mikhail Baryshnikov is married to a ballerina Lisa Rinehart. They have three children together.

After Jessica’s split to the ballet dancer, she started new relationship – with Sam Shepard.

Sam Shepard (boyfriend in 1982-2009)

Sam Shepard

Date of birth: November 5, 1943

Date of death: July 27, 2017

Sam Shepard was a famous actor, writer and film director. He was the holder of numerous awards, including Oscar nomination, Golden Globe nomination, several Obie Awards etc.

He was born in Fort Sheridan, IL as Samuel Shepard Rogers III. He was named after his father, who served in the US air forces, and then became an educator and a farmer. After many years in the army, Sam’s father got used to alcohol. He was a heavy drunker. The boy’s mother Jane earned her living as a teacher.

Shepard studied at Duarte High. Then he entered San Antonio College, but left his studying to go on tour with a repertory theatre.

He rose to fame both, as an actor and as a playwright. As an actor he is known by such screen projects as “The Notebook”, “Frances”, “Paris, Texas” etc.

In 1979 he earned Pulitzer Prize for his play “Buried Child” and thus, became internationally popular not just as an actor, but also as a playwright. He authored many other plays and scripts, which were staged in the theater and at the film set.

In 1988 he debuted as a film director with a movie “Far North”.

The actor was married officially just once in his life. His wife was an actress O-Lan Jones. They had a son Jesse.

During many years he cohabited with our heroine Jessica Lange, whom he met at the set of the biopic film “Frances”. They gave a birth to two kids.

The talented entertainer and writer died at the age of 73 from sclerosis complications.  His ex-partner Jessica missed him a lot. By the way, the reason of their split was Shepard’s alcohol addiction.

Jessica Lange kids

Shura Baryshnikov (daughter with Mikhail Baryshnikov)

Shura Baryshnikov

photo instagram / jessicalangenews

Date of birth: 1981

Her parents are incredibly talented people, no wonder, that she inherited their positive features and became both, a dancer and an actress.

Aleksandra Lange Baryshnikov was nicknamed “Shura” in her family – in this way her name is shortened in Russia, her father’s motherland. The baby girl resided with her unmarried parents in a rented house in California and went for Christmas to Minnesota, where her mother’s family house was located.

In her interview to New York Times Lange told, that family connections had always been very strong in her family. To the moment of Shura birth Jessica’s grandparents had already celebrated the 71st anniversary of marriage life. On Christmas the entire family gathered around a big dinner table to exchange the news and celebrate the event.

Her parents separated, when the girl was in her early years, but she stayed connected with her dad and was inspired by his dancing style. She started to visit classical ballet classes and at the same time attended various movie events with her mom.

At high school the girl became a local star. She was a great sports enthusiast – practiced field hockey and horse riding. After school she studied American culture and theater at Marlboro College and joined it with performance in the band “Five-O’Clock Bells”.

After college she started career of a choreographer and freelance dancer. Later she added to her resume the line “teacher” – the girl started to train young dancers at Providence’s Moses Brown School.

One of her brightest theater works is the regular role in “Salome” (play, based on Oscar Wilde tragedy). It was staged by the Bridge Repertory Theater.

Shura, who looks much younger of her age, is characterized by her colleagues as an extremely hard-working person. In her free time she has rest with her two daughters. The woman had them from her marriage to an ex-husband, a Brown graduate and Doctor of Biology. They divorced in 2015 after 12 years of marriage.

Hannah Jane Shepard (daughter with Sam Shepard)

Hannah Jane Shepard

Date of birth: January 13, 1986

Jessica Lange was blessed with another daughter in 1986. Hannah has become the first child of an actress and her talented partner Sam Shepard, whom she met at the film set.

The girl attended Stillwater Sr. High in Minnesota and then continued studying at Sarah Lawrence College. Hannah decided not to follow her parents’ footsteps, and started her career as an administrative assistant in New York. The woman is actively involved into charity.

Samuel Walker Shepard (son with Sam Shepard)

Samuel Walker Shepard

Date of birth: June 14, 1987

The only son of Jessica Lange was born in summer, 1987. He was named after his father. Since the earliest years Walker has been interested in music and pursued career in this area, too. He was taught to play different instruments, including piano, fiddle and banjo. In 2008 he became the member of New-York based band “The Dust Busters”. Later it was renamed as “The Down Hill Strugglers”. They make music of different genres, including old-fashioned ballads. One of the most noticeable band achievements is creating soundtrack to the movie “Inside Llewyn Davis”.

Who are Jessica Lange parents?

Albert John Lange (father)

Date of birth: April 2, 1913

Date of death: June 3, 1989

Jessica’s father was born in Minnesota, United States in the family of George Lange and his wife Trientje Eitens. He wedded Dorothy Florence and welcomed four kids with her. The third of them was our today heroine. Albert earned his living as a salesman. He moved from one place to another, offering the goods. His family travelled with him. Because of her father’s job, Jessica changed 18 schools.

Albert spent his final years in Carlton, Minnesota. He died in late 1980s.

Dorothy Florence Lange (mother)

Date of birth: February 28, 1913

Date of death: April 2, 1998

Lange’s mother was born in Cloquet, Carlton, Minnesota in the family of George Ilmar Sahlman and his wife Lillian. At a very young age she married Albert Lange and from that moment the main occupation in her life was caring about her family members. The woman was a housewife. She brought up four children. The woman died in 1998 in Stillwater, Minnesota.

Jessica Lange siblings

Ann Lange (older sister)

She is Jessica’s older sister from the same parents.

 Jane Lange (older sister)

Jane is another Jessica’s sibling. Once Jane tried her hand as an actress and appeared in a small role in Sam Shepard’s film “Far North”.

George Lange (younger brother)

George is Jessica’s “little brother”. He worked many years in security industry. He was a pilot.

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