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Jimmy Butler biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Jimmy Butler III


NBA star, basketball player

Birth Date

September 14, 1989


33 years

Zodiac Sign



Tomball, Texas, United States


Tomball High School, Tyler Junior College, Marquette University



Jimmy Butler family members

Father's Name

Jimmy Butler Jr.

Mother's Name

Londa Butler (mother), Michelle Lambert (adoptive mother)

Siblings names

Shanique Dickerson (older sister), Terry Osborne (older brother), Jordan Leslie (adoptive brother)

Is Jimmy Butler a gay/bisexual?


What is Jimmy Butler marital status?

In relation

How many children does he have?

1 (daughter Rylee Butler)

Jimmy Butler family

Jimmy Butler kids

Rylee Butler (daughter)

Date of birth: October 23, 2019

In 2019 Jimmy became a father for the first time. He parented the girl, named Rylee. Although the name of her mother is not publicized, in the media they write, that it’s Jimmy’s girlfriend Kaitlin Nowak. The couple hasn’t publicized their relationship yet, but Kaitlin visited Jimmy’s games several times. The information, that Kaitlin is the mother of Jimmy’s daughter is not publicized.

In his interview, the NBA player said, that the birth of his little angel changed the way he saw the world. He dreams to be the best father in the world. It’s even more important for him than to become the best basketball player.

Who are Jimmy Butler parents?

Jimmy Butler Jr. (father)

Jimmy Butler father

Date of birth: May 1955

You might read in some sources that Jimmy’s father is Michael Jordan. That’s not true. Although Jimmy is also a very talented basketball player and resembles the NBA legend Jordan to some extent, they are not related.

In his interviews, Jimmy used to tell, that his father hasn’t been in his life for years, as he abandoned the family when Jimmy was a toddler. But later the NBA star opened up, he reconciled with his dad. Now they maintain close warm relationships.

Jimmy resides in Magnolia, Texas with his second wife Joyce Butler. She owns the hair care studio. From time to time Jimmy and Joyce visit Butler’s matches.

Londa Butler (mother)

Jimmy Butler mother

Date of birth: March 10, 1961

Londa Butler comes from Tomball, TX. Her husband left her with small kids in her arms. Londa raised Jimmy and her other kids on her own. She refused Jimmy when he turned 13 because of their troubled relationship. Later they reconciled. Nowadays, Jimmy and Londa share a close bond.

Jimmy’s mother lives in Tomball, Texas. She used to work as a waitress at the retirement center. She is a happy mother and grandmother nowadays. Londa is incredibly proud of her son Jimmy.

Michelle Lambert (adoptive mother)

adoptive mother Jimmy Butler

Date of birth: March 1973

Jimmy was 13 when he had to leave his home after the conflicts with his mother. After that, he stayed in the homes of his friends. Michelle Lambert is the mother of a such friend, Jordan Leslie, another talented school athlete. At first, Jimmy came to Leslie’s house to play a video game. Later Michelle offered him to stay.

Till now Jimmy considers Michelle Lambert as his adoptive mother. She is also known as Michelle Gatens – Holliday. She believed in his success and at the same time, taught him some self-discipline. Although the Lambert family was big enough – it consisted of 7 kids, four were Michelle’s and three others were the children of her second husband – they accepted Jimmy gladly into their circle.

Jimmy’s adoptive mother set certain rules in front of him. That was the first time when Jimmy had some home duties. Besides, he had to come home on time. Michelle inspired him to be a role model for other children in their families. And Jimmy tried his best.

Michelle Lambert

Soon Michelle’s efforts paid off. Jimmy became the star of “Cougars” – the sports team at Tomboy High School. He is so thankful to his adoptive mother for her love and support nowadays.

Michelle is a Westfield High School graduate. She is married to a man, named Guy Holliday, a football coach in the college. Guy is her second husband. Michelle’s first husband died and she had four kids from that marriage. Guy had 3 kids from his first marriage, too. He comes from Baltimore, Maryland. He studied mass communications at Cheyney University. For several decades he has been coaching talented American football players in colleges. Some of his athletes were drafted by reputable sports teams. He used to train his stepson Jordan Leslie, the football wide receiver Cody Hoffman and others. He was a great stepfather and adviser for Jimmy Butler, too.

Jimmy Butler siblings

Shanique Dickerson (older sister)

Jimmy Butler sister

Date of birth: circa 1981

Jimmy has an older sister, named Shanique Butler Dickerson. She resides in Houston, Texas. Shanique used to study at Tomball High School. She works at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. Shanique is married to Gregory Dickerson. They have at least one son together.

Terry Osborne (older brother)

Terry Osborne

Date of birth: circa 1989

Terry Laja Osborne is Jimmy’s older brother. They maintain friendly relationships, typical for siblings.

Terry is married to Taylor Theiss Osborne, who works as a vet. They have a pretty little daughter together.

Jordan Leslie (adoptive brother)

Jordan Leslie

Date of birth: October 1991

Jordan is one of 7 kids in the family of Michelle Lambert and her second husband. Although Jimmy and Jordan are not blood-related, the NBA star considered this handsome young man as his brother. They were classmates and met at Tomball High School. Both were stellar athletes at school but practiced different kinds of sports. Jordan played American football. He was in the 9th grade, while Jimmy was in the 10th one when they both met. Jordan followed Jimmy’s playing technique the whole season and then challenged him to arrange a 3-point-shooting contest. They became friends after that.

Jimmy, who had conflicts with his biological mother, spent a lot of time in Jordan’s house. One day Jordan’s mother Michelle asked the future NBA star to stay.

After graduation from high school, Jordan joined his peers at the University of Texas at El. He majored in electrical and computer engineering. Currently, he lives in Gilbert, Arizona. He runs the sports academy. Jordan is engaged to Vanessa Perez, a fashion photographer, born in Venezuela and raised in LA.

The exact number of Jimmy’s half-siblings from the paternal side is not known. He also has 6 adoptive half-siblings from the Michelle Lambert family.


His life story started on September 14, 1989, in the small town of Tomball, TX. Since childhood, he has been interested in sports. He used to play football in his early teens, and then he tried baseball and finally, stopped on basketball. But at first, he didn’t plan it as a career as he was too short – Jimmy was just 5 ft 3 in his 7-8th grade.

At the age of 13, he had a conflict with his mother, so he moved out of the family house. Having changed several friends’ homes, he settled in the house of another school athlete Jordan Leslie and focused his mind on studying and playing basketball for the sports team at Tomball High School. Then, he entered Tylor Junior College, where continued playing basketball. He was noticed by Buzz Williams, the coach assistant at Marquette University, and transferred there.

His playing technique improved after Buzz’s careful training. During his last year at Marquette, he caught the eye of the Chicago Bulls. In 2011 he was drafted by this famous team.

From that moment his journey to success started. He put lots of effort to show his best during the rookie season. In the 2012-2013 season, he demonstrated his huge talent, having scored 28 points in a match against the Toronto Raptors. After that, he gained 22 points in the match against New York Knicks. In 2014 he became part of the NBA All-Defensive Second Team. In 20127 he left the Bulls and played for Minnesota Timberwolves. Then he became a member of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Since 2019 jimmy has been playing for Miami Heat. In August 2021 he was signed for 4 years by the Heat. That caused the team managers $184 million.

During the years of his career, he was ranked as NBA All-Star 6 times.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. If he has a day off and doesn’t need to work out, he likes to spend time with his family members. He also drinks a lot of Big Face Coffee, which he produces himself. He is a big coffee fan. He can drink 4 cups of coffee till noon easily. In 2020 during the pause in his career, caused by the pandemic, he founded the coffee brand “Big Face”.
  2. He is a big country music fan. One of his favorite country musicians is Dermot Kennedy, mostly known for his 2020 hit “Giants”.
  3. He is a North American ambassador for the watch brand TAG Heuer. In his interview, the basketball star told, that he likes the idea to represent this brand as their slogan “don’t crack under pressure” is very close to him.
  4. If he were not a basketball player, he could become a coffee barista or a tennis player.
  5. His height is 6 ft 7 in and his weight is 230 pounds.
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