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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Kim Ji-soo


pop singer, band member

Birth Date

January 3, 1995


28 years

Zodiac Sign



Gunpo, Gyeonggi, South Korea


School Of Performing Arts High School


South Korean

Jisoo family members

Siblings names

Kim Ji-yoon (older sister), Kim Jung Hun (older brother)

Is Jisoo a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Jisoo marital status?


Who are Jisoo parents?


Jisoo’s mother is a very private woman, who prefers to stay out of the limelight. She has never appeared by her daughter’s side in public, and the singer doesn’t post her mother’s pictures on Instagram or Facebook in spite of her fans’ requests.


Her dad tried to stay out of the limelight, too, but his face was disclosed during the wedding of Jisoo’s older brother. He is a stout middle-height man.

It was Jisoo’s dad, who inspired her to become a singer. The man encouraged his little girl to take music and acting lessons. By the way, he is rumored to be a rich and influential person.

Jisoo siblings

Kim Ji-yoon (older sister)

Jisoo sister Kim Ji-yoon

photo instagram.com / kimjisoonews

Jisoo is really close with her older sister Jiyoon. The woman, who has a private account on Instagram, appears by her sister’s side in public from time to time. She looks incredibly beautiful, and Jisoo’s fans are sure, she could be a star, too.

But Jiyoon chose the other path – she became a happy wife and a mother of 2 kids.

Kim Jung Hun (older brother)

brother Jisoo Kim Jung Hun

photo twitter.com / onionkjn

Kim Jung Hun is Jisoo’s big brother. He is 6 years older than her. The boy appears in his sister’s pics from time to time. He looks really handsome, and many of Jisoo’s followers nicknamed him as a “hottie”. That’s why the girls, who follow Jisoo’s account on Twitter were really disappointed when they saw Kim Jung Hun’s video, where he kissed his girlfriend. In May 2019 he wedded his loved one, and all the girls from “Blackpink” and members of their families were the guests at his wedding ceremony.


Jisoo bio

photo instagram.com / sooyaaa__

Kim Ji Soo gained international popularity as the member of the popular South Korean band “Blackpink”. The group, signed by YG Entertainment just several years ago, became popular within hours after the release of its first mini album “Square One”, which consisted of just 2 singles, both of which topped the charts.

The band consists of 4 girls, and each of them insists, that there’s no leader among them. But some fans suppose that it’s Jisoo, who is actually the Visual of the group. She is the most experienced and easy-going among the girls. She can make anyone laugh.

Kim Ji Soo grew up in a rich South-Korean family. She spent her childhood and teen years in Seoul. With the great support from her father’s side, she fell in love with music and acting and entered Seven Fine Arts School.

In 2011 she visited audition, arranged by YG Entertainment and was signed to the newly-created band “Blackpink”. They say, she got an offer from SM Entertainment managers, who work with the rival band, but she refused to live Blackpink, mostly because of close relationships with the other girls. They are really friendly and name one another “the sisters”. Very often she invited her band-mate Lisa to her family holidays, because the latter one comes from Thailand, and thus she can’t see her parents and other relatives too often.

Jisoo is the only member of the band, who can’t speak English fluently, but she knows some other foreign languages – they are Japanese and Chinese.

She is the oldest girl in the band and the most experienced one – previously to “Blackpink” she starred in a number of commercials and appeared in several music videos.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. She can play the guitar and the drums.
  2. Being one of the most followed Korean singers, Jisoo has already tried her hand in another entertaining activity – in acting. The girl appeared in two screen projects – the series “The Producers”, where she made a cameo appearance and in the mystical TV show “Arthdal Chronicles”.
  3. In 2018 she participated in annual music poll – the event, arranged in South Korea. The girl was ranked as the tenth most popular music idol in her country. In 2019 she became the tenth most followed band member on Instagram among other Korean groups.
  4. Her favorite actor is Tom Hardy.


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