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Joe Maddon biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Joseph John Maddon, Jr.


baseball player, coach, manager

Birth Date

February 8, 1954


67 years

Zodiac Sign



West Hazleton, Pennsylvania


Hazleton High School, Lafayette College



Joe Maddon family members

Father's Name

Joseph Maddon Sr.

Mother's Name

Albina Maddon

Siblings names

Carmine Parlatore (younger sister), Mark Maddon (younger brother)

Is Joe Maddon a gay/bisexual?


What is Joe Maddon marital status?


Who is Joe Maddon wife?

Joyce Sousoures

When did get married?


How many children does he have?

2 (daughter Sarah Maddon Bystry and son Joseph Maddon Jr)

Joe Maddon wife

Bette Maddon (ex-wife; children’s mother)

Bette Maddon ex-wife; children’s mother Joe Maddon


Date of birth: 1951

Joe Maddon’s first wife was named Betty Louise Maddon. Her maiden name was Stanton. She was born and raised in Quincy, California. Bette was educated at Quincy High School. During many years she worked at a medical company “Donna Tash, CNM”.

Bette had been married to a reputable coach in 1981-1999. They parented two children.

As of 2020, Bette resides in Mesa, Arizona. She enjoys the role of a mother and grandmother.

Joyce Sousoures (current wife)

Joyce Sousoures wife Joe Maddon


Date of birth: April 30, 1962

In 2008 Joe made the second attempt to build a happy family. He went down the aisles with his love of many years Joyce Sousoures. He met Joyce in 1995 and liked her as a friend. Their friendship turned into love in the early 2000s. After three years of dating the couple got engaged and then married legally.

Joyce Mary Sousoures was born and raised in the USA. She has three sisters and two brothers. Her father, late Ted Sousoures, was busy in the aerospace industry for 30 years.

Joyce and Joe don’t have common children. But she has two kids from her previous marriage. The woman is a fitness coach. She runs the company “Epic Boxing & Fitness”.

Joe Maddon kids

Sarah Maddon Bystry (daughter)

Sarah Maddon Bystry daughter Joe Maddon


Date of birth: November 22, 1982

Sarah is Joe’s oldest daughter. She lives in Mesa, Arizona with her husband Theo Bystry and her three kids – daughter Tyler Vercelli (from a previous marriage), Tre and Carson. She earns her living as a personal coach.

Joseph Maddon Jr (son)

Joseph Maddon Jr son Joe Maddon


Date of birth: 1986

Joseph Jr is Joe’s only son. He lives in Mesa, AZ, not far from his mother and older sister. He is married to Natalie Maddon. They are the parents of two beautiful daughters Coral and Giuseppe.

Who are Joe Maddon parents?

Joseph Maddon Sr. (father)

Date of death: 2002

His father comes from Italy. Previously, Joseph Anthony Maddon had an Italian surname “Maddonini”, but he shortened it to make it more suitable for an American ear.

Joe’s father was known in Hazleton, Pa, the town, where he spent the major part of his life, as Joe the Plumber. He owned the plumbing shop, with his father and three brothers. Joe was supposed to become a part of the family business, but he chose another way – and became one of the most famous sport managers in the world.

Joseph Anthony passed away in 2002. Before his departure he visited the game of Los Angeles Angels, and supported his son, who was a coach at that time. They won World Series then. Many years later Joe found that hat in his office and put it on during the game of Chicago Cubs.

Till now his father’s warmth is in his heart. Joseph Sr. was a great parent. He worked all day long and sometimes at night if some of the clients called him, but he always found the time to spend with his kids.

Albina Maddon (mother)

Albina Maddon mother Joe Maddon


Date of birth: January 1, 1933

The name of Joe’s mother is Albina Maddon (nee Klocek), but her friends and relatives shorten her name to “Beanie”. She is a mother of three kids. This active woman joined caring about her family with the work of a bookkeeper and waitress. The major part of her day she spent like a typical mother of three and a wife of a hard-working man. She cooked meals, checked her children’s homework, and cleaned the house. Joe used to tell in his interviews, that his mom was that person, who taught him to be disciplined. She was a strict parent and had quite volatile nature. That helped Joe to become the person he is now.

She still misses her husband and adores her children. Beanie is so proud of her talented son Joe.

Joe Maddon siblings

Carmine Parlatore (younger sister)

Carmine Parlatore


Date of birth: May 1956

Joe and his younger sister Carmine are real friends. She is the first fan of her brother and since the earliest years she knew, that one day he would become successful. “In each game, he was the leader”, she used to tell in her early interview.

Now Carmine lives with her husband Edward Parlatore in Hazleton. She is a mother of the great son, named Michael and in August 2011 she became a mother of a cute granddaughter Lucy. Carmine is a consignment shop owner.

Mark Maddon (younger brother)

Date of birth: 1958

Mark is Joe’s younger brother. He is not a public person. The man lives in Saint Augustine, FL and works at “Coast Pump Water Technologies”.


Everyone, who loves baseball, knows the name of Joseph John Maddon Jr. He devoted his whole life to this kind of sport and put lots of effort into its development and promotion. Having started as a baseball player, he quickly had opted for the career of a coach. During several decades of his activity, he gained a string of awards and titles, including the Manager of the Year Award (three times) and The World Series champion (two times). He collaborated with many well-known teams, such as Tampa Bay Rays, Chicago Cubs and Los Angeles Angels. Under his reasonable management, in 2016 Chicago Cubs won the world baseball series for the first time within 100 years.

He was born and raised in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. His parents were not connected with the sports industry at all. But Joe was keen on football in his school years. He continued to play for the Lafayette college basketball team, while he was getting an education there. In his young years he played as a catcher for Minor League Baseball. In 1979 he started the career of a coach. The first team he worked for was “Los Angeles Angels”. He started as a scout and then became a Minor League instructor. In the early 1990s he was trusted to work as the big league coach.

He worked for the Angels for 30+ years and then left it to start a new chapter in his life. He was hired as the manager of “Tampa Bay Rays”. He helped the players from the team to win for 8 years and after that he signed the deal with “Chicago Cubs”.

From the very beginning, Joe promised, that he would make this team glorious again. And he didn’t lie – in 2016 the Cubs shook the world with a strong of loud victories. Nevertheless, the 2019 season was unsuccessful for the team, and Joe’s deal wasn’t renewed.

In 2020 he returned to Los Angeles Angels.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. He started to play for the Little Baseball League, when he was just 9. Since then baseball has become the inseparable part of his life. He played as a pitcher for the Hazleton High School team “The Mountaineers”.
  2. He was educated at Lafayette College, where he majored in economics. And of course, he joined this science with sports – he played baseball and football during his years in the college.
  3. People, who know Joe well, tell that his communicative skills are so great. He is known by various tricks, like meeting the media representatives with a cockatoo on his shoulder or dressing his athletes in unusual costumes. He can create an environment, his friends say.
  4. His height is 5 ft 11 in and his weight is 190 pounds.
  5. His net worth is $12 million.
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