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John Mayer biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

John Clayton Mayer


American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer

Birth Date

October 16, 1977


45 years

Zodiac Sign



Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States


Berklee College of Music



John Mayer family members

Father's Name

Richard Mayer

Mother's Name

Margaret Mayer

Siblings names

Carl Mayer (brother), Ben Mayer (brother),

Is John Mayer a gay/bisexual?


What is John Mayer marital status?


Who are John Mayer parents?

Richard Mayer (father)

John Mayer father

Date of birth: October 11, 1927

In his interviews the talented musician John Mayer never gets tired to tell, that he is not like his father. His dad is a very self-conscious person, who never gives false promises, but John is very spontaneous. Nevertheless, he treats his parent with great love and respect.

Richard worked as a high school principal. In his free time the man played the piano, and such musical parties inspired his son John to pursue music as a career.

When Richard heard about his son’s choice, he told him “to build Plan B”. In fact, in their family everyone made music, but at the same time had some serious occupation, like teaching, fixing houses etc. But John told that he didn’t need any Plan B.

Richard Mayer till now resides in Bridgeport, CT. He divorced with John Mayer’s mother in 2009, but he still is close with his son. “I don’t say that I am proud of my son, I am rather happy for him! He likes his job and audience likes him”, Richard once said.

In autumn last year Richard Mayer turned 90. His son gave a special gift for his dad on this day. He founded the Richard Mayer Scholarship Fund, the charity establishment, which is supposed to support financially talented young people in Connecticut.

Margaret Mayer (mother)

Margaret-Mayer-mother photo

Date of birth: 1947

Margaret Hoffman (Mayer) earned her living as an English teacher. She joined her career with up-bringing of three sons (John Mayer is her middle kid) and caring about her husband, who was 20 years older than her.

On February 11 in 2009 Margaret and her husband Richard Mayer divorced in Bridgeport family court. They had no disputes or conflicts, and it seemed that both of them agreed, their marriage hadn’t worked.

Nevertheless, Margaret and Richard managed to bring up three great sons, including a popular guitarist John Mayer.

John Mayer siblings

Carl Mayer and Ben Mayer brother

Carl Mayer (brother)

He is an older brother of a musician John Mayer. Carl stays out of limelight and keeps his private life in secret. But he plays the guitar too. In 2008 he performed alongside his famous brother in Jones Beach Theater.

Ben Mayer (brother)

Date of birth: 1979

Ben is the youngest kid in Mayer family. He makes music too, but it’s just a hobby for him. Ben is in good terms with his brothers, Carl and John.


John Clayton Mayer spent his early years in Bridgeport, CT. Later his family moved to Fairfield, CT, where the boy attended a high school.

His father was a big fan of music, and he inspired John to practice this kind of art too. One of John Mayer brightest childhood memories was his father listening to one of old music stars.

The boy entered Berklee College of Music in Boston. But he dropped out after 2 semesters. The young musician, accompanied by his friend Clay Cook, moved to Atlanta and performed with the unknown band “LoFi Masters”. He started to upload his songs online and soon developed an extensive fan base.

In 2000 a musician signed his first music deal – with the company “Aware Records”. A year later he presented the first album “Room for Squares”, which made the newcomer moderately popular. John Mayer was catapulted to stardom after presentation of two hits, “Daughters” and “Your Body Is a Wonderland”.

In addition to his solo career, Mayer performs with the band John Mayer Trio.

The popular guitarist is known not just as a music virtuoso, but also as a man, who dated the most beautiful women in the world. He was in relationships with Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson and other great girls.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. John Mayer has a niece. He wrote through social media that “his brother welcomed a daughter” but didn’t tell, whether it was Carl or Ben to father a kid. In any case, the music star devoted his song “Daughters” to his small niece during one of concerts.
  2. As for now, John Mayer can boast with 7 solo studio albums. His first four albums were ranked as platinum and the last three got golden status.
  3. John Mayer is the holder of three Grammy awards.
  4. During his years in the limelight John Mayer dealt with a number of health disorders. In 2011 he passed through a throat surgery. His vocal cords suffered from inflammatory disease. In December, 2017 the famous guitarist and singer was hospitalized with appendicitis.
  5. In early 2000s John authored a column “Music Lessons with John Mayer” in Esquire magazine.
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