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Jordan Belfort biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Jordan Ross Belfort


author, social media star, motivational speaker, ex-broker

Birth Date

July 9, 1962


61 years

Zodiac Sign



The Bronx, New York City, New York, United States


American University, School of Dentistry, University of Maryland



Jordan Belfort family members

Father's Name

Max Belfort

Mother's Name

Leah Markowitz Belfort

Siblings names

Robert Belfort (older brother)

Is Jordan Belfort a gay/bisexual?


What is Jordan Belfort marital status?


Who is Jordan Belfort wife?

Cristina Invernizzi Belfort

When did get married?

February 24, 2021

How many children does he have?

2 (daighter Chandler Belfort Winter and son Carter Belfort)

Jordan Belfort family

Even if you know nothing about Jordan Belfort, obviously, you’ve heard about his screen alter-ego Leonardo DiCaprio. The famous actor portrayed Jordan in the famous 2013 film “The Wolf of Wall Street”. The super-rich broker, who appeared in prison for 22 months for financial fraud and money laundry, wrote the autobiography, which became a bestseller. What do we know about Jordan Belfort, his super luxurious life, and his family? Let’s read!

Jordan Belfort wife

Denise Lombardo (ex-wife)

Date of birth: November 11, 1963

In his book “The Wolf of Wall Street”, Jordan wrote several times, that he felt very guilty before Denise Lombardo, his first wife. He cheated on her many times and finally filed for divorce after his love affair with the supermodel Nadine Caridi, which gradually became very serious.

Jordan’s first wife Denise comes from Ohio. She is one of four kids in the family of Anthony Florito and Ann Lombardo. She got brilliant education, and after graduating from Bayside High School, she got degrees in various universities, including a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Australian Catholic University.

She met Jordan during her high school years and fell in love with him. In his book the ex-broker wrote that Denise loved him when he had nothing, so he was sure of her feelings. They got married in 1985, and several years later Jordan earned his first million. They divorced in 1991 because of Belfort’s infidelity.

Currently, Denise is married. She is a mother of several kids. She works as a real estate agent.

Nadine Macaluso (ex-wife)

Nadine Macaluso


Date of birth: December 1967

This incredibly beautiful woman was portrayed by Margot Robbie in the famous Scorsese film “The Wolf of Wall Street”. Nadine is that very ideally-shaped woman, who was married to Belford for 7 years and became a mother of his kids.

She was born in a family of two hippie parents, nineteen and twenty years old. Her parents divorced when she was still a kid. Nadine has a younger brother Anthony Caridi. The major part of her childhood, Nadine was brought up by a single mother. After graduating from high school, she had no money for college. The girl started earning herself. Her incredibly beautiful look helped her find a job as a model. Nadine became quite popular and made $3, 000 per day as a model of Elite Petite agency when she occasionally met Jordan. He immediately fell in love with her and started bombing Nadine with expensive jewelry and baskets of flowers. They lived in a luxurious mansion, but they were not unhappy. Nadine finalized the divorce process in 1998 when Belfort was arrested and had an electronic tag on his leg, which limited his freedom.

In 2007 Nadine got a psychological degree at Pacifica Graduate Institute and started helping women all over the world. Having passed through domestic violence in her marriage with Belfort and having coped with it, she encourages women all over the world to learn from her.

After Jordan’s arrest, she removed to California with her daughter and son and married a lawyer John Macaluso. Now she is a stepmother to John’s two daughters from a previous marriage. The older one is Nicole Macaluso, born in 1987. She develops marketing strategies at Etsy. Nikki is married to James McTernan and has a son with him. The other girl is Allie Macaluso, born in 1994.

Cristina Invernizzi Belfort (wife)

Cristina Invernizzi Belfort

Date of birth: April 5

Since February 24, 2021, Jordan has been married to Argentine model and trained actress Cristina Invernizzi. They crossed ways in 2019 and immediately fell in love, in spite of the significant age difference (Cristina is in her 30s as of 2023). Invernizzi’s English wasn’t good, but that didn’t prevent the couple from engaging in 2020. Very soon they exchanged vows during the private ceremony in Las Vegas.

Jordan Belfort wife

Currently, the couple shares lots of sweet moments together. Cristina seems to be on great terms with Jordan’s kids Chandler and Carter. Besides, she is on good terms with his ex-wife Nadine. She spends a lot of time in Cordoba, Argentina, her home city. The model is closely knitted with her father, mother Alejandra, and younger sister Ornella, a real estate agent. Her paternal grandfather, Aldo Invernizzi, was a famous architect in Argentina. He had Italian roots.

The young woman practices horse riding and likes reading, when she is not busy with her modeling gigs and supervision of her husband at his meetings.

Jordan Belfort kids

Chandler Belfort Winter (daughter with Nadine Macaluso)

Jordan Belfort kids

Date of birth: July 29, 1993

Jordan’s fans know from his book, that he is a father of a beautiful daughter. Her birth name is Chandler Ann Belfort, but in the family circle, she is called Channy.

She is the first child of Jordan and his second wife Nadine. As it is clear from Belfort’s book, he loved his daughter very much, but his drug addiction prevented him from being a great father to little Channy.

Nowadays, Belfort coped with his addiction, and he maintains a really warm relationship with his daughter. After his imprisonment, Nadine moved her kids (Channy and her younger brother) to California to keep them from public attention following their father’s arrest.

After graduating from high school, Channy entered Muhlenberg College. There she met her future husband Connor Winter, who studied finance and business administration. They got married in September 2021 in Catskill, New York. Currently, the married couple lives in Upper East Side, New York. Connor works as a video content creator. Channy is a psychological therapist.

Carter Belfort (son with Nadine Macaluso)

Carter Belfort son Jordan Belfort

Carter Belfort son Jordan Belfort

Date of birth: August 15, 1996

Carter James Belfort is the only son of Nadine and Jordan. He was born in New York but grew up in Los Angeles with his mother and stepfather. His father didn’t escape from the family picture and always stayed in touch with Carter.

Jordan Belfort son

The boy studied at Vistamar School and then joined his sister at Muhlenberg College. In 2016 he decided to become a rapper. And after several years of hard work, the young man presented the hip-hop band “Grandview”, which came on tour with the popular rapper Shwayze in 2021.

Carter is dating a law school graduate Catherine Schiff. He is closely knitted not just with his father, but also with his mother, sister, and stepsisters.

Who are Jordan Belfort parents?

Max Belfort (father)

Max Belfort father

Date of birth: July 5, 1931

Date of death: September 2019

In September 2019 Jordan announced his father’s death through Facebook. He called his dad “Mad Max” and thanked him for all his lessons and pieces of advice.

Maxwell Belfort was born in the family of Jacob Belfort, an elevator operator, and Ann Brody. He was seven when his family moved to the Bronx, New York, where the man was actually raised. Max became an accountant. During 64 years (till his death) Max was married to Leah and brought up two sons with her.

In his book, Jordan tells about the financial problems his father had. He worked a lot to make ends meet, still, the Belfort family lived in poverty. Jordan blames his father’s troubled nature in disability to become rich.

Nevertheless, Max was that man, who taught Jordan financial literacy. Due to Max, Jordan knew that it was always possible to earn some money if necessary. Jordan made his first cash by selling ice cream on the beach and cleaning the streets from snow. But since the earliest years Max knew, he needed more.

Nevertheless, Jordan’s dad did his best to raise his sons decently, and now he is remembered by his family members with warmth and gratitude. He passed away in 2019 after a long illness, and his wife Leah stood by his bedside for months and supported her beloved husband till his death.

In the film “The Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan’s father was portrayed by the actor Rob Reiner.

Leah Markowitz Belfort (mother)

Leah Markowitz Belfort

Date of birth: March 1933

Jordan is a real momma’s boy. He devotes lots of sweet posts to his mother Leah and calls her “my angel”.

Her maiden name is Markowitz, and she comes from a family of Lithuanian immigrants. Leah was in her early 20s, when she met Max Belfort, the young man from a Jewish family, and fell in love with him. They tied the knot in 1955 and created a happy friendly family of four.

Many sources tell that Leah was an accountant. But she quit that career in her early 60s and entered this St. Johns Law School. For many years after her graduation served as a certified lawyer. She is still a Bayside resident.

Leah is a doting attentive mother. In one of her interviews, she told, that Jordan was very anxious as an infant and couldn’t sleep well. She was very strict with both her sons and was very determined for their future. That’s why she couldn’t believe when Jordan started earning $4-5 million per month as a broker. She was very disappointed when she knew about Jordan’s law alterations and imprisonment. But she felt satisfied when she heard about the release of Jordan’s book “The Wolf of Wall Street”. She feels very optimistic about Jordan’s success as an author and motivational speaker.

In Scorsese’s film, she is depicted by Christine Ebersole.

Jordan Belfort siblings

Robert Belfort (older brother)

Robert Belfort

Date of birth: October 27, 1959

The name of Jordan’s only sibling is Bob Belfort. In his book, the broker opened up, that he liked his childhood memories about his older brother. They spent a lot of time together and both attended the camp in the summer, where they had a lot of fun. The bond between them became weaker after Jordan’s fast financial growth and drug addiction, which it caused. Bob stopped talking to Jordan after the latter called his brother’s wife with a swear word.

Jordan Belfort siblings

Currently, Bob is still a Montclair resident. He is married to Cindy Stagoff, the vice president of art making agency “NJArts”. He is a father of three: the son Aaron and twins Ben and Claudia. Robert is a certified lawyer. Jordan calls his older sibling one of the best lawyers in New York.

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