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Juanita Vanoy biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Juanita Vanoy-Jordan


celeb's relative, office worker, philanthropist

Birth Date

June 13, 1959


64 years

Zodiac Sign



Chicago, Illinois, United States



Juanita Vanoy family members

Father's Name

John Vanoy

Mother's Name

Dorothy L. Vanoy

Siblings names

Gwendolyn Hicks (older sister), Jacqueline Rogers (older sister), Rhonda Armstrong (older sister), Bernetta B. Vanoy (older sister), Margaret Vanoy (younger sister)

Is Juanita Vanoy a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Juanita Vanoy marital status?


Who is Juanita Vanoy husband?

Michael Jordan

How many children does she have?

3 (sons Jeffrey Jordan and Marcus Jordan, daughter Jasmine Jordan)

Juanita Vanoy husband

Michael Jordan (ex-husband; baby father)

Date of birth: February 17, 1963

Michael Jordan doesn’t need an introduction. The basketball star, the Chicago Bulls player, who has to lead his team to winning 6 championships, he gained some accolades as a businessman, too.

NBA). Jordan played 15 seasons in the NBA, winning six championships with the Chicago Bulls. After retirement from professional basketball, he focused his energy on the business and achieved great results in this area too. Mr. Jordan is the owner of the basketball team “Charlotte Hornets”.

It’s hard to tell, whether Michael and his ex-wife Juanita maintain friendly relationships after their separation. But the fans have noticed that ex-Mrs. Jordan disappeared from the trailer to documentary mini-series “The Last Dance”, which will be on air in summer, 2020. The series tell about NBA teams and contain an episode, devoted to Michael Jordan.

Juanita Vanoy kids

Jeffrey Michael Jordan (son)

Jeffrey Michael Jordan

photo instagram.com/heirjordan13

Date of birth: November 18, 1988

Jeffrey Michael Jordan is Juanita’s oldest son. The woman was in the fifth month of her pregnancy with Jeffrey when she had to hire a lawyer, who needed to make her baby father Michael Jordan fulfill his parenthood duties. The boy’s parents were still unmarried when he entered this world. They wedded a little later, at 3.30 am in the cozy church in Las Vegas.

Jeffrey Jordan was a high school pupil when his parents divorced. But they had joint custody, so Michael didn’t disappear from the life of Jeffrey and his siblings.

In his youth, Mr. Jordan Jr. played basketball, and everybody was sure, he would follow his father’s pace. He was one of the best players at Loyola Academy, from where he graduated in 2007. After that, he entered the University of Illinois, where he studied psychology and played for the basketball team “Fighting Illini”. He attracted high media attention as an aspiring basketball player. Some of his matches were watched by millions of people on TV.

In spite of massive initial success, Jeffrey retired from basketball in 2012. He escaped from the public attention and worked quietly as a Nike manager.

In 2018 he proposed to a long-term girlfriend Radina Aneva, a computer science specialist. They wedded in May 2019. His wife is of Bulgarian ancestry.

Jeffrey has warm relationships with his younger full siblings, Marcus and Jasmine. He has two half-sisters, Victoria and Ysabel, from his father’s side.

Marcus Jordan (son)

Marcus Jordan

photo instagram.com/heirmj523/

Date of birth: December 24, 1990

Juanita was blessed with another cute healthy boy in 1990 – Marcus James Jordan. The boy adores his mother and often posts pictures with her.

Like his father and older brother, he played basketball for the university team (he studied at the University of Central Florida). Although Marcus was an aspiring young player and had a chance to become a renowned basketball star, he decided to quit basketball and chose another career way. But let’s start from the very beginning.

He is the second child in the family of the sports celebrity Michael Jordan and an office worker, Juanita Vanoy. He was born a year after the official registration of their marriage. The boy grew up with his parents and siblings in Highland Park, IL.

Since the earliest years basketball had been an inseparable part of his life. He practiced this game in the company of his father and brother. Later he continued to play for the Loyola Academy team (he studied there). After that, the boy transferred to Whitney Young High School and joined basketball players there. In 2009 he led his team to the victory in the championship.

After graduation from school, he entered the University of Central Florida. He played college basketball, but in 2012 decided to quit this kind of sport. But he continued to get an education at the University. Since 2016 Marcus is an owner of the shoe shop “Trophy Room”.

Jasmine Jordan (daughter)

Jasmine Jordan daughter Juanita Vanoy

photo instagram.com/mickijae

Date of birth: December 7, 1992

Jasmine Mickael Jordan loves his father to death, and she tells, she had never been blinded by his money or fame. “For me, he was just a man, who worked. And that was normal”, she confessed once in her interview.

Like other Michael’s kids, she is closely connected with basketball. Being an enthusiastic player in her young years, now she is a sports marketer and helps her father to develop his brand.

Recently, Jasmine tied a knot with an NBA player (no wonder, isn’t it?) Rakeem Christmas. First, they met in a college and were just friends, but then Rakeem confessed, he has some feelings for Jasmine. They dated for three years till Mr. Christmas dared to propose her. She said, “Yes!”, and they got married legally. In April 2019 Jasmine welcomed a son Rakeem Jr, thus having made Juanita and Michael Jordan a grandmother and grandfather.

Mrs. Jordan-Christmas is closely-knitted with her mom. She never gets tired to thank her for everything she does for Jasmine and her baby boy.

Who are Juanita Vanoy parents?

Dorothy L. Vanoy (mother)

Dorothy L. Vanoy

photo facebook.com/gwendolyn.hicks.77

Date of birth: January 23, 1931

Date of death: December 4, 2005

The name of Juanita’s mother is Dorothy Vanoy. Unfortunately, the woman passed away in December 2005. Now she is survived by her children (she had six daughters, Juanita is the fifth of them) and grandchildren. Obviously, Dorothy was a great person, and now her daughters and granddaughters share her pictures on social media and devote her sweet touching words.

John Vanoy (father)

John Vanoy

photo facebook.com/gwendolyn.hicks.77

Date of birth: September 14, 1925

John is Juanita’s father. He is in his 90s, and as it is typical for a man of his age, he stays out of the limelight. The man raised six daughters; he was a devoted husband to his wife. Besides, he is a World War II veteran and The Marine Corps, soldier.

Juanita Vanoy siblings

Gwendolyn Hicks (older sister)

Gwendolyn Hicks older sister Juanita Vanoy

photo facebook.com/gwendolyn.hicks.77

Date of birth: 1952

Gwendolyn Vanoy-Hicks is Juanita’s older sister. She resides in Chicago, IL. The woman is married to her husband of many years Tommy Hicks. They have several kids together, including the daughters Michelle Hicks and Kristi Nicole Gleason.

Mrs. Hicks earns her living as the CEO of an event planning company. She is very close to all her sisters and respects her roots.

Jacqueline Rogers (older sister)

Jacqueline Rogers sister Juanita Vanoy

photo facebook.com/jacqueline.rogers.5667

The other sister of Juanita Jordan is Jacqueline Rogers. She serves as an office administrator at the company, which decks the covered floor. Jacqueline is so proud of her big family. She never gets tired to show old-fashioned family pictures on Facebook.

Rhonda Armstrong (older sister)

Rhonda Armstrong sister Juanita Vanoy

photo facebook.com/catrice.armstrong

Date of birth: 1953

Rhonda Armstrong stays out of the limelight. Nevertheless, her beautiful face has become known to the wide audience mostly due to her daughter, Catrice Armstrong. Rhonda still lives in her home town – Chicago. She has already become a grandmother.

Bernetta B. Vanoy (older sister)

Bernetta B. Vanoy

photo facebook.com/jacqueline.rogers.5667

Date of birth: 1954

Bernetta keeps out of the limelight. The only thing that is known about her – she has recently moved from Chicago to Texas.

Margaret Vanoy (younger sister)

Margaret Vanoy younger sister Juanita Vanoy

photo facebook.com/margaret.vanoy

Date of birth: March 5, 1966

Margaret is the youngest girl in the Vanoy family. She lives in Chicago, IL. She maintains warm relationships with her sisters and father.



Juanita Vanoy gained wide popularity as a wife of a big sports star. During seventeen years she was married to Michael Jordan, gave birth to his three kids and then filed for divorce, which cost Mr. Jordan $168 million. Their separation was immediately ranked as the most expensive in the world. Women all over the world supported Juanita – no wonder because the reason for the marriage dissolution was Michael’s rumored infidelity. The interest to beautiful and determined lady Juanita Vanoy and her fate was becoming bigger and bigger.

She was born in the family of John and Dorothy Vanoy on June 13, 1959. Her father is still alive, he is a military veteran, while her mother has been in a better place since 2005. She was the fifth of six daughters in the family. Juanita comes from the South Side of Chicago. Michael’s ex-wife comes from a simple poor family, and as her friends say, she has never forgotten, where she comes from.

Juanita met Michael at one of Chicago restaurants in 1985. They dated for several years, and Jordan even proposed her, but after that their relationships appeared in a slow phase. In early 1988 Juanita got pregnant. It took her several years to convince Michael to marry her and to take responsibility for his baby. They say, she even hired a lawyer and made Michael do a paternity test. In September 1989 they wedded and then gave birth to two other kids (in addition to their first one, who was born in 1988).

Juanita was an office worker when she met Michael. After their wedding, she left the job and focused her mind on charity. In 2002 she filed for divorce for the first time, but both managed to reconcile. In 2006 they decided to separate again, and this time both were very serious about their decision.

Nowadays Juanita Vanoy stays out of the limelight. She resides in Chicago, IL. The woman spends a lot of time with her kids and granddaughter.

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