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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Judith Levine-Sandler


housewife, nursery school teacher, occasional actress



Judy Sandler family members

Is Judy Sandler a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Judy Sandler marital status?


Who is Judy Sandler husband?

Stanley Sandler (married till his death in 2003)

How many children does she have?

4 (Elizabeth Sandler-Spindel, Scott Sandler, Valerie Sandler, Adam Sandler)

Judy Sandler relatives


Adam is very close with his mother. Judith put lots of efforts to be a good wife and mother. She served as a teacher at a nursery school and left it to become a homemaker. When her son Adam became popular, he offered his mom to take a part in some of his films, and she agreed. So, now Judy (as she is called in a family circle) is also an actress. She took part in the movies “Blended”, “Hotel Transylvania” and some others.

Judy is a big fan of her son’s talent and tries to watch all his new films. But recently she had to miss three of Sandler’s films, which he made in collaboration with Netflix, because she can’t use this channel.

Sandler tells about his parents so warmly in all his interviews. His mother sacrificed a lot to make a happy friendly environment in their house. She never agreed to go on vacations or to spend an evening with her friends, if her kids were not allowed to come. In addition, she always asked Adam to wake her up, when he returned from some party or business gig late at home. She got up any time of the day (night) and asked her son, how he spent his time. Now Sandler’s parents serve as the example for him. He tries to be a good father for his daughters, too.

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