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Kaia Gerber biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Kaia Jordan Gerber


model, celeb's kid

Birth Date

September 3, 2001


19 years

Zodiac Sign



Los Angeles, California, United States


LA high school



Kaia Gerber family members

Father's Name

Rande Gerber

Mother's Name

Cindy Crawford

Siblings names

Presley Gerber (older brother)

Is Kaia Gerber a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Kaia Gerber marital status?

In relation

Kaia Gerber family

photo instagram / cindycrawford

Who are Kaia Gerber parents?

Rande Gerber (father)

Rande Gerber

photo instagram / randegerber

Date of birth: April 27, 1962

Although Rande is not so popular, than his wife and kids, who have already become supermodels, it doesn’t mean that he is less productive than they. The man earned multi-million wealth as the restaurateur, night clubs and bars owner. By the way, in 2013 he founded tequila brand in the company of his friend George Clooney.

Gerber entered this world in Long Island, New York. Rande started his education at Hewlett High School and later continued it at the University of Arizona. He majored in marketing there.

Kaia Gerber father

photo instagram / randegerber

He began his career way as a model. A really handsome man, Rande was great in this industry. At his friend’s wedding he met Cindy Crawford. Gradually their relationship developed, and the couple tied a knot on May 29 in 1998. They welcomed a son Presley and a daughter Kaia – our today heroine.

After quitting modeling, Gerber began career in nightlife business. In collaboration with his brothers he founded a chain of bars and eating venues. He is proud of his talented children and loves to death his beautiful wife.

Cindy Crawford (mother)

Cindy Crawford

photo instagram / cindycrawford

Date of birth: February 20, 1966

Cynthia Ann Crawford is a loving mom for Kaia, and a supermodel and a style icon for the whole world.

In her interview to “Ten Vogue”, Kaia told that her mom was the coolest woman in the world for her. Kaia likes to pop into her mother’s closet and to try on the vintage dresses, which Cindy previously demonstrated at various fashion shows.

The supermodel grew up in DeKalb, IL in the family of an electrician John Crawford and his wife Jennifer, a nurse. Cindy has two sisters and previously she had a brother, too. The boy passed away at a kindergarten age. The reason of his death was leukemia.

The family tragedy caused Cidny’s parents’ divorce. Later her father re-married a woman, named Anne (20 years younger than him) and welcomed the fifth kid (supermodel’s half-brother) at the age of 61.

Kaia Gerber mother

photo instagram / cindycrawford

She was an A-student at school, and at first planned to pursue some serious career. Cindy studied chemical engineering at Northwestern University. She began to model just for fun and in order to earn some pocket money. But her life changed after Crawford’s appearance on Vogue cover. After that she quit studying and pursued modeling full-time.

During 2 decades Cindy was the most popular American model, and one of the most celebrated fashionistas in the world. She made more than 600 appearances on the covers of reputable magazines, like “Elle”, “Cosmopolitan”, “Vogue” etc. Besides, she was appointed as the spokesperson for such legendary companies as Versace, Pepsi, Revlon and others.

As Crawford confessed in her interview, she thought that her career would finish in her late 20s. But she is active till now. Cindy tried her hand as a TV host (she acted as a compère for the show “House of Style”), as an actress (she portrayed a lawyer and potential murder victim in the action “Fair Game”) and as a business lady (Crawford founded anti-aging skin care line).

As a great bonus to super successful career, Cindy also created a happy beautiful family, consisted of a husband, a son and a daughter. Mrs. Gerber never gets tired to tell, that Rande is her soul mate, although he is not her first husband. Previously she was a wife of a legendary Hollywood actor Richard Gere.

Kaia Gerber siblings

Presley Gerber (older brother)

Presley Gerber

photo instagram / presleygerber

Date of birth: July 2, 1999

Almost the whole world was waiting for the birth of this great baby. The first son of two fashion stars, Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, he took the best features of both his parents.

Presley was born not in the hospital, but in Gerbers’ mansion in Brentwood, CA. The supermodel, who was 33 at that time, decided to deliver a child in a natural way. She had to take efforts during 17 hours, before finally she saw the cute face of her first baby.

“When you become a mother, you don’t want to be a celebrity. Previously career was my priority, but now motherhood is my mainstream”, Cindy told to “People” after Presley’s birth.

Kaia Gerber brother

photo instagram / presleygerber

If Kaia is the exact copy of her mother, Rande looks rather like his dad. Nevertheless he got something precious from his mom too – her legendary mole on the upper lip (although Crawford had it on the left side of her face, while Presley’s one is on the right).

The handsome young man followed his parents’ footsteps and became a model. He is signed with IMG Models as for now. He made his professional debut in 2015 on pages of the issue “CR Fashion Book”. He has already posed for a bunch of famous rich brands, such as Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry and others.

Presley is dating a female model Charlotte D’Alessio, who comes from Canada. Fans can’t stop admiring their couple.


Kaia Gerber bio

photo instagram / kaiagerber

The famous model now, Kaia Gerber was born in early 2000s in the family of two representatives of the secular elite – Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber. In spite of the fact that both her parents were busy in fashion industry, Cindy didn’t encourage her daughter to choose modeling as a career. But Kaia turned with age into a real beauty, and the fans immediately noticed her resemblance to her famous mother. So, obviously, the girl had no choice.

At first Kaia’s beauty and talent was valued by Donatella Versace. The girl had just turned 11, when she was appointed as the spokesperson of the fashion line for teens, named “Young Versace”. Three years later she was signed with IMG Models and then graced on Vogue cover for the first time.

As for now, Ms. Gerber is a busy model, but she combines her work with getting education. She is a junior at one of LA high schools. In addition, she is interested in acting. The fashion starlet had already appeared in her first TV film. She played a part in the drama “Sister Cities”.

Interesting and fun facts

Kaia Gerber Interesting and fun facts

photo instagram / kaiagerber

  1. Kaia Gerber spring fashion season was really busy. She visited all the fashion capitals, including Los Angeles, Paris, Milan and New York, and walked at the catwalk for about 18 times.
  2. She tells that studying is her priority as for now, and modeling is just on the second place. Besides, Kaia doesn’t consider this occupation as a job. She tells that posing in front of the cameras is a kind of fun for her, not a hard work.
  3. Her favorite school subject is math.
  4. Although officially Kaia is single, she was rumored to date an actor and model Luka Sabbat in summer this year.
  5. In summer, 2018 Ms. Gerber posted a number of hot bikini photos in Instagram. After that many of her fans called her “unhealthy” and “anorexic”. The young model was accused in promoting wrong body standards.
  6. Kaia is rumored to date a male model Wellington Grant, with whom she flirted at the backstage of Stella McCartney fashion show in March, 2019.
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