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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Katherine Langford



Birth Date

April 29, 1996


25 years

Zodiac Sign



Perth, Australia


Perth Modern School, Principal Academy of Dance & Theatre Arts, Nicholson’s Academy of Screen Acting



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Katherine Langford family members

Father's Name

Stephen Langford

Mother's Name

Elizabeth Green

Siblings names

Josephine Langford (younger sister)

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Who are Katherine Langford parents?

Stephen Langford (father)

Stephen Langford

photo instagram.com/dr.stephenlangford

Katherine Langford is a daughter any parent can be proud of. At her so young age, she has already got a Golden Globe nomination for the role in the drama film “Love, Simon” and has many other achievements in the movie industry. Her parents did a great job to bring her up. But what do we know about these people?

Her father, Stephen Langford, saved many lives, working as a doctor. He started the career in medicine in 1983 and during many years he served at the reputable medical organization the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS), which aim is to bring medical help to the areas with no access.

Stephen is not just a doctor with a huge amount of grateful patients, but also a scientist, who worked on various innovations in medicine. For his talent and persistent work, he got the Local Hero award in 2016. He also wrote a book about his experience at RFDS, titled “The Leading Edge”.

Elizabeth Green (mother)

Elizabeth Green

photo https://twitter.com/dregreen4ever

Katherine loves her mother and knows that Mrs. Green-Langford treats her as an adult and respects her interests and privacy. Elizabeth is a successful doctor, just like her husband.

She studied at Melbourne University and after graduation from there in the early 1980s she became a flying doctor. She enjoyed working with children most of all, that’s why in 1997 she changed her specialty for a pediatrician. Elizabeth achieved impressive results in that area. She explored various childhood illnesses, including such difficult health disorders as autism, ADHD, and others.

As you see, Mrs. Langford spent a lot of time, working on kids’ diseases. But she was a great parent, too. Except for Katherine, she has a daughter Josephine with her husband Stephen Langford.

Katherine Langford siblings

Josephine Langford (younger sister)

Josephine Langford (younger sister)

Date of birth: August 18, 1997

The actress and her sisters are friends and colleagues. Yes, the younger sister Josephine followed Katherine’s footsteps and became an actress. To refine her skills, Josephine entered Perth Film School. At the age of 14, she debuted in a short film “Sex Ed”. The actress was noticed, and during several years she got small roles in the projects, which didn’t gain large popularity. But in 2017 the fortune smiled at her – she was cast as Darcie Chapman to the supernatural film “Wish Upon”, directed by John Robert Leonetti. Nowadays Josephine regularly appears in various new movies and TV series. She has a busy schedule and appears in 1-2 new projects every year. One of her brightest screen roles as of 2021 is Tessa in the romantic drama “After”.

The sisters share a close bond. They both try to make it big in Hollywood and both know how hard it is to start a career in the USA, having come there from an isolated city in Australia.


Probably, you have already made up your opinion on Katherine Langford, when you had seen her as Hannah Baker in the Netflix teen drama series “13 Reasons Why”. We’ve already told you about another leading actor from this project – Dylan Minnette. Katherine portrayed his screen girlfriend, who has committed suicide.

Katherine made her first breath in Perth, the largest city of Western Australia. Her parents were doctors, so she grew up in a well-educated and smart surrounding. In her childhood, she didn’t plan to become an actress. The girl started training as a swimmer in her primary school age and participated in various competitions, which she often won. Probably, Katherine could become a famous swimmer, if she hadn’t visited the Lady Gaga concert one day. She was so impressed by the singer’s voice and her strong songs that immediately convinced her parents to hire a piano teacher for her. Thus, she gradually turned her face to show business. But her first steps in the entertaining industry she made as a musician, not as an actress. Till now Langford’s fans listen to her old songs, which still can be found on the expanse of YouTube. Before becoming a television star, she launched a YouTube channel, where she uploaded her song “I’ve Got a Crush on Zoe Bosch” and some others.

Katherine Langford gained wide popularity after she was cast as Hannah in the series “13 Reasons Why”, based on the book of the popular novelist Jay Asher. Her film list includes other projects, like the criminal drama “Knives Out” and the fantastic melodrama “Spontaneous”.

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