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Kathleen Fuentes biography
photo instagram / kathleenlights
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Kathleen Fuentes


YouTube star, beauty blogger

Birth Date

January 27, 1992


29 years

Zodiac Sign



Miami, Florida, United States


Miami high school



Kathleen Fuentes family members

Siblings names

Ylette Luis (older sister), brothers Johnny and Danny

Is Kathleen Fuentes a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Kathleen Fuentes marital status?


Who is Kathleen Fuentes husband?

Daniel Fuentes

When did get married?

November 22, 2010

Kathleen Fuentes husband

Daniel Fuentes (husband)

Daniel Fuentes

photo instagram / therealdannylights

Date of birth: May 2, 1984

Kathleen is married to a man, named Danny Fuentes. She went down the ails at a very early age – at that time the girl has just graduated from a high school. She got acquainted with him through her best friend, who is Danny’s younger stepsister.

Daniel is a constructor. He has a daughter circa 10 years old from previous relationships, and the girl’s mother complained through social media, that Danny doesn’t care about his child. But no doubt, he cares about Kathleen. The man is really proud of his beautiful wife and supports her in making her career.

Who are Kathleen Fuentes parents?


Kathleen Fuentes father

photo instagram / kathleenlights

Kathleen didn’t publicize the name of her father, but she confessed on Instagram, that her dad is her rock, her supporter and very important person in her life.


Kathleen Fuentes mother

photo instagram / kathleenlights

The name of the woman isn’t known either. But Kathleen used to tell, that her mother gave her everything a good parent can give any kid – she loved her, cared about her and inspired her every day.

Kathleen Fuentes mom

photo instagram / kathleenlights

Kathleen Fuentes siblings

Johnny (older brother)

Kathleen Fuentes brother Johnny

photo instagram / kathleenlights

Date of birth: August 14, 1987

Johnny is Kathleen’s older brother. She has cordial relationships with him. From time to time the beauty guru posts pics with him in social media.

Danny (older brother)

Kathleen Fuentes siblings

photo instagram / kathleenlights

In addition to Johnny, she also has a brother Danny.

Ylette Izquierdo-Luis (older sister)

Ylette Izquierdo-Luis

photo instagram / ylette_

Date of birth: October 26, 1985

Yvlette is Kathleen’s older sister and best friend. It was she, who introduced the girl to the magic world of beauty for the first time. When our heroine was a middle school pupil, her sister had already reached high school age. She shared with Kathleen her perfume and lipsticks, and later inspired Fuentes to study more about cosmetics and makeup and share her experience with other people.

Currently, Ylette resides in Miami. Previously, she studied criminal justice at St. Thomas University. She also holds a master degree in psychology from the University of San Francisco.

She is married to Eddy Luis and has already mothered three of his kids. She works as a marketer for BOXYCHARM site, from where her sister Kathleen got many beauty boxes, which she unpacked in her videos. In addition, she is a blogger, too.


Kathleen Fuentes bio

photo instagram / kathleenlights

Her shining smile and miniature silhouette have already attracted 4 million subscribers to her YouTube channel.  The famous beauty blogger, fashion icon and makeup influencer, Kathleen Fuentes remains a loving sister, daughter, and aunt for members of her big friendly family.

She was born in Miami, Florida. The girl had a happy childhood with a loving mother and father, older sister and two brothers. She attended Miami High School, from where she graduated in 2010. The girl got married at a very early age. The name of her loved one is Danny Fuentes. He cares about Kathleen and several dogs, which live in their house (the beauty guru is a pet lover).

In 2013 she founded the channel KathleenLights, and soon developed a large fan base. The pretty girl shared her beauty tips, told about new cosmetics products, uploaded makeup tutorials and unpacked her beauty parcels. Gradually she became popular, and her channel gained more than 490 million views.

Although Kathleen mostly uploads beauty content, she adds chat videos and challenges from time to time. The girl’s unbelievable fame opened her doors to various kinds of collaborations and endorsements.  She has already made sponsored vids for MakeUp Geek, ColourPop and other brands. Kathleen also created an eye shadow palette and other beauty products for OFRA Cosmetics. By the way, Mrs. Fuentes produces nail polish products of her own. She makes cruelty free cosmetics. Kathleen promises her fans to create just safe high-quality products and sell them at an affordable price.

Interesting and fun facts

Kathleen Fuentes facts

photo instagram / kathleenlights

  1. She has no middle name.
  2. Kathleen’s favorite color is red. Her favorite perfume is Gucci Eau de Parfum 2. Her favorite drink is Sunkist.
  3. Her husband Danny is about 7 years her older, but some of Mrs. Fuentes’s fans told, that he looks like her daddy. Later the YouTube star told in one of her chat videos, that “such comments annoy her”.
  4. She is 5 ft 2 in tall, and the girl is the shortest among her friends.
  5. She has a dog named Cornelius, but she tells that she is still not ready to have kids.
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    Thanks for this! Just one mistake though – she only has one bother, Johnny. No brother named Danny, and the gentleman in that picture under “Danny,” as her “brother” is actually her husband.

  • Lol says:

    She does not have a brother named Danny. That is her husband.