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Katie Holmes biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Kate Noelle Holmes


actress, model

Birth Date

December 18, 1978


44 years

Zodiac Sign



Toledo, Ohio, United States


Notre Dame Academy, Margaret O’Brien’s Charm School



Katie Holmes family members

Father's Name

Martin Joseph Holmes, Sr.

Mother's Name

Kathleen Holmes

Siblings names

Tamera Holmes (older sister), Holly Ann Holmes (older sister), Martin Joseph Holmes, Jr. (older brother), Nancy Holmes (older sister)

Is Katie Holmes a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Katie Holmes marital status?


How many children does she have?

1 (daughter Suri Cruise)

Katie Holmes husband

Tom Cruise (ex-husband; baby father)

Katie Holmes ex husband

photo facebook.com/pg/officialtomcruise

Date of birth: July 3, 1962

No need to introduce Katie’s ex-husband and her daughter’s father Tom Cruise, that’s why we will be short. He is a Hollywood A-lister, known by numerous blockbusters. He acted in the Mission Impossible series, in “Rain Man”, “Vanilla Sky”, “Jack Reacher” etc.

Tom has been married and divorced three times – to an actress Mimi Rogers, then to the film star Nicole Kidman (you can read here about her) and to Katie Holmes. He was married to Katie in 2006-2012. After that she filed for divorce, they say, because of Cruise’s passion to scientology.

Mr. Cruise is a father of three kids. He adopted two kids – Isabella and Connor – with Nicole Kidman. He fathered Katie Holmes daughter Suri, but he doesn’t stay connected with the girl.

Katie Holmes kids

Suri Cruise (daughter with Tom Cruise)

Katie Holmes kids daughter Suri Cruise

photo instagram.com/suricruise.official

Date of birth: April 18, 2006

Suri is the only daughter of Katie Holmes. She is also the only biological child of the superstar Tom Cruise. Nevertheless, her famous father is not present at the family picture. Tom hasn’t seen Suri since the year of his divorce from Katie Holmes.

The girl gained wide public attention since the earliest years. At a tender age of 3 she was titled as a little fashionista in the media. At the same time, Suri’s mother was criticized for buying her little daughter too adult clothes, like high-heeled shoes.

Now Suri is the school pupil. She is focused on getting her education, but her interests cross the academic borders. At a tender age of 12 Suri debuted as an actress – she was cast in “Dawson’s Creek” reboot alongside her famous mother.

Who are Katie Holmes parents?

Kathleen Holmes (mother)

Kathleen Holmes

photo instagram.com/katieholmes212

Date of birth: September 7, 1946

Kathleen Ann Stothers is widely known as a mother of a movie star Katie Holmes. In the narrow circle of her closest friends and relatives, Kathleen is respected for her kind heart – she is a devoted philanthropist. The woman is a housewife, she devoted all her life to her super successful husband and their 5 kids.

Martin Joseph Holmes, Sr. (father)

Date of birth: February 17, 1945

Katie Holmes’ parents don’t stay in the shadow, and supervise their daughter at various solemn events. She is closely-knitted with her father, a famous lawyer. He specializes in divorces, and during the decades of his practice he was involved into numerous half-profile splits, including that one of his daughter Katie and her ex – Tom Cruise.

He is also the attorney, who helps victims of car crashes and accidents to get their compensation. His career peak is the eight-year court process between two traded firms.

Being a real shark in business, he is just a loving father and grandfather at home. Martin grew up in the family of Fred Holmes, a letter carrier, and his wife Helen Maher. He grew up in Toledo, OH alongside four brothers.

He fathered five children with his wife of many years Kathleen Holmes.

Katie Holmes siblings

Tamera Fretti (older sister)

Tamera Fretti

photo facebook.com/tammy.fretti

Date of birth: August 7, 1967

Tamera Jean Holmes, now known under the name Tamera Fretty, is the oldest kid in the Holmes family. She is Katie’s big sister, her friend and her role model.

Tamera studied at Central Catholic High School. In 1990 she got married for the first time – to David Alan Dennis, but that marriage ended with a divorce.

Later she re-married Joseph Jeffrey Fretti and welcomed two sons with him.

Holly Hurley (older sister)

Holly Hurley

photo facebook.com/holly.hurley.12

Date of birth: March 5, 1969

Holly Ann Holmes, who changed her surname after getting married Tom Hurley.

She was born in Toledo, OH and attended Notre Dame Academy there. After graduation she moved to Pittsburgh, PA, where she continued her education at Duquesne University.

Currently, she lives with her husband and their three kids at Sylvania, OH.

Martin Joseph Holmes, Jr (older brother)

Martin Joseph Holmes, Jr

photo instagram.com/katieholmes212

Date of birth: May 8, 1970

Martin is Kathy’s only brother.  He prefers to stay in the shadow; nevertheless, the actress posts their common pictures from time to time.

Martin is married to Daneen Donatelli. Like his father, he is an attorney. He lives in Maumee, OH.

Nancy Blaylock (older sister)

Nancy Blaylock

photo instagram.com/katieholmes212

Date of birth: April 6, 1974

Katie’s older sister Nancy Blaylock, nee Holmes, changed her surname after getting married to Jay Blaylock. She serves as an art teacher at Michigan. Her husband, Jay, is an administrator at Plymouth-Canton Community School.


Katie Holmes took Hollywood by storm in early 2000s. “The Gift”, “Batman Begins”, “Woman in Gold” and other hit movies and TV shows are in her resume. Now it’s hard to imagine the modern film industry without Katie Holmes, but in her early years she wasn’t sure, that acting was her cup of tea and tried to get serious education.

Ms. Holmes’ parents were very religious, and that’s why they sent their daughter to a Catholic all-girls school. After graduation from school she entered Columbia University, but quit it after the summer session, because she won the role, which catapulted her to stardom – in the series “Dawson’s Creek”.

She appeared in 128 episodes of the show. In spite of great popularity of her other shows – the series “How I Met Your Mother”, where she portrayed “slutty pumpkin” Naomi, the films “Woman in Gold” and “Mad Money”, she gained incredible popularity as the ex-wife of the Hollywood mogul Tom Cruise. Their whirlwind romance, luxurious wedding and the mysterious divorce, the reasons of which are still not disclosed, attracted lots of public attention.

Now Katie is single. And she is focused on her career and on up-bringing of her and Cruise’s daughter, Suri.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. After her divorce to Tom Cruise, Katie got the full custody over their daughter. Tom refused from his parents’ rights in exchange of Katie’s offer to keep silence about the reasons of their divorce. In addition, during 5 years Katie had to be single (at least in public) and not to be connected with any other man. That’s why during many years she kept in secret her affair with Jamie Foxx. In 2018 the couple got engaged. In February, 2019 they were rumored to split.
  2. When she turned 14, she convinced her parents to take her to modeling classes, taught by the famous actress Margaret O’Brien.
  3. She was busy at various school plays, and that had almost prevented her from taking part in the audition to “Dawson’s Creek”. She was obliged to act in her school, and that’s why she refused the invitation to visit the audition. Fortunately, show makers let her to send the video of her performance, so she was accepted.
  4. Previously, she was engaged to American Pie actor Chris Klein.
  5. In 2005 TV guide included her to 50 “most sexiest actresses in the world” list.
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