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Keith Urban biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Keith Lionel Urban


New Zealand Australian country music singer, songwriter, and record producer

Birth Date

October 26, 1967


56 years

Zodiac Sign



Whangarei, New Zealand


High School Dropout



Keith Urban family members

Father's Name

Bob Urban

Mother's Name

Marienne Urban

Siblings names

Shane Urban (brother)

Is Keith Urban a gay/bisexual?


What is Keith Urban marital status?


Who is Keith Urban wife?

Nicole Kidman

When did get married?

June 25, 2006

How many children does he have?

2 (daughters Faith Margaret Kidman Urban, Sunday Rose Kidman Urban)

Keith Urban family

Keith Urban is not a Lovelace. He dated just a few women, including the actress Niki Taylor, before he met Nicole Kidman. Their ways crossed in 2005, when both attended the party, devoted to celebs from Australia. They started dating and on the 25th of June, 2006 tied a knot. The couple wedded in Sydney, Australia. That was a very important and romantic event in life of both. They were blessed with two daughters. So, what do we know about Keith Urban wife and kids?


Keith Urban wife

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman wife Keith Urban

Date of birth: June 20, 1967

Zodiac sign: Gemini

The Oscar-holder Nicole Kidman turned 50 last year. Unlike many other Hollywood actresses, Nicole doesn’t hate her age – she is proud of it. The only thing, she dreams to get back from the youth is her red curly hair. But the actress tells she’ll never make it look in that way anymore.

Till now Kidman remains a busy actress. Being one of the richest actress’s in the world, Nicole never refuses to play in budget movies and is ready to get the less payment, if the project seems interesting for her. In addition, she appears in TV shows too (which is considered as inappropriate for the actress of her level). Kidman played in HBO series “Big Little Lies” last year. The series added the mature actress some kudos. The other series – in late 1980-s – catapulted her to stardom.

In mini-series “Bangkok Hilton” she portrayed the girl, who was falsely accused of drug trafficking and thrown to Thai prison. The project became extremely popular, and from that moment Nicole Kidman life has been interesting to the public.

Everyone knew that Nicole Mary Kidman was born in Honolulu, HI, but then her parents moved to Australia. Her father was a talented biochemist and a mother was a nursing instructor. The girl grew up with a sister Antonia Kidman-Hawley, who currently serves as a host at Australian television.

Nicole practiced ballet in her primary school years. She was educated at North Sydney Girls’ High and studied art at Australian Theatre for Young People.

Before her success in USA, Nicole Kidman has appeared in a number of Australian screen projects, most popular of which is the teen hit movie “BMX Bandits”.

The success of the movie made the redhead teenager a rising Australian star. She caught an eye of a producer George Miller, who invited Kidman for the leading role in his series “Vietnam”. After that she starred in Miller’s other project – a thriller “Dead Calm”, which made her popular not just in Australia, but in USA too. Thus, Kidman turned into an internationally popular actress.

Soon the talented beauty got an invitation, which she accepted immediately. The actress was asked to come for audition to the new movie “Days of Thunder”. Film producers were looking for an actress to play the main female heroine. The actor for the main male role had already been chosen – he was the most influential young actor of those times and American sex symbol Tom Cruise.

They started dating immediately and that relationship made Nicole Kidman even more popular. From that moment paparazzi started chasing her. She said Cruise “Yes” on December, 24 in 1990. They were the perfect couple within 10 years. Two celebrities dreamed about the kids, but something went wrong and Nicole couldn’t get pregnant. That’s why Tom and she adopted two children – Isabella and Connor.

Nicole and Tom were the most favorite couple for American and international audience. And they made the world cry, when announced their divorce.

Kidman wanted to forget about her family troubles. She put all her sadness and passion into her heroine – the writer Virginia Woolf in the drama “The Hours”. That screen work brought her an Oscar. Nicole Kidman is the first Australian actress, who had won the Academy Award.

She continued to appear in one movie hit after another till 2005, when she met the singer Keith Urban. They have been together for more than 10 years already, and during that time the rumors about their divorce have never stopped appearing. But the married couple Urban-Kidman remains loving and strong. They do everything together – attend solemn events and award ceremonies and raise two daughters, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret.

Keith Urban kids

Faith Margaret Kidman Urban (daughter)

Faith Margaret Kidman Urban

Date of birth: December 28, 2010

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Faith Margaret Kidman Urban is the second daughter of a country crooner and a celebrated actress. She was born via surrogate, because Nicole Kidman had some complications after the first pregnancy, and doctors forbade her to get pregnant again. So, biologically she is Keith and Nicole daughter, but another woman, whose name is kept in secret, a gestational carrier, gave a birth to a girl in Nashville’s Centennial Women’s Hospital. Keith Urban as well as his famous wife were present during the baby delivery and took the kid into their arms immediately after her birth.

While expecting their second daughter, Urban and Kidman were nervous. But they believed that everything would be ok. That’s why they named a daughter “Faith”. Her second name Nicole took from her grandmother Margaret, who welcomed the last baby at the age of 49 and inspired the actress to have kids in her “40-something” age.

Faith Margaret is now 7. She is a primary school pupil. The girl has her father’s face. When paparazzi catch her with a camera, Faith always looks great in her romantic airy dresses and ribbons. Her pics were shown to the wide audience for the first time, when she was a little more than 1 year old. Then Kidman was photographed for Harper’s Bazaar and took her baby daughter to photosession, where the photographer made several images of Kidman with Faith on her hands.

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban (daughter)

Sunday Rose Kidman Urban

Date of birth: July 7, 2008

Zodiac sign: Cancer

The girl was born in 2008, and she has become the main gift for her parents, the first child of Keith Urban and the first biological child of Nicole Kidman. To get pregnant, the actress passed through treatment for infertility.

Kidman gave a birth to her first daughter in Nashville hospital. After that Urban shared the great news through social media. The baby girl weighed 2, 900 kg. The parents named the girl Sunday (after Australian art collector Sunday Reed) and Rose (after Keith’s grandmother).

Sunday Rose lives with her parents in New York. Keith Urban bought a mansion there several years ago with the aim to move to the city for a while and let his girls get a great education at one of NY schools.

Previously Sunday lived both, in Sydney and Nashville, where her stellar parents own a property. The girl is not afraid of paparazzi – she got used to them. Her first pictures appeared in press, when she was still an infant. Paparazzi copied the pic from Nicole Kidman smartphone, when she demonstrated the image of her baby daughter to the friends during Country Music Awards.

Now lots of girl’s pictures appear in press, because she likes to be photographed. Everyone, who sees Sunday Rose, agrees that she is an exact copy of her mother. Not long ago the girl got her first role in the school play. Nicole tells she helps the kid to read her lines. The famous mother hopes, that her daughter will follow her way one day. Except for acting, Keith Urban eldest child is fond of surfing and playing hockey.

Who are Keith Urban parents?

Bob Urban (father)

Bob Urban father

Date of birth: June 26, 1942

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Date of death: December 5, 2015

Bob Urban, or like his grandchildren named him, Poppa Bob, was born in 1942. He started his career as a seller and amateur musician. In 1950s he married a beautiful woman and his soul-mate Marienne and they gave a birth to two sons – Shane and Keith. In late 1960s the family moved to a small town of Mooloolaba in Australia, where Bob opened a convenience shop.

Bob Urban was a drummer, and it was he, who inspired Keith to become a musician. When the future country star turned 4, his father gave him ukulele. The boy started to twang its strings and made some sound. One day the woman came to Bob’s shop and asked per permission to put advertisement about guitar lessons on the door of his venue. Urban Sr. agreed with the only one condition – to teach his son Keith to play the guitar.

That was not the only one situation, when Bob Urban supported his son. “He gave me advise through the years of my career”, his famous son said once.

In 2012 Bob was diagnosed with cancer. In three years he passed away. His wife, sons and other family members came to say him last “good-bye” at the Gregson & Weight Chapel in Mooloolaba.

Marienne Urban (mother)


Marienne Urban looks like a model, but she didn’t make career in entertainment industry. She helped her husband in his store and cared about her sons. The woman has always tried to develop her sons’ talents.

Keith Urban siblings

Shane Urban (brother)

Shane Urban brother

Shane Robert Urban is older brother of a musician Keith Urban. He resides in Coolum, Sunshine Coast, Australia and works as a surf club administrator. Shane was a best man at Nicole and Keith Urban wedding.

The man is married to Jennifer Urban. They bring up 2 cute kids. He sees his famous brother and nieces very rarely. They say it’s because “Nicole is a snob and she doesn’t allow her husband to see poorer members of his family”.


The famous Australian country crooner Keith Urban spent first years of his life in New Zealand. His parents moved to a small town of Queensland, Australia soon. Then he was very young.

Being an amateur musician, his father had at home recordings of Glen Campbell, Jimmy Wayne and some other American country singers. Keith listened to their songs and one day decided to follow their way.

To his 9 years old the boy had already mastered the guitar play. He also played drums, keyboard, banjo and sitar. He dropped high school to pursue career of a musician. Having released the debut album in Australia, Urban moved to USA in 1992. There he created a band, but their first album “The Ranch” failed. After that the country musician got used to drugs.

In 1998 he was sent into clinic for rehab. Having coped with treatment, Keith Urban refused from cocaine. He focused on his work and presented the album “Golden Road”, which made him a star. Currently the musician is seen on TV too. He served as a judge during several seasons of “American Idol”.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. In his young years Keith Urban was nicknamed as Suburban by his elder brother. “Sub-Urban” meant “small Urban”.
  2. Urban is the holder of numerous prestigious awards, including 4 Grammys.
  3. He names Nicole Kidman as his inspiration not to use drugs anymore.
  4. Having moved to Nashville, USA Keith had to look for a survival job. Fortunately, he managed to find the work according to his specialization – he served as Alan Jackson guitarist and can be seen in his music video “Mercury Blues”.
  5. According to the words of his frequent co-author Monty Powell, Keith Urban eats fried pimento cheese sandwich every time he is tired from songwriting and needs some inspiration. There’s such a sandwich behind each his popular song!
  6. As for now, the singer has released 10 studio albums and presented 46 music videos.
  7. Keith Urban hobby is bowling.
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