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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Keith Joseph Wallen


guitarist, band member

Birth Date

February 24, 1980


40 years

Zodiac Sign



Beckley, West Virginia, United States


Middle Tennessee State University



Keith Wallen family members

Father's Name

Dan Olen Wallen

Mother's Name

Arlene Wallen

Siblings names

Chris Wallen (older brother), Dan Wallen Jr. (older brother)

Is Keith Wallen a gay/bisexual?


What is Keith Wallen marital status?

In relation

Who are Keith Wallen parents?

Dan Olen Wallen (father)

Dan Olen Wallen


Date of death: December 23, 1999

Keith’s father passed away when the future Breaking Benjamin star was just 19. Keith lost his dad many years ago, but till now he appreciates his contribution to the guitarist’s fate.

Dan was a moderately popular singer in 1960s. He liked music and listened to high-quality from the artistic point of view recordings at home. Thus, his youngest son Keith got used to great music since childhood and later chose it as his career.

Wallen devotes touching posts to his father on social media now, so obviously, Dan Wallen is missed in his family.

Arlene Wallen (mother)

Arlene Wallen

photo / kjwallen

Date of birth: March 1, 1938

Keith’s mother Arlene Patricia Kondor, was born in Trenton, New Jersey in the family of a doctor, Mr. Kondor, and his wife Marlyn. She had an older sister. Arlene was a dancer at a touring group, and she also contributed to her son Keith’s creative music genes. She is a mother of three sons.

Keith Wallen siblings

Chris Wallen (older brother)

Chris Wallen


Christopher Wallen is Keith big brother. He was born in West Virginia and currently lives in Jefferson City, TN. He is married to a beautiful woman Julie Wallen and has three kids with her – the sons Zach and Zane and a daughter Morgan. Keith’s niece from his brother Chris, Morgan Wallen, participated in Miss Tennessee pageant-2017, and the famous uncle endorsed her.

Dan Wallen Jr. (older brother)

Dan Wallen Jr.


Date of birth: September 1, 1969

The name of Keith’s other brother is Dan Jr. He was raised in Daniels, West Virginia, but now he lives in Greenville, South Carolina. He is married to Jennifer Wallen, and he is a father to two of their daughters – Savannah and Grace. Dan is a big fan of Jiu-Jitsu. He named his younger daughter Grace after his sports instructor Relson Gracie.


Keith Joseph Wallen tells that he tries to create more music now when he is still young. The American musician is so productive! He is a guitarist and back singer on the cult alternative rock band “Breaking Benjamin”, and he is busy with solo projects, too. In 2014 he released the debut solo EP “Allies”, which consists of 5 great songs. The first solo set of the cult musician is different from the music he usually makes.

He was born in West Virginia in a family of two creative people. His parents were keen on music, and they taught Keith to love and understand it, too. His good friend taught him to play the guitar at a tender age of 10. Thus, music has become the inseparable part of his life.

At the age of 17, the future rock star moved to Tennessee to study in a college there. He founded the first band in Knoxville, TN. The band consisted of Keith himself, his school friend Shane Bragg (a famous guitar player now) and the bass guitarist Brad Reynolds as the main cast (some other less-known members played in the group, too). The name of the band was “Copper”, and in 2001 it presented the debut set of songs, “Exchange”. The music group enjoyed modest popularity in early 2000s and in 2008 presented its last album “Take My Chances” before disbanding.

In 2009 Keith opened a new page in his life and became a member of the band “Adelitas Way”. He played the guitar and provided back vocals for the Las Vegas-based rock gang and contributed to its two hit albums, “Adelitas Way” and “Home School Valedictorian”. In 2013 he left the band and joined the great quintet “Breaking Benjamin”.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Keith Wallen is in long-term relationships with Darla Jean Patterson. She is an art director of Vita Motus Design Studio. In one of his interviews Keith named Darla “my wife”, but it’s hard to tell, whether they were married officially, or just consider one another as wife and husband, without signing any documents.
  2. “Happiness” for him means to have an opportunity to make music and to support his family. Besides, he wants to have enough money to buy tacos whenever he wants.
  3. The tour of his dream would be a joint concert trip of Breaking Benjamin with Metallica.
  4. Making music is Wallen’s main hobby, but when he has some idle time (which happens quite rarely), he plays video games. He uses Xbox to get rid of tension and to relax after the long day at work. “Kids like to play video games, and that’s why they are so nice”, he tells.
  5. He named his solo album as “Allies” to show, that the songs from the set are a kind of relaxation and therapy for him. “Most musicians consider their songs as their children, but my ones are rather my friends and allies”, he tells.
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