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Kelley Flanagan biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Constance Kelley Flanagan


attorney, reality TV star

Birth Date

February 25, 1992


31 years

Zodiac Sign



North Barrington, Illinois, United States


the University of Alabama, Chicago-Kent College Of Law



Kelley Flanagan family members

Father's Name

Thomas Flanagan Sr.

Mother's Name

Connie Flanagan

Siblings names

Michael Flanagan (brother), Tom Flanagan Jr. (brother), John Flanagan (brother), Jim Flanagan (brother), Pamela Flanagan (sister),

Is Kelley Flanagan a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Kelley Flanagan marital status?


Who are Kelley Flanagan parents?

Thomas Flanagan Sr. (father)

Thomas Flanagan Sr. photo

Date of birth: September 1937

Kelley was blessed with a great father. She considers him as the best parent in the world (as she told in her Instagram posts).

Thomas is a renowned Chicago-based lawyer. He graduated from Chicago-Kent College of Law (just as Kelley did) and then started to work in his own company. Since 1968 he manages his firm “Flanagan | Bilton Law”.

Connie Flanagan (mother)

Connie Flanagan mother Kelley Flanagan


Kelley shares with her mother, not just the name – Constance – but also the view of life. Kelley’s mother is a family person. She has been a great wife to Thomas Sr, her life partner of many years. Together, they raised six kids, who are well-educated talented young people nowadays. Connie has already become a grandmother.

Judging by her Instagram page, Mrs. Flanagan is a humorous and easy-going woman. She likes to spend time with her kids – to travel or to go fishing. Once she even tried to create a Tik Tok video, but she fell out while filming it! The woman didn’t get upset and even shared the video through Instagram.

Kelley Flanagan siblings

Michael Flanagan (brother)

Michael Flanagan


Kelley has never felt lonely in her childhood because she was surrounded by five siblings. She has a sister and four brothers.

One of them, Michael, is an attorney, too. He is the worker and co-owner of his father’s company “Flanagan | Bilton Law”. Besides, he is a Florida Law School graduate.

Michael hasn’t been married yet.

Tom Flanagan Jr. (brother)

Tom Flanagan Jr. brother Kelley Flanagan


Kelley’s second brother Tom serves in the family company, too. He grew up in Illinois but then moved to Florida for a while and trained his skills at the University of Miami. Since 2013 he resides in Illinois. Tom is officially single.

Pamela Flanagan (sister)

Pamela Flanagan sister Kelley Flanagan


Kelley has the only sister named Pamela. Like the other members of her family, she works as an attorney. But Pamela spends her life energy not just for work. She is also an active polo player and pony equestrian. Besides, she is a very spiritual person.

Jim Flanagan (brother)

Jim Flanagan


One more Flanagan boy is named Jim. This man enjoys his life and has lots of hobbies. He likes dancing, planting trees, and playing polo. Jim is not married.

John Flanagan (brother)

John Flanagan


John is the only Flanagan, who has already become a father. He has been married to his school sweetheart Caroline since October 2018. In October 2020 they welcomed their first son Tom. Thus, Kelley has become an aunt for the first time.

As for his career, John works as a lawyer in his family firm. In his leisure time, he likes to play golf.


You may know Constance Kelley Flanagan as the contestant on the show “The Bachelor”. This beautiful young woman participated in the 24th season of the dating show. She struggled to win Peter Weber’s heart and lost the battle – the girl was eliminated on the 7th week. Although Peter chose another participant, Hannah Ann Sluss, to be his fiancée, their relationship didn’t work and later Peter started dating Kelley. The chemistry between them was obvious, and the fans loved their couple. They even caused engagement rumors in November 2020. But at the end of that year, the couple announced their separation.

Kelley was born in North Barrington, Illinois in the family of Tom and Connie Flanagan. In addition to her, five other children were brought up in the family. She majored in marketing at the University of Alabama and then joined her peers at Chicago-Kent College of Law in 2017. After that, she worked as an attorney at her family company “Flanagan Bilton LLC”.

Model-like beauty Kelley Flanagan gained wide popularity in early 2020 when she became The Bachelor contestant. Unlike other girls on the show, like Tammy Ly, Kelsey Weier, and others, she was not scheming and was “just normal”. Kelley occupied the 5th place on the show.

After the end of The Bachelor 24th season, she returned to work in her family company.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. In 2017 she put on pause her career as a lawyer for a while and tried her hand as a model. Besides, she took part in a beauty contest and won the title “Miss Iowa”.
  2. Before she started dating Peter Weber (a pilot and The Bachelor participant), she was in a long-term relationship with a man from Jordan. They met just several times per month. Later Kelley understood, that they can’t be together for life and parted ways with him.
  3. She is a Tik Tok star with 235k followers.
  4. Kelley is a travel addict. She has already visited 26 countries.
  5. Her height is 5 ft 4 in and her weight is 128 pounds.
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