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Kelly Clarkson biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Kelly Brianne


singer, songwriter, author, and television personality

Birth Date

April 24, 1984


39 years

Zodiac Sign



Fort Worth, Texas, United States


Burleson High School



Kelly Clarkson family members

Father's Name

Stephen Michael Clarkson

Mother's Name

Jeanne Taylor

Siblings names

Alyssa Clarkson | Jason Clarkson

Is Kelly Clarkson a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Kelly Clarkson marital status?


How many children does she have?

2 son and doughter

Kelly Clarkson husband

Brandon Blackstock (Ex-husband)

brandon blakston ex husband Kelly Clarkson
Date of birth: December 16, 1976

Brandon Blackstock is a successful American businessman and the CEO of a management company called Starstruck. He is also known as a former talent manager and a trained pilot. Brandon was married twice, he first married his ex-wife Melissa Ashworth and had two children with her. After a difficult divorce, Brandon met Kelly Clarkson in 2012 through his father. Kelly fell in love with him at first sight and she didn’t even know that he was the son of her manager. After just 10 months together, Brandon proposed to Kelly Clarkson. They finally married in 2013 at Blackberry Farm in Walland. In 2014 Kelly gave birth to their first daughter, River Rose, and two years later to their second child, named Remington Alexander.

The couple lived happily with their 4 children, including 2 from Bradon’s former relationship for over 7 years. Unfortunately, the couple broke up and Kelly filed for divorce from Brandon Blackstock in 2020. One year later Kelly was legally declared single but the details of the divorce had not yet been finally clarified. It is now clear that she pays him maintenance, also Kelly retains custody of their two children.

Kelly Clarkson kids

River Rose Blackstock (daughter)

River Rose Blackstock doughter Kelly Clarkson

Date of birth: June 12, 2014

When River Rose was born, her mom Kelly was on cloud nine because of her happiness since she always wanted to become a mom after she reached her goals as a famous singer. As for the daughter’s name, Kelly and her husband easily came up with it. The Rose part came from Clarkson’s mother, whose maiden name was the inspiration for it. As for the first name “River”, it means “a flowing body of water.” which perfectly matched the middle name of the newborn. Every mother is proud of her offspring and Kelly Clarkson is no exception, she is often posting pictures of her daughter River and shows her little achievements. What is more, River looks just like her mom: blonde hair and beautiful big eyes, and she also has a soft spot for singing. The little girl is a big fan of the most famous musical fantasy “Frozen”. She knows all the songs by heart and is often signing them at home during her little concerts. Nevertheless, River is a real fan of dancing, when she was little, she made her little dance parties at home along with the signing concerts.

Remington Alexander Blackstock (son)

Remington Alexander Blackstock son Kelly Clarkson

Date of birth: April 12th, 2016

In 2015, Kelly Clarkson announced that she was expecting her second child during an emotional concert in Los Angeles. A little boy was given an interesting name Remington which is a gender-neutral name and means “raven-family town” which is connected to the intelligent bird, however, Kelly mostly calls her son by a beautiful short form “Remy”. Unfortunately, things didn’t go well after Remington was born because his parents noticed he had hearing problems which postponed his development by nine months, luckily the problem was solved. Later, Remington started attending child therapy sessions in order to start talking faster. An interesting fact is that there were no questions among Kelly’s fans about who little Remy looked like when he was born. Once Kelly posted a picture of her newborn, the fans agreed that he is a 100% copy of his dad Brandon. Also, there is no doubt that a little boy will break hearts in the future with his bright blue eyes and long blonde hair.

Who are Kelly Clarkson parents?

Stephen Michael Clarkson (father)

Stephen Michael Clarkson was born in a middle-class family and raised in the USA. He completed his secondary education at a private school near his hometown and then went to university to complete his engineering degree. Unfortunately, Stephen Michael Clarkson was a divorced man, however, he was married for many years to Jeanne Ann (Kelly’s mother). Their wedding was held in front of their relatives, friends, and family members. Later the couple became parents of three. Until now, the main reason for their breakup is not revealed. An interesting fact is that Kelly Clarkson’s hit “Because of You” is packed with heartbreaking lyrics and it is dedicated to her father Stephen.Therefore it is known that Kelly had a bad relationship with her father, who she said in her song turned his back on them. After splitting from Clarkson’s mother, Stephen was unable to keep in touch with his children, and it also had a terrible impact on Kelly in her childhood. Another song was written by Kelly “The Piece by Piece”, it is also about a complicated relationship with her father whom she hadn’t seen for years. In 2018 Stephen died and his age remained unknown.

Jeanne Ann (mother)

Kelly Clarkson mother Jeanne Ann

Jeanne Ann Rose, is a first-grade English teacher who had a difficult life with two unsuccessful marriages. She was first married to Kelly’s father, Stephen and later to Jimmy Taylor but both marriages did not succeed. Jeanne is not a public person and has never given interviews, though, she always attends her daughter’s concerts. It seems like Kelly’s relationship with her mom is not perfect, even though her mom is her biggest support but they are not as close as Kelly wanted it to be. All in all, Kelly had a difficult life growing up with the two divorces of her mom, and therefore, could not build a beautiful mother-daughter relationship with her.

Kelly Clarkson siblings

Jason Michael Clarkson (brother)

Jason Michael Clarkson brother Kelly Clarkson

Birthyear: 1973

When Jason’s parents divorced he was forced to stay and live with his dad, so they moved together to California. This separated him from his sisters Kelly and Alyssa. He reunited with his famous sister Kelly during his wedding in 2001. Then the siblings built a beautiful family relationship and later in 2004, Jason was featured as one of the men in Kelly’s music video “Walk Away”. It is also known that he was a part of Kelly’s production team but quit later as he was caught drunk during driving and was arrested for 12 days.

Alyssa Beth Clarkson (sister)

Stephen Michael Clarkson
Birthyear: 1976

Alyssa Clarkson is the only elder sister to Kelly, when Kelly’s parents got divorced, she was forced to live with her aunt and moved with her to California. Just like her older brother Jason, Alyssa was separated from her mom and younger sister Kelly so they did not have a chance to build a close relationship.


Kelly Clarkson is one of the most successful artists, she won the American Idol talent show in the first season in 2002. Despite what it seems like, Kelly Clarkson didn’t become famous overnight. She had already put a lot of work into her profile before she introduced herself to the talent show. Clarkson has raised as a Baptist, and the church had a major impact on her early life. In middle school, she joined the choir and in high school, Kellyparticipated in numerous musicals and school talent shows. Thank to her singing skills, was offered scholarships but she turned them down because she wanted to concentrate on her music career and decided not to study futher. Her childhood wasn’t easy due to her parents’ divorce which allegedly had a hard impact on her life. She remembers her childhood as a difficult time where she couldn’t even be emotional because she didn’t want to hurt the only parent she lived with. Also, after the divorce Kelly was again emotionally damaged, and therefore, she continues to be overly protective of herself to avoid being hurt by someone else again now.

Interesting and fun facts

  • Kelly has an estimated monthly income of nearly $2 million;
  • She won 3 Grammy Awards for her songs;
  • She changed her name to Kelly Brianne after divorce;
  • Kelly is a children’s book author;
  • She owns a horse named ‘Unicorn’;
  • Clarkson wrote the One Direction song “Tell Me a Lie”.
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