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Kevin Quinn biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Kevin Gerard Quinn


actor, model, musician

Birth Date

May 21, 1997


26 years

Zodiac Sign



Chicago, Illinois, United States


New Trier High School



Kevin Quinn family members

Father's Name

Brian Quinn

Mother's Name

Tami Quinn

Siblings names

Courtney Quinn (twin sister)

Is Kevin Quinn a gay/bisexual?


What is Kevin Quinn marital status?

In relation

Who are Kevin Quinn parents?

Brian Quinn (father)

Brian Quinn


Date of birth: 1959

Kevin is closely knitted with his father and considers him the best dad on earth. It seems that Brian and his son are really close. Mr. Quinn often supervises Kevin at red carpet events. Besides, they enjoy their holiday time together.

In one of his early interviews, Brian told that his father supported his idea to become an actor. It was Brian, who taught his son not to forget about the business part of his so creative profession.

No wonder that Kevin gets great business advice from his father because Mr. Quinn is good at it. He is a Drake University graduate. Since then Brian was busy with digital media. He worked for great companies, and now he occupies the position of an advertising executive at the media company “This Old House Ventures”.

Brian is a businessman with a tough schedule, who always finds enough time for his family members. He is a great husband to his wife of many years Tami. They bring up two children.

Tami Quinn (mother)

Tami Quinn


Date of birth: 1966

Kevin’s devoted fan and supporter is his mother, whose full name is Tamara Timko-Quinn. The woman often posts pictures of her talented son on her social media accounts and tells her followers about Kevin’s newest projects.

She was born and raised in Chicago, IL in a big friendly family. Tami still adores her parents – Jackie and Tom Timko, who have been married happily since October 1964. Except for Tami, they raised two sons, Jason and Scott.

Kevin’s mother studied mass communication at Miami University. After that, she worked as an advertising specialist and sales manager for various broadcasting companies, including the brand of famous Martha Stewart.

Nowadays she is busy at “Pulling Down the Moon”, the fertility service, which she co-founded. She is also a yoga instructor.

Kevin Quinn siblings

Courtney Quinn (twin sister)

Courtney Quinn


Date of birth: May 21, 1997

Kevin has a twin sister Courteney, whom he calls his best friend. Like her brother, Courteney has graduated from New Trier High School. After that, she majored in Communication Studies at Loyola Marymount University. Nowadays she is an intern at the popular cable network “E! Entertainment”

She maintains long-term relationships with a Hawaii native Alex Lee.


Kevin Gerard Quinn is celebrated as a popular actor, musician, and social media personality. Some of his young followers consider him the best actor in the world.

He was born on May 21, 1997, in Chicago, IL. The boy studied at Wilmette Junior High School. Being a member of a creative family, he has never thought about becoming an actor himself. Kevin was only 13 when his friend advised him to go for the audition to the local theater community. Soon, he was accepted to the Winnetka Community House and even won the lead role in one of its productions. After that Quinn understood, that he is absolutely in love with acting and decided to become a professional in this area.

He was just 15 years old when he appeared on the TV screens all over the world as the participant of the popular contest show “American Idol”, which was broadcasted by Fox TV. He became its participant almost by occasion, after he had seen the American Idol ad on Facebook and had sent his music video. The talented young entertainer was noticed, and he was invited to come to the set.

He sang and danced on the show, and shortly after that, he was offered to join the Disney channel team. He liked to work with this company, which provided media training for him. He was taught how to do interviews, how to connect with his fans, and how to set the right goals. “That was a kind of Sunday school for me”, Kevin said. Kevin Quinn was cast as Xander McCormick in the comedy series “Bunk’d”, which brought him initial popularity. His other screen projects include the series “Shameless” and the television film “Adventures in Babysitting”. Besides, he participated in several commercials on TV.

Nowadays, Kevin Quinn continues to build his career. He tells that he chooses his projects rather as an entrepreneur than an artist, and that’s the secret of his success.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. His paternal grandmother Carol Marie Thorne had Alzheimer’s, nevertheless, she was a great grandmother to Kevin and he loved her a lot. She passed away in August 2018.
  2. Despite his love for acting, he found enough time in his busy schedule for his other passion – music. He was a high school pupil when he founded the band “The Whom”. In 2019 he joined the Nashville-Los Angeles based musical group and recorded the EP, which consisted of 5 songs. The mini-album was affordable on Spotify.
  3. Kevin is not single. He has a beautiful talented girlfriend, named Kalbe Isaacson. They have been in love since 2019. Quinn’s fans can be happy for him – he has made a great choice. Kalbe is a Los Angeles based actress and dancer. She got a dance education at Arizona State University. In 2016 she has appeared on an episode of the comedy series “MUTHA”.
  4. His favorite movie of all time is “The Breakfast Club” with Emilio Estevez and Paul Gleason.
  5. His playlist consists of the tracks, performed by his favorite singers – Post Malone, the Korean singer Bona, and Volcano Choir band.
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