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Kim Taehyung (V) biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Kim Taehyun


singer, dancer, band member

Birth Date

December 30, 1995


24 years

Zodiac Sign



Seo District, Daegu, South Korea


Changnam Elementary School, Korean Arts High School, Global Cyber University


South Korean

Kim Taehyung (V) family members

Siblings names

Kim Eon Jin (younger sister), Kim Jeong Gyu (younger brother)

Is Kim Taehyung (V) a gay/bisexual?


What is Kim Taehyung (V) marital status?


Who are Kim Taehyung (V) parents?

Kim Taehyung (V) parents


The names of Kim Taehyung’s parents are not disclosed. They earned their living as farmers, and to provide the financial needs of their breed, they worked from morning till night. That’s why TaeTae spent a lot of time in the house of his granny. He is closely-knitted with her.

The singer is also really proud of his parents, who supported him and their other kids in each their beginning. His parents are ordinary hard-working people, and he has never dreamed to become a star. He grew up like a typical countryside child and supposed to become a farmer one day. But everything has changed for him after his musical talent was discovered.

Kim Taehyung (V) siblings

Kim Eon Jin (younger sister)

Date of birth: 1996

There’s not much information about Kim’s younger sister and no confirmed pictures of her on the media. But in one of his live streams, the singer opened up, that he lost some connection with his siblings because of his busy schedule. He left home to become a trainee in 2013, and since then he can’t spend a lot of time with his sister Kim Eon Jin. When she was a little girl, they played a lot and she nicknamed her brother “Oppa”. Nowadays she addresses him just as “Hey!” That makes the BTS star upset.

Kim Jeong Gyu (younger brother)

Kim Jeong Gyu

photo / scarletsedhyun.choi

Date of birth: 1997

Kim Jeong Gyu is V’s younger brother. Once TaeTae confessed to his fans that his brother doesn’t contact him very often and even boasted into tears. The family ties are very important for the singer, but because of his career, his younger brother and he lead different lifestyles, and that’s why they are not so close.


Kim Taehyung is a famous Korean singer, whom you may know under the name “V”, too. He earned his first prominence in 2013 after he had joined Bangtan Boys band, widely known as BTS. The band consists of 7 teenagers – each of them is a talented musician. In 2015 boys released the extended play “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life”, which immediately catapulted them to stardom.

Now Tae’s face is known to almost every teenager all over the world. But in his early years he couldn’t even imagine, what a twist his fate was preparing for him. The boy was born in Daegu, South Korea in late December 1995. He is the first son of his parents. The singer has two younger siblings.

He became a pupil at Changnam Elementary School. There he was discovered as a singer, and he convinced his parents to send him for saxophone lessons. To perform on the stage better, he was training his dancing skills, too.

In his teens, Tae was sure, that he would become an entertainer. To develop his talent in music and dancing, he entered Korean Arts High School.

His friends convinced him to visit an audition, arranged by the marketing agency Big Hit Entertainment, which manages careers of young entertainers. He was accepted and became the trainee of the company, based in Seoul.

In June 2013 he was selected as the member of a newly-formed band BTS. He joined 6 other boys to record the debut single “No More Dream”, which later was included to the first album of the group “2 Cool 4 Skool.”.

Now Tae joins career in the music industry with studying at Global Cyber University.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. His height is 178 cm, and his weight is 58 kg.
  2. V is a pet lover. He has three dogs, Soonshim, Ssyongssyong, and YeonTan. Besides, he owns a cat, named Kkanji.
  3. He has a lot of nicknames. His fans call him “TaeTae”, as the short variant of his name. The other moniker of a popular Korean musician is “Blank Tae”, which he got for sweet blank expression of his face. Tae’s fans like so much when he looks like that. And his stage name is “V”, which is the first letter of the word “Victory”. Thus, he wanted to show, that he has a strong will to win!
  4. He loves kids and plans to have from 3 to 5 children in the future. If he has enough time to bring them up, he dreams to have 5 babies. But if he is too busy with his career, he plans to have two sons and one daughter.
  5. The superpower he dreams to have is the ability to talk with automobiles.
  6. He was the last boy to be selected for BTS band. After he had become popular, his music teacher confessed up in an open letter, that Tae was unique since his childhood years. “He seemed to be sent from the stars”, the teacher added.
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