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Klay Thompson biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Klay Alexander Thompson


basketball player

Birth Date

February 8, 1990


33 years

Zodiac Sign



Los Angeles, California, United States


Santa Margarita Catholic High School, University of California, Los Angeles



Klay Thompson family members

Father's Name

Mychal Thompson

Mother's Name

Julie Thompson

Siblings names

Mychel Thompson (older brother), Trayce Thompson (younger brother)

Is Klay Thompson a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Klay Thompson marital status?


Who are Klay Thompson parents?

Mychal Thompson (father)

Klay Thompson father Mychal Thompson

photo instagram / klaythompson

Date of birth: January 30, 1955

The patriarch of Thompson’s family, he influenced each of his three sons. Klay’s friends describe him as a low-maintenance person; he doesn’t behave like a superstar and never demands some additional luxury when he is out of the court. And those “island vibes” he got from his father.

Mychal was born and raised in the Bahamas. When he reached his teens, his family moved to USA and settled in Miami. The man attended Miami Jackson Senior High School. Around that time he developed a strong passion for basketball. In 1978 he was drafted by Portland Trail Blazers.

Mychal boasts numerous career achievements. He was ranked as NBA Rookie of the year in 1979 and is two time NBA champion. Later he worked as the Los Angeles Lakers radio announcer. But his main win is the happy family he created. He married Julie Thompson long ago, and both they raised three successful sons. Of course, they taught Klay and his brothers Mychel Jr. and Trayce to love sports. Sport is in their genes from the mother’s side, too.

Julie Thompson (mother)

Julie Thompson

photo instagram / klaythompson

She married an NBA star Mychal in 1987 and gave him a special gift – three athletic sons. Her maiden name is Leslie, and she was raised in Southern California. Except for her, her parents had 2 sons.

Julie studied at Ridgefield High School and joined her academical education by playing volleyball. She was incredibly good at it, and her coach recommended her to choose sports as a career. But she met Mychal, and during many years was known just like his wife. But now another wave of fame reached her – this time she is celebrated as a mother of an NBA star Klay Thompson. She is in great terms with her son and is very proud of him. She values his achievements more than her own ones.

Klay Thompson siblings

Mychel Thompson (older brother)

Mychel Thompson

photo instagram / mychelthompson

Date of birth: June 1, 1988

The oldest son of Julie and Mychal Thompson, he studied to play basketball since kindergarten age. He continued his playing “career” in a high school and then moved to Pepperdine University, where gained the reputation of one of the best players. In 2011 he was drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers. His career lasted for 6 years, and he changed a number of teams. In 2017 he played for Santa Cruz Warriors and then decided to make a pause.

Mychel and his brother Klay are quite close. They have cordial family relationships.

Trayce Thompson (younger brother)

Trayce Thompson

photo instagram / trayce_thompson_32

Date of birth: March 15, 1991

Yes, Trayce is a professional athlete, too. He is the youngest boy in the family, and watching his two super-talented brothers and unbelievably athletic parents, he decided to make sports his career, too. But he chose baseball instead of basketball. He was a brilliant pupil at Santa Margarita High School, and then entered UCLA, where began playing for the college team “UCLA Bruins”.

In 2009 he got a chance to become a professional when he was drafted by Chicago White Sox. At first, he played at the Rookie level and then debuted as an MLB player on August 4, 2015.

After Chicago White Sox he joined another team – Los Angeles Dodgers, and played for a number of other teams, till finally joined Cleveland Indians. Trayce’s MLB statistics look quite impressive, so obviously, his best career achievements are yet to come. But in his everyday life, he is just a son and a brother, and he values his family ties most of all.


Klay Thompson is obviously a star, although he names himself “a quiet person, who just enjoys his life”. The Warriors’ greater player established himself as a skillful point guard and a record-breaker.

He spent his childhood in the marvelous city of Lake Oswego, Oregon. After some years there, his family moved to Ladera Ranch, California. Since his earliest years, he was keen on basketball which was his main passion. The teenager played just for fun – for the school team, but his results were impressive. That’s why he was drafted by Golden State Warriors at the tender age of 21.

His career has been lasting for 8 years already, and like any other player, he knew the ups and downs. Probably, one of his most successful seasons was in 2013-2014, when he and his teammate Stephen Curry created the best professional duo in NBA history and shot 483 three-pointers together. That very year he got the gold medal at Basketball World Cup.

Although at the beginning of 2018, he performed a little worse on the field and was criticized for that, later that very year he broke a record again and made 14 threes in the match against Chicago Bulls.

Klay’s colleagues tell that he is very calm on the court and never shows his emotions – neither positive nor negative. But his close friends tell that he is a family person and is really full of care about his parents, siblings, and a dog, named Rocco.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Klay is an enviable bachelor, and his personal life is interesting to the wide army of his fans. Previously, he dated an Instagram model Hannah Stocking, who later confessed through Twitter, that she caught him in bed with another woman. Since January 2019 he is dating actress Laura Harrier.
  2. He was fond of skateboarding in his young years. Klay resided not far from Ladera Ranch Skatepark, and he was skating a lot there. After signing the deal with The Warriors he was obliged to quit it, and now he misses it a lot. “I am the best basketball player on a skateboard”, he jokes.
  3. He has a really warm attitude toward his dog Rocco. The pet has a separate room in Klay’s mansion. Some of his fans think that Thompson’s love for Rocco is a little “too much”. But the NBA star doesn’t listen to his critics and tells that Rocco is a therapy pet for him.
  4. He boasts a towering height of 6 ft 7 in. He inherited his tall stature from his father.
  5. “Family Guy” is his favorite TV show.
  6. He had to miss the game seasons in 2019-2021 because of a knee injury. Klay passed through several surgeries and rehabilitation, which turned out to be successful. In 2022 he returned to the field to perform for Golden State Warriors. He got the fourth NBA champion award that very year.
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