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Kurt Suzuki biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Kurtis Kiyoshi Suzuki


baseball catcher, MLB player

Birth Date

October 4, 1983


38 years

Zodiac Sign



Wailuku, Hawaii, United States


Henry Perrine Baldwin High School, California State University, Fullerton



Kurt Suzuki family members

Father's Name

Warren Suzuki

Mother's Name

Kathleen Suzuki

Siblings names

Keri Ann Kelley (older sister)

Is Kurt Suzuki a gay/bisexual?


What is Kurt Suzuki marital status?


Who is Kurt Suzuki wife?

Renee Suzuki

When did get married?

January 2007

How many children does he have?

3 (daughter Malia and sons Kainoah and Elijah)

Kurt Suzuki wife

Renee Suzuki (wife)

Kurt Suzuki wife

photo facebook.com/renee.v.suzuki

Date of birth: June 28, 1981

Kurt is a celebrity, an athlete, and he is always surrounded by his female fans. Unlike other baseball players, who often get married two or even three times, Kurt had already made his choice. Now the family that he built is considered as one of the most beautiful and strongest in the show business.

Renee Marie is Kurt’s best supporter and biggest fan. This tender woman actually shares his life, full of moving from one place to another. She is his university sweetheart. Renee comes from California. She was raised by Barbara Vinery and her husband Patrick. She has two siblings.

Now Mrs. Suzuki is based in Washington, D. C., where Kurt plays for The Nationals. Renee is a busy mom of three active kids, and it takes the major part of her time and energy. But there’s also another project, which takes her attention. It is the philanthropic activity. “The Kurt Suzuki Family Foundation” was established by her husband and her. It aims to support people with chronic diseases.

Kurt Suzuki kids

Malia Suzuki (daughter)

Date of birth: April 28, 2011

Malia is Kurt and Renee’s firstborn. She entered this world in 2011 in California, where her father and mother resided then. Kurt defended the honor of “Oakland Athletics” at that time, but he paused his game series to stay by his wife’s side and to hold his baby girl into his arms immediately after her delivery.

Now Malia is a school pupil. Her parents keep her out of the limelight, so not much we can tell about her nowadays.

Kainoah Suzuki (son)

Date of birth: November 4, 2013

Kainoah, or Kai, as he is called in the family circle, was born in autumn, 2013. He became the second cute addition to the Suzuki family. Kai attends his father’s game from time to time. Of course, he is supervised by his mother and siblings.

Elijah Suzuki (son)

Date of birth: July 12, 2016

Elijah, whom his parents called “Eli” was born through a Cesarean section in summer, 2014. His mother dealt with numerous risks at the moment of his delivery, including the inner bleeding, which was missed by her doctor. Mrs. Suzuki names her recovering “a miracle and God Blessing”. She shared her story through her site to warn the other pregnant women with similar conditions.

Eli is a cute little boy as of now. He is the real joy for his parents and siblings.

Who are Kurt Suzuki parents?

Warren Suzuki (father)

Date of birth: September 2, 1952

Kurt was blessed with a great father. His name is Warren Suzuki. He resides in Wailuku, Maui. He has been married to his better half Kathleen for several decades as of now, and they are still happy together. They are the parents of two kids, a son Kurt, and a daughter Keri Ann. Warren is kidney cancer survivor. He battled it and feels responsible to share his experience with the other people. He is an active member of “Suzuki Family Foundation”.

Kathleen Suzuki (mother)

Date of birth: June 30, 1954

Kathleen is the role model for many women, who know her. In 2007 the newspaper “Honolulu Advertiser” named her “The Mom of the Week”.

She is a mother of two and no need to prove, that she is a great parent. Everyone knows that her son Kurt, the holder of the Johnny Bench Award 2004, is the best example of the skillful parents’ work.

Mrs. Suzuki took an active part in her kids’ school life. Besides, she was a working mom, who served as the laboratory scientist for 30 years. She is retired as of now and resides with her husband in Wailuku, Maui.

Kurt Suzuki siblings

Keri Ann Kelley (older sister)

Keri Ann Kelley

photo facebook.com/scott.kelley.777

Date of birth: July 2, 1980

Kurt has just one sibling – an older sister named Keri Ann Suzuki- Kelley. Keri is not an athlete, like her brother, but at school, she played for the soccer team, too. They both were the pupils of Baldwin High, and both were the leaders there.

Now she is married to Scott Kelley. They are based in Redondo Beach, California. They share a son.


Kurt is celebrated as the MLB player, one of the most skillful catchers in the world. Both his parents have Japanese roots, although they were born and raised in the USA. The future baseball star spent his childhood in Wailuku, Hawaii. He was educated at Baldwin High School.

He was an active sportsman at school. The boy was a member of a school baseball team and a school soccer team as well. After graduation from school, he was accepted to the university. His career as a baseball catcher started here, too. He performed for the team “Cal State Fullerton Titans”, and from the very beginning, he decided to be a catcher. For some baseball lovers, this position in the game seems not so interesting (he had to catch the balls and then pass them). But Kurt was sure, that was his cup of coffee. And he reached a lot and now he is considered as one of the best catchers in MLB.

During his university years, he collected a string of prestigious awards. No wonder, that he was drafted immediately in 2004. He signed his first deal with “Oakland Athletics”. He spent the first years, playing in the minor leagues. He performed for the teams “Vancouver Canadians” and “Midland RockHounds”. His hard work paid him off, and in 2006 he finally was selected to play for “Oakland Athletics”. That very year he hit the grand slam – the first time in his life.

He played for “Athletics” for 5 years, and then he was transferred to “Washington Nationals”. After that he changed the teams several times, returned to some of them – so, he did everything to develop his talent of a catcher and to be productive on the field. Now he joins his career with an extensive charity activity.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. The columnist Thomas Boswell named Kurt “the least appreciated star” in one of his articles. The baseball catcher agrees with it. He tells that’s because his ego is not so big, and he doesn’t want to develop it.
  2. In 2019 he occupied the second place among MLB catcher by RBI-per-plate appearances. Dave Martinez, the team manager, named him “RBI-machine”.
  3. He keeps his Asian heritage very carefully. Kurt knows that there are not so many famous Asian-American athletes in the world, and he feels responsible for popularizing Asian culture among his teammates. He tells them a lot about his favorite food – SPAM Musubi. He grew up on it.
  4. His net worth is close to $25 million.
  5. His height is 5 ft 9 in and his weight is 209 pounds.
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