LeBron James Jr

LeBron James Jr biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

LeBron James Jr.


family member, young basketball player

Birth Date

October 6, 2004


14 years

Zodiac Sign



Akron, Ohio, United States


Sierra Canyon High School



LeBron James Jr family members

Father's Name

LeBron James

Mother's Name

Savannah Brinson

Siblings names

Bryce Maximus James (younger brother), Zhuri James (younger sister)

Is LeBron James Jr a gay/bisexual?


What is LeBron James Jr marital status?


Who are LeBron James Jr parents?

LeBron James (father)

LeBron James (father)

photo instagram / lebron.james.jr

Date of birth: December 30, 1984

LeBron James Jr, or Bronny, as his relatives name him in a family circle, is a lucky guy, because his father serves as a role model not just for him, but also for many people worldwide. He is considered as one of the most skilful NBA players worldwide. His career and talent are compared to those ones of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Nowadays many people in the boy’s immediate circle think that he would follow his dad’s pace. By the way, LeBron Sr pace has never been easy.

During his early years LeBron Raymone James Sr. resided in Akron, a small town in Ohio. The baby boy was welcomed in this world just by Gloria Marie James, his mom, who was just about 16 then. She had a kid from an occasional boyfriend Anthony McClelland. They were not even going to get married.

It’s hard to tell, that LeBron had a happy childhood. His mother moved from one town to another, looking for better job and bigger salary. Her son had to change schools too often to find friends or to study well. He saved his lone heart with sports – since the earliest years LeBron was good in football as well as in basketball.

The teenager’s life changed, when he met a coach Frank Walker, who opened the door of his house in front of LeBron. Thus, for the first time he felt what it was like to have a family.

With Frank’s help he made friends with other young talented athletes like Willie McGee and others. They made their school sports a sport sensation.

When James studied in the 8th form, he was the tallest and the most skilful player in his team. Around that time journalists of different sports issues started to write about him. Obviously, the young athlete was going to become a basketball star.

He started to play professionally immediately after graduation from school. Probably, he could start playing professionally even earlier, but NBA age limit stopped him. Cleveland Cavaliers drafted him first. Finally, James could start the way to his dream.

Each new basketball player needs some time to show himself. But James didn’t need it. He finished his first match with perfect results – 25 points, 9 assists and 6 rebounds.  He came to win – that was not a secret.

Except for Cavaliers, Bronny’s father played for Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers, too.  He gained reputation of constantly developing player, who trained hard, almost without vacation, turning his weak points into strong ones.  But once the basketball star took one-month pause, during which he didn’t take a ball in his hands. It was in summer- 2013, when he married James Jr’s mother Savannah Brinson.

Savannah Brinson James (mother)

Savannah Brinson James (mother)

photo instagram / mrs_savannahrj

Date of birth: August 27, 1986

In fact, James Sr is the star of international level. No wonder that he was romantically connected with numerous beautiful popular women, like an actress Adrienne Bailon and a model Amber Rose. It’s hard to tell now, whether the athlete’s love affairs were real, or just the product of journalists’ imagination. But in any case, he always returned to the main woman in his life and mother of his kids, Savannah Brinson.

Bronny’s mother was born in Akron, OH in the family of JK and Jennifer Brinson. She studied at Buchtel Community Learning Center, where crossed the ways with a sports star and an incredibly charismatic person James LeBron.

They started dating. When Savannah turned 17, she got pregnant with her first son -= our today’s hero – Bronny.

No need to say, that the young woman was shocked. She was afraid to tell her parents about it, and didn’t know, how to share her baby news with her boyfriend, who had just been drafted by Cavaliers. But she had never thought about termination of her pregnancy – and that was a right decision! Nowadays her son LeBron Jr is his mother’s support and an upcoming NBA star. Agents of the strongest NBA teams have already set eyes on him. And of course, his father shares with the boy numerous basketball secrets.

Savannah lived with her stellar partner during several years, till finally he dared to marry her. They wedded on September 14, 2013 in the company of their two sons – Bronny and his younger brother Bryce.

Mrs. LeBron is not a weak woman. She is a real rule-setter in her family. Her husband is often away from home, so she brings up her kids mostly by herself and remains the credibility for them.

In addition to her everyday work as a wife and a mother, Savannah is a businesswoman and a philanthropist. She develops furniture line “Home Court” and runs a female organization “Women of Our Future”.

LeBron James Jr siblings

Bryce Maximus James (younger brother)

Bryce Maximus James

photo instagram / mrs_savannahrj

Date of birth: June 14, 2007

Bronny is a happy boy, who has not just famous athletic parents (his mother was an athlete in high school too), but also a younger brother, with whom he plays and trains.

Bryce the younger beloved kid of the celebrated LeBron and his then-girlfriend and now wife Savannah. He was born in Ohio, but later moved to Los Angeles, where his father came, following the development of his career.

The boy studies at Sierra Canyon School (just like his older brother). Of course, he practices basketball too and seems to be great in it. He performs on the field as a shooting guard, and as  it’s rumored, had already caught sports agents’ attention.

Zhuri Nova James (younger sister)

Zhuri Nova James

photo instagram / mrs_savannahrj

Date of birth: October 22, 2014

Zhuri is the only girl in James’ family and the only kid, which was born after Savannah-LeBron marriage. Although the sports star and his wife announced Bronny sister’s birth, they didn’t show the girl in public for a long time. Firstly, the cute child appeared in front of the cameras at NBA Finals alongside her parents and brothers, when she was 1, 5 years old.  She is a real little gem in James gang.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. According to King James’ words, he grew like a personality and a man after the birth of his first son Bronny.
  2. Since earliest years the boy was interested in various kinds of sports. Except for basketball, he dreamed to play ice hockey and American football, but his father forbade him these activities. The reason was safety – LeBron Sr was afraid, his son could get traumas.
  3. Bronny started to play basketball at the age of 9. He performed for Miami City Ballers.
  4. Nowadays he performs for an amateur basketball team the North Coast Blue Chips.
  5. The upcoming sports star LeBron Jr names the basketball player Russell Westbrook as his role model.
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