Levi Gilbert-Adler

Levi Gilbert-Adler biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Levi Hank Gilbert-Adler


celebs' kid


Los Angeles, California, United States



Levi Gilbert-Adler family members

Father's Name

Sara Gilbert (adoptive parent)

Mother's Name

Allison Adler

Siblings names

Sawyer Gilbert-Adler (younger sister), Rhodes Gilbert-Perry (younger brother)

Levi Gilbert-Adler relatives


Date of birth: October, 2004

Levi Hank is the first son, born in the gay family of an actress Sara Gilbert and a producer Allison Adler. He was conceived by using the sperm of an unknown donor. His biological mother is Adler. The boy is 13 now. Very often he is caught by paparazzi on a hike with his mother Sara and younger brother Rhodes. They visit restaurants with healthy cuisine and look very content together.

Levi Gilbert Adler

photo instagram / aliadler

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