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Lia Marie Johnson biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Lia Marie Johnson


social media star, actress, singer

Birth Date

November 23, 1996


25 years

Zodiac Sign



Wahiawa, Hawaii, United States



Lia Marie Johnson family members

Father's Name

Mr. Johnson

Mother's Name

Mrs. Johnson

Siblings names

Sammie Johnson (younger sister), Emma Johnson (younger sister), Tyler (younger brother), Katherine Johnson (younger sister), Lexi (younger sister)

Is Lia Marie Johnson a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Lia Marie Johnson marital status?


Who are Lia Marie Johnson parents?

Mr. Johnson (father)

Mr. Johnson father Lia Marie Johnson

Date of birth: circa November 1974

Lia’s parents separated when she was in her teens. The reason for their divorce was her father’s addiction to alcohol. Lia tried to support her father in his battle with addiction. She expressed her feelings about it in the song “DNA”, which was released in 2016. That was Lia’s first single.

Mr. Johnson was a military man, that’s why their family moved a lot while the performer was growing up. She was born in Hawaii and then moved with her mother and father to Florida, and finally, they settled in San Diego, CA.

It seems that Lia and her dad don’t keep any connection now. At least, she hasn’t written anything about him in recent years.

Mrs. Johnson (mother)

mother Lia Marie Johnson

Lia was blessed with a great mom. It was Mrs. Johnson, who encouraged her to start a YouTube channel in 2007 when Lia was still a kid. Not much is known about this great woman, as she is not present on social media. There are just a couple of facts: she is a mother of 6. She had problematic abusive relationships with Lia’s dad. Some sources tell that later she re-married, but this info is not confirmed.

Lia Marie Johnson siblings

Sammie Johnson (younger sister)

Sammie Johnson sister Lia Marie Johnson


Lia Johnson has five siblings. She is the oldest kid in her parents’ family. There’s the info, that she has just one full sibling – a sister Katherine. All the others are her half-siblings from the maternal side. Nevertheless, her younger sister Sammie was signed as “Johnson” on her YouTube videos. It shows that they share the same dad. Anyway, Lia is very close with her younger sibling.

Lia’s fans know Sammie quite well because she was making appearances on The Fine Bros’ series “Kids React to Viral Videos”. Besides, she starred by her famous sister’s side on some of Lia’s YouTube videos, like “World’s Worst Babysitter: Sports” and others.

Emma Johnson (younger sister)

Emma Johnson sister Lia Marie Johnson


Emma is Lia’s other sister, who featured on her YouTube videos, like “Lia and Emma – Game On!!”, “World’s Worst Babysitter: Sports” etc. Previously, she always was in the limelight. But now Emma keeps her privacy. So, we don’t know, what is happening in her life.

Tyler (younger brother)

Tyler brother Lia Marie Johnson


This cute little boy is Lia’s only brother. His surname is not publicized. It’s not even known, whether he is Lia’s s full sibling. But he is a cute kid, whom Ms. Johnson loves from the moon and back.

Katherine Johnson (younger sister)

Katherine Johnson


Katherine is rumored to be Lia’s only full sister. Unfortunately, nothing else is known about her.

Lexi (younger sister)

Lia has another sister, named Lexi. You can see all her sisters in the photo above. Lexi is not a public person. So, she keeps herself in the shadow.


You may know Lia Marie Johnson as an actress, singer, and Instagram star. She has been on YouTube since her childhood years. Lia started her channel in 2007, having followed her mother’s advice. Her comedy sketches, vlogs, and music videos helped her to gain a large fan base. In 2014 she was named as “10 biggest young stars on YouTube” by Adweek magazine. She gained wide popularity as an actress in the web series “Kids React”, produced by the Fine Brothers.

She was born in Wahiawa, Hawaii in the family of Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. The girl and her younger siblings moved from one place to another following their father, a military man. Her parents’ family life was not happy, as Mr. Johnson was alcohol addicted. Later Lia devoted a song “DNA” to him, where she dropped a hint, that her dad was abusive, too. And it was he, who decided to ruin their family and asked her mother for a divorce.

Nevertheless, Lia was happy, when her family finally settled in San Diego, CA. She used to go in for gymnastics for a couple of months but then left it as she wasn’t interested. But she fell in love with acting. She tried it, following her Geography teacher’s advice at first. But then Lia was involved in changing her personality and performing on the camera.

Her life changed when she launched her YouTube channel. Lia became one of the brightest stars on the platform. And her channel gained 13 million views to the year 2013.

Ms. Johnson was developing her career from a social media star to professional singer and actress. She became the Nickelodeon actress and featured in the comedy “Terry the Tomboy”. In 2016 she added some kudos to her name having portrayed the main character on the web thriller series “Tagged”.

Despite Lia’s initial success as a singer and actress, in the 2020s her fame is getting dim. The fans worry about Lia’s health and safety after she has appeared drunk while she was streaming on Instagram. Later that year she announced that she was sent for rehab.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Lia is officially single as of now. Previously, she dated the rapper, Ryan Bowers. He committed suicide in summer 2020. Johnson still remembers him. She devoted a couple of songs to her late soulmate.
  2. She used to take piano lessons in her childhood but left them in two months because her teacher used to smack her hands anytime when Lia dropped a look on her fingers.
  3. On her contradictory Instagram live stream, Lia was with a mysterious man, who treated her in an abusive wrong way. Although it was hard to see that man properly, Lia fans immediately recognized him. That was her record producer Steve Wetherbee. Lia started to work with him at the age of 10-11. She was a member of his band “Pink Army”.
  4. Her favorite food is fried chicken.
  5. Her height is 5 ft 6 inches and her weight is 123 pounds.
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