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Lil Baby biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Dominique Jones



Birth Date

December 3, 1994


28 years

Zodiac Sign



Atlanta, Georgia, United States


Tri-Cities High School



Lil Baby family members

Mother's Name

Lashawn Jones (mother)

Siblings names

Deja Jones (older sister) and another older sister

Is Lil Baby a gay/bisexual?


What is Lil Baby marital status?

In relation

How many children does he have?

2 (sons Jason and Baby LA)

Lil Baby kids

Jason (son; rumored)

Lil Baby kids

photo / lilbaby_1

In spite of his young age, Lil Baby has already become a father. He is rumored to have a son, named Jason. On the rapper’s Instagram account, the pictures of a cute little boy appear from time to time. Lil Baby doesn’t confirm directly, that Jason is his biological son, but his fans suppose, this info is true.

Baby LA (son with a fiancée Amour Jayda)

Baby LA

photo / lilbaby_1

Date of birth: February 21, 2019

On February 2019 Lil Baby welcomed his second son with a long-term girlfriend and fiancée Amour Jayda. The cute baby has already become popular, after his parents showed his beautiful face to the world.

The real name of the child is not known, but Lil Baby and his loved one name the boy “Baby LA” on social media. Not long ago Baby LA celebrated his first “the 4th of July” with his mother.

Who are Lil Baby parents?


His father was estranged from him since Lil Baby was 2. Actually, the rapper doesn’t even know his dad. But he was really close to his uncle, who actually was his mentor.

Lashawn Jones (mother)

At the very beginning, she wasn’t even sure, that she wants to have him. She had already given birth to two daughters, and they lived in poverty, so it was hard to find the place for one more person in their family. But then Lashawn made the right decision – she let this kid enter the world and immediately fell in love with cute dimples on his cheeks.

They lived in Atlanta, Georgia, and Lil Baby (who then was named Dominique Jones) had a poor, but careless childhood. He didn’t think about bills and just spent lots of time, walking in the streets with his friends.

Lashawn, on the contrary, worked a lot to provide her kids for everything necessary. She was bringing up 3 kids on her own, and that was really hard. But she had a good helper – her sister Sadonna Grimes (Lil Baby’s aunt) lived next door to her and was her shoulder all the time.

Lil Baby wasn’t a good pupil at school, and the major time of the day he spent in the streets with boys, who lived in the neighborhood. In his teens, he began caring about money – he wanted to earn enough for his mother and sisters.

Till now Dominique Jones is really close with his mother. He is a real momma’s boy, and he devotes all his achievements to his mom.  And of course, he helps her. Not long ago he took his mom to Billboard Awards ceremony.

Lil Baby siblings

Deja Jones (older sister)

Deja is one of his older sisters, who was involved in all his problems and helped him to become who he is now. He maintains a close bond with her brother.

He has another older sister, too.


Lil Baby bio

photo / lilbaby_1

Lil Baby looks like a typical rapper – the shirtless young man with ideal six-pack abs and with a long thick golden chain over his neck. In spite of these stereotypes, he can hardly be called “ordinary”, because his songs become popular immediately after their presentation. His “Close Friends”, “Freestyle”, “Never Recover” and other compositions gain millions of views on YouTube. Now he is really rich and popular, but he couldn’t even dream about it in his childhood and teen years.

His real name is Dominique Jones. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia. The young man grew up with his two older sisters and a mother. His dad left the family when Dominique was in kindergarten age.

He attended Tri-Cities High School, but he wasn’t a successful pupil, so very often he changed lessons for hanging out with his friends, mostly criminals. He dropped out of school after getting into trouble with the police. In 2012 Lil Baby was arrested for marijuana possession. One of his lawyers advised the teenager to attend a special program for teens with similar problems. Lil Baby attended the program until one of its mentors made a racist remark. After that Lil Baby started a fight and was imprisoned again – this time for 2 years.

In prison, he had enough time to think over all his mistakes. He came out with a strong intention to become a more serious and successful person. With the support of another Atlanta-born legend Coach K (Quality Control Music executive), he started his way on top.

Lil Baby rose to fame in 2017, when he released the mixtape “Perfect Timing”. In 2018 he presented the debut set of songs “Harder Than Ever”.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. The name of Lil Baby’s girlfriend is Amour Jayda. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia, and works as a hair retailer (she sells fake hair online). They have been dating for long as of now, and not always the things were good between them. Once Lil Baby even confessed that he cheated his loved one. But on December 25, 2018, he proposed to Amour Jada, and she said, “Yes!”. Now they are happy parents of a little boy.
  2. He cooperated with the rapper Gunna and both presented the collaborative short album “Drip Harder” in October 2018. No doubt, two rappers really can create high-quality sound.
  3. His height is 5 ft 8 in and his weight is 155 pounds.
  4. His other famous collaborator is rapper Drake. They met many years ago, and in 2017 both recorded a song “Yes Indeed”. The song was included into Lil Baby’s album “Harder Than Ever”, and became its most popular track, actually.
  5. His debut album “Harder Than Ever” occupied the third position in Billboard Hot 200.
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