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Lil Pump biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Gazzy Garcia



Birth Date

August 17, 2000


21 years

Zodiac Sign



Miami, Florida, United States


school kick-out



Lil Pump family members

Siblings names

older brother and rumored younger sister

Is Lil Pump a gay/bisexual?


Who are Lil Pump parents?


Lil Pump is an extremely private person, who seems to be vulnerable and so closed. He didn’t publicize the name of his father, but in his joint interview with another popular rapper J. Cole, he opened up that was raised by a stepdad, with whom he had contentious relationship.

It seems that his biological father is estranged from him. It’s just known, that the man comes from Colombia. He immigrated to United States a little prior to Lil Pump’s birth.


The rapper’s mother struggled a lot after her divorce from Lil Pump’s father. It was hard for her to care about her kids as a single parent. Soon she met another man and tied a knot with him.

She is Colombian, too. She had troubled relationships with her son Gazzy in his teens, because he got used to smoking weeds since the 6th grade at school and a year later he was expelled from school for it. It’s not known, whether she supports her son in what he is making or not.

Lil Pump siblings

Older brother

Lil Pump has one older brother, who was born on the territory of Colombia before Garcia family immigrated to USA.

Younger sister

It’s rumored, that Lil Pump has other siblings, too, but that’s not proved. According to Instagram comments of his fans, he has a small sister.


Lil Pump bio

photo instagram / lilpump

Gazzy Garcia, internationally known as Lil Pump, was born in the suburb of Miami, Florida. During some period he was brought up by a single mother, and after her re-marrying to another man, the boy had to deal with a stepdad. Gazzy is in bad terms with him.

During his school years Garcia was a troubled boy. He started to smoke weeds at the 6th grade. For that he was kicked out from school for the first time. He returned to studying, but was expelled one more time in the tenth form for fighting with a schoolmate.

He was interested in music in his early years. The boy listened to such performers as Chie Keef, Fredo Santana and others. His love to music led him to new meetings with other fans of such art. At the age of 13 Gazzy crossed the ways with Omar Pineiro, which is better known under the name Smokepurpp. Their collaboration brought Lil Pump his first fame.

Lil Pump photo

photo instagram / lilpump

He made independent records of his songs and uploaded them to the site “SoundCloud”. His single “Lil Pump” was listened million times, and it inspired the young performer to record more tracks. In 2017 he presented the composition, which catapulted him to stardom – his legendary “Gucci Gang”. As for October, 2018 the music video for this song gained more than 800 million views at YouTube.

The massive success in social media brought Lil Pump his first official recording deal. He signed the contract with Warner Bros. Records, which was annulled after it became clear, that the rapper is under-aged. His other deal was signed with Tha Lights Global.

Not long ago the rapper presented his debut self-titled album, which was ranked as gold. He is preparing his second album now.

Interesting and fun facts

Lil Pump

photo instagram / lilpump

  1. In winter, 2018 the scandalous musician was arrested for discharging a gun in his house. According to his words, someone was trying to get into their house, and he simply was protecting from strangers. But policemen didn’t believe him and took into jail. His mother was blamed for keeping the gun at the affordable for an underage son place.
  2. His talent was approved by a number of popular rappers, including J. Cole and Kanye West. With the latter they collaborated on the song “Love It”. By the way, previously he had a feud with J. Cole, but later both made peace and even arranged one-hour joint interview.
  3. He was rumored to date Amber Rose, whom he met at Rolling Loud festival. But both denied the info.
  4. The rapper wrote in Twitter, that he previously attended Harvard University, but later dropped it out to become a full-time rapper.
  5. He is a big fan of Miranda Cosgrove and obviously has a crash on her.
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