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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.



Birth Date

September 27, 1982


41 years

Zodiac Sign



New Orleans, Louisiana, United States


Lafayette Elementary School in New Orleans, Eleanor McMain Secondary School in New Orleans



Lil Wayne family members

Father's Name

Dwayne Michael Turner

Mother's Name

Jacida Carter

Siblings names

Semaj Carter (younger half-brother)

Is Lil Wayne a gay/bisexual?


What is Lil Wayne marital status?


Who is Lil Wayne wife?

Antonia “Toya” Wright (ex-spouse)

How many children does he have?

4 Reginae Carter (daughter with Antonia Wright) | Dwayne Michael Carter (son with Sarah Vivan) | Cameron Lenox Carter (son with Lauren London) | Neal Carter (son with Nivea)

Lil Wayne fans know that the famous rapper was arrested several times and spent 8 months in prison. From there he wrote a touching letter, devoted to Mother’s Day, where he tells that family love is the most precious thing God could have ever created. “It’s more important than cars, fame and wealth”, Lil Wayne told. Let’s see, whom he loves most of all in the world.

Lil Wayne wife

Antonia “Toya” Wright (ex-spouse)

Antonia Toya Wright ex spouse

Date of birth: October 26, 1983

Zodiac sign: Scorpio

Although in his letter to fans from jail Lil Wayne expressed the importance of family in his life, his ex-wife (and as for now, the only official wife) Antonia Wright, previously known as Antonia Carter, tells, that during the time of their marriage the rapper didn’t put family life on the first place. She tells that he was too busy with his career, and that was the reason of their split.

Antonia Johnson was born in 1983 in New Orleans, LA. She attended Eleanor McMain Secondary School and there met her first love – a young rapper Lil Wayne. “He was amazing, very popular among his school mates and he could always find the way to the girl’s heart”, Toya said many years later in her interview.

They started dating, when he was 15 and she was 14. Then Lil Wayne has already recorded his first hit, and it made him the school celebrity. Girls followed him everywhere and hated Toya. One of them used the balloon with pink graffiti paint to spoil her car.

At the age of 14 Toya Johnson got pregnant. She was afraid of her pregnancy, when she saw two lines at her home pregnancy test. But Lil Wayne, whose biological father left him at a very young age, convinced Toya to continue her pregnancy and promised to support her. At the age of 15 the teen girl gave a birth to a daughter Regginae Carter.

At first Lil Wayne spent a lot of time with a newborn. He was hurt by his father, who had never cared about his son, and decided to become a better parent for his kid. But gradually his career devoured all his time. He left his daughter and girlfriend and spent long months touring around the country with his sons.

Toya suffered a lot. She wanted to leave the rapper, but suddenly he did the thing she had always dreamed about – he proposed her. They wedded on February 14, 2004. To that year Lil Wayne had already become a star.

During two years Toya, who took her husband’s surname Carter, tried to keep their marriage. But in 2006 the couple divorced. In her interviews Toya told, that she made this decision together, when understood, that they wanted different things – Wayne dreamed about stardom, but Toya wanted a husband and a father for her daughter every single day. So, they separated. But till now they remain friends.

After the divorce Toya Carter concentrated on her career. She opened a network of fashion boutiques, named “G.A.R.B.” and participated in a number of reality TV programs, the most popular of which was “Tiny and Toya”, which she hosted together with Tameka Cottle. The TV program has become the most popular among others of the same genre.

In 2011 Toya wedded for the second time. She tied a knot with a music producer and rapper Mickey Wright (Memphitz).  The couple, who got used to be in public, showed their wedding in one of episodes of “Marriage Boot Camp”. They shared their love story too.

Mickey and Toya met at an album release party and immediately fell in love. They started dating, and Mickey did everything to capture the heart of the beauty. He gave her presents and invited her to luxurious restaurants. Soon Memphitz proposed her and they got married.

In one of her books Toya Wright (again, she changed her surname after her husband) shared the reason of their split in 2015. First of all, she told that Mickey Wright appeared in her shadow because of her active career and popularity as ex-Lil Wayne spouse. In addition, he cheated her with the young stars he produced. Toya mentioned the singer K Michelle as her husband’s love interest.

After her second divorce the woman concentrated on her work. She hosted the own show “Toya: A Family Affair” and released several books, such as “Priceless Inspiration”, “My Real Reality” etc. In 2018 she welcomed her second daughter Reign Ryan Rushing with her boyfriend – successful businessman Robert Rushing.

Like his ex, Lil Wayne didn’t stop on his first daughter and gave a birth to several other kids.

Lil Wayne kids

Reginae Carter (daughter with Antonia Wright)

Reginae Carter daughter with Antonia Wright

Reginae Carter

Date of birth: November 29, 1998

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

As for now, Reginae is 19 years old. She is still looking for her herself and for her career way. But the girl has already tried her hand as a hip hop artist and performed in the girl band “OMG”.

Reginae was born in New Orleans, LA in the family of two teenagers. Very soon her father rose to stardom, and small Reginae, who was called “Baby Carter” at home, turned into “Lil Wayne daughter” at school. The girl tells that she got used to public attention and to staying in front of the cameras.

During her years at a high school the girl was concentrated on studying. Her parents were very rich, but they tried not to spoil their girl, so they didn’t buy her too expensive clothes and didn’t send her to exotic vacations.

After school Miss Carter entered The Clark Atlanta University, where she appeared in the company of bodyguards. By the way, Reginae is just 4 ft 11 tall.

When she turned 18, she moved from her mother’s house and started to live independently. “I want to know real life”, she tells.

The girl dreams about career of an actress and attends acting classes.

Dwayne Michael Carter (son with Sarah Vivan)

Dwayne Michael Carter (son with Sarah Vivan)

Date of Birth: October 22, 2008

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Having the first son is the special event in life of any man. Lil Wayne welcomed his first baby boy in October, 2008. He named the son in a traditional for their family way – Dwayne Michael Carter III.

Wayne had a kid with one of his fans, whom he met after a concert. Her name was Sarah Vivan, and she was crazy from a rapper, whom she named “her idol”. Weezy (as he is called by his fans) and Sarah had a short affair. She got pregnant and soon gave a birth to a boy at Christ Hospital (Cincinnati, OH).

Although the couple soon separated, Lil Wayne doesn’t stop seeing his son. The boy was nicknamed as Lil Tuney at home.

Currently he attends a secondary school in Atlanta, GE, where he resides with his mother and half-sister Essence.

Cameron Lennox Carter (son with Lauren London)


Date of Birth: September 9, 2009

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Cameron Carter is a nice 8-year-old kid of Lil Wayne and an actress Lauren London, whom you may remember as a star of reality TV show “The Game”.

Lil Wayne met Lauren in his teens, they started dating much later – in middle 2000s and even got engaged, but then the actress left Wayne, when knew, that another woman was pregnant from him (Cameron’s half-brother is just 3 months him younger).

As for now, Cameron Carter, who is nicknamed as Killa, is a pupil of Los Angeles primary school. His mother tries to keep him out of limelight, but once she shared his pics through Instagram and the boy immediately became popular due to his cuteness.

Neal Carter (son with Nivea)

Neal Carter (son with Nivea)

Date of Birth: November 30, 2009

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

The fourth and youngest kid of a scandalous star Lil Wayne was born from his relationships with a singer Nivea B. Hamilton. His parents call this cute boy a Meatball. He lives with his mother in Birmingham, AL. Neal grows up alongside 3 half-siblings – Nivea kids from her marriage to the rapper The Dream.


Who are Lil Wayne parents?

Dwayne Michael Turner (father)

Lil Wayne, actually, doesn’t know his biological father and hates him, that’s why he doesn’t like to tell about him. It is known, that Dwayne Sr was his mother’s classmate. They started dating at a high school. When Lil Wayne was in a kindergarten age, he left the family.

The rapper considers his stepfather Reginald Carter, called in the family circle “Rabbit”, as his real parent. He adopted Wayne and gave him his surname.  Rabbit was murdered, when Lil Wayne was 13. The teenager made a tattoo with his stepfather’s name.

Jacida Carter (mother)

Jacida Carter mother

Date of birth: October 30, 1962

Zodiac sing: Scorpio

Lil Wayne’s mother Jacida, whom he calls “Cita”, spent her young years in the suburb of New Orleans – Hollygrove. She was a pupil of a local high school, when she fell in love with Dwayne Michael Turner and got pregnant from him. She gave a birth a celebrated Lil Wayne at the age of 19. Cita named her son “Dwayne” after his father. She cohabited with Turner during several years and when Dwayne Jr turned 2, she finally married his father officially. But soon the couple filed for divorce. From that moment Mr. Turner wasn’t interested in his son’s fate. For that many years later Lil Wayne named him “sh*t” in his interview.

Dwayne changed his surname for “Cater” and name for “Wayne” to have nothing in common with his biological parent.

Cita left her education and found a job of a cook to feed her son. Later she re-married several times, and finally tied a knot with Avery Goff. With him she welcomed her second son.

Lil Wayne loves his mother and respects her. He devoted her lines from his songs. Cita supported and developed Wayne’s interest to rap. But she forbade her son to cooperate with founders of Cash Money Records – Birdman and Slim – and told him to concentrate on his education after a shooting accident. Then Wayne occasionally shot into his chest from his stepfather’s gun.

But later she changed her mind, and Lil Wayne recorded his first album.

Lil Wayne siblings

Semaj Carter (younger half-brother)

Semaj Carter (younger half brother)

Lil Wayne has a little half-brother Semaj from his mother’s previous relationships. The boy is three years younger that Wayne’s eldest daughter Reginae.


Lil Wayne is a hip hop artist, mostly known by such albums as “Tha Carter”, “Rebirth”, “I am not a Human Being” etc.

He was born as Dwayne Michael Carter Jr in early 1980s. His parents separated soon after the boy’s birth.

Wayne attended a number of New Orleans schools. In his school years Lil Wayne was a brilliant student. He had great command in English, which helped him later create his immortal texts, full of epithets and metaphors. He left school at the age of 14 to pursue rapping as a career.

Lil Wayne recorded his first composition “True Stories” at the age of 14 in cooperation with another young rapper B.G. (real name – Christopher Dorsey). He made a great start in hip hop industry with the album “Tha Block Is Hot” in 1999.

As for now, Lil Wayne is considered as one of the most popular modern rappers. He released his latest album in 2015, the 12th in his career. He put his career on pause for a while to cope his health issues. The artist had severe epilepsy seizure.

For his hard work and natural talent Lil Wayne got numerous awards, including 5 Grammys.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Lil Wayne was arrested for marijuana possession several times and even was sentenced to 1 year of jail. The star was released from prison after 8 months only. He was kept separately from other prisoners at Rikers Island.
  2. Before becoming known as Lil Wayne, the rapper performed after the stage moniker Shrimp Daddy. He also used the nickname Baby D.
  3. He has epilepsy.
  4. The rapper founded a charity organization “One Family Foundation” to support young and talented people from troubled families.
  5. Lil Wayne names “smoking” as his hobby.
  6. His favorite color is red.
  7. His favorite food is macaroni.
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