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Linda Holliday biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Linda Kay Greene


ex-real estate broker, ex-TV host, philanthropist

Birth Date

June 5, 1963


60 years

Zodiac Sign



Jupiter, Florida, United States


Franklin High School



Linda Holliday family members

Father's Name

Mr. Greene (father), Noble Stern (stepfather)

Mother's Name

Barbara Stern

Siblings names

Jay Greene (brother)

Is Linda Holliday a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Linda Holliday marital status?

In relation

Who is Linda Holliday husband?

Bill Belichick (long-term partner)

How many children does she have?

2 (twin daughters Ashley and Kat Hess)

We’ve already told you about the family of the super talented football coach Bill Belichick. Now it is time to meet his life partner Linda Holliday. The bright beautiful woman has never been his official wife, but she is an indispensable member of his home team. Linda is not a public person, so not much is known about her. But we’ve collected all the necessary facts for you to know this lady a little better.

Linda Holliday husband

Bill Belichick (long-term partner)

Bill Belichick photo

Date of birth: April 16, 1952

Bill and Linda have been an item since 2007. They have never been married legally, but several times they were rumored to be engaged. Neither of them confirmed the rumors. To read more about Linda’s famous partner, check “Bill Belichick Family”.

Dennis Hess (ex-husband; daughters’ father)

Dennis Hess


Date of birth: January 31, 1955

Linda pronounced the wedding vows three times with three different men in her life. We can’t tell you, who was her first husband, but we can presume who was the most important one. That was a man, who became the father of her daughters. His name is Dennis Hess. He is a Georgia native. Linda’s ex-husband is a West Central Technical College graduate. He earns his living as an instructional designer. After his separation from Linda, he re-married a woman, named Cathy Hess. He has a son Christian and a daughter CJ with her.

Kenneth Corder (ex-husband)

Date of birth: June 30, 1958

Linda’s other former husband is Kenneth Vaughn Corder. The details of their marriage and divorce are not publicized.

Eugene Holliday (ex-husband)

Her third husband was Eugene Holliday. She still bears his name, but that’s the only thing, which is known about him.

Linda Holliday kids

Ashley and Kat Hess (twin daughters)

Ashley and Kat Hess


Date of birth: 1992

Linda is very close with her daughters Ashley and Kat, and very often she can be noticed in their company in a personal box at Gillette Stadium. The twin sisters visit the Patriots games very often because their stepfather Bill Belichick coaches this team. The girls share warm relationships with their mother’s life partner as well. They say Bill spends some part of his large income to develop their brand “The Hess Twins”.

They reside in Boston and work full-time as Instagram influencers. They started to develop their social media brand in 2015, after graduation from Hartford’s Trinity College. Twins majored in American studies there.

Ashley and Kat look almost alike, and they don’t let their fans know, who is who from them. The twin’s names are not written under their Instagram photos. But the followers like and copy their style. The Huffington Post valued the girls’ looks too. They were included in the newspaper’s list “The 15 most stylish twins on Instagram”.

Who are Linda Holliday parents?


Unfortunately, nothing is known about Linda’s biological father.

Noble Stern (stepfather)

Noble Stern


Date of birth: October 1946

Linda’s mother Barbara Miller has been already married to Noble Stern for several decades. They live in Nashville, Tennessee. Noble is interested in gardening. He is on great terms with his stepdaughter Linda.

Barbara Stern (mother)

Barbara Stern


Date of birth: March 1941

Linda is very close with her mother Barbara. They share warm relationships. Sometimes Barbara appears on Linda’s Instagram page. The women spend a lot of time together.

Barbara Miller-Stern is a daughter of Fern Saunders and Robert Miller. She was the only daughter in her parents’ family. Barbara spent her whole life in Tennessee. She is a Rhodes College graduate. The woman has been married to Mr. Greene for years and had two kids with him (including Linda). Currently, she lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband Noble Stern.

Linda Holliday siblings

Jay Greene (brother)

Jay Greene


Jay is Linda’s only brother. They share warm relationships. Jay is not married and doesn’t have any kids. He stays away from the limelight.


Born Linda Kay Greene entered this world on June 5, 1963, in Jupiter, Florida, but she grew up in Tennessee. Linda was a pupil of Franklin High School. She graduated in 1981. Linda’s incredible beauty helped her to become a contestant of several beauty pageants. It’s known, that she struggled for the Miss Arkansas beauty title. In Florida Linda earned her living as a real estate broker. She was officially married three times. With her ex-husband Dennis Hess, she parented twin daughters.

In 2007 Linda’s life changed. She met the popular football coach Bill Belichick at a nightclub in Florida. To that moment he has already finalized his divorce. They fell in love with one another and soon moved in together.

Till now they look incredibly happy. She helps Bill with his work, supports and encourages him. Besides, Mrs. Holliday is the executive director of the Bill Belichick Foundation. She is also involved in the activity of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Linda thinks, it’s very important to give it back and cheer up the others, who have met some serious problems in their lives.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Her life partner Bill and she spend a lot of time at Nantucket Island (Massachusetts). They are real fans of that place.
  2. Linda was rumored to be engaged with Bill after she had been noticed with a ring, which resembled an engagement one, on her finger. But that turned to be a Super Bowl ring. Still, Linda positions herself as Bill’s girlfriend on Instagram.
  3. Previously, she worked as a TV host and correspondent for the CBS Boston channel.
  4. Her net worth is $1 million.
  5. Her height is 5 feet 7 inches and her weight is 142 pounds.
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