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Lionel Messi biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Lionel Andrés Messi


Football player

Birth Date

June 24, 1987


36 years

Zodiac Sign



Rosario, Argentina



Lionel Messi family members

Father's Name

Jorge Horácio Messi

Mother's Name

Celia María Cuccittini

Siblings names

Rodrigo Messi (older brother), Matías Messi (older brother), María Sol Messi (younger sister)

Is Lionel Messi a gay/bisexual?


What is Lionel Messi marital status?


Who is Lionel Messi wife?

Antonella Roccuzzo

When did get married?

June 30, 2017

How many children does he have?

3 (Thiago Messi, Mateo Messi, Ciro Messi)

Lionel Messi wife

Antonella Roccuzzo (wife since 2017)

Antonella Roccuzzo wife messi

photo instagram / antoroccuzzo88

Date of birth: February 26, 1988

In his recent interview to “Marca” Lionel Messi told, that he lives a normal family life, like any other human being. He tries to spend free time with a wife Antonella Roccuzzo and sons. And of course, he tries not to talk about football, when he is at home.

Antonella is known to all football fans in the world, although she is not a celebrity. But she is a woman, who managed to catch Lionel Messi’s heart. By the way, that was not an easy thing. They have been playing with one another since kindergarten age, cohabited together during 9 years, gave a birth to two sons and only then tied a knot officially. In spite of the status of international sports star wife, Anto prefers to stay in the shadow. So, what do we know about Messi’s wife?

She was born in Santa Fe, Argentinean province. Their family lived 5 minutes walk from Jorge and Celia Messi. Since 5 years old Antonella’s brother played with small Lionel. It was he, who introduced Lionel to small Antonella.

They parted the ways, when Messi turned 13. He moved with his father to Spain to play for FC Barcelona. Antonella also lived her own life. She graduated from school and entered the National University of Rosario, where she studied dietetics.

Having graduated from the University, Antonella began working at a local fitness club. She was very beautiful, but was not going to become a model or an actress. The tiny girl (who is just 5 ft 3 in of height) led a very simple modest life. She could remain unknown to the wide audience, if Lionel Messi would go mad from her.

Lionel Messi wife

photo instagram / antoroccuzzo88

Having become the football superstar, Messi gained a large fan base. Of course, women followed him, and he could have a new affair each next day. But Lionel was not a Lovelace. For a short period he dated a model Macarena Lemos. Then his name was connected with Playboy star Luciana Salazar.

But in 2008 Messi, who kept his personal life in privacy, suddenly was noticed on a date with a mysterious woman. In 2009 he introduced his girlfriend officially.

Soon the girl moved with her boyfriend to Spain. He introduced Anto to his friends. Nowadays Rocuzzo is in good terms with another “football” wife Shakira. The singer’s husband is a Barcelona star Gerard Piqué.

In 2012 Antonella got pregnant. Her boyfriend Messi shared the news with his fans in a very strange way. While playing against Ecuador at Monumental stadium, Messi scored a goal and then put a ball behind his T-shirt, pretending pregnancy. Thus, he opened a secret about his baby with Antonella, who was on the way then.

The couple welcomed two sons before they finally decided to make it official. Leo and Anto wedded in their hometown. Cesc Fabregas, Javier Alejandro Mascherano, Luis Suarez and their wives were among the guests.

In March, 2018 Messi and Rocuzzo became parents for the third time.

Lionel Messi kids

Lionel Messi kids


Thiago Messi (son with Antonella Roccuzzo)

Thiago Messi (son with Antonella Roccuzzo)

photo instagram / antoroccuzzo88

Date of birth: November 2, 2012

The first son of one of the most talented soccer players in the world was born in Dexeus hospital in Spain. After that Leo opened up in his interview that becoming a father turned to be the sweetest thing in his life.

As for now, Thiago is a school pupil. His father takes the boy to school every morning and then picks him up. From time to time they play football together. Thiago has already started to visit soccer training. Probably, he would follow his father’s pace.

Mateo Messi (son with Antonella Roccuzzo)

Mateo Messi (son with Antonella Roccuzzo)

photo instagram / antoroccuzzo88

Date of birth: September 11, 2015

Mateo saw the world for the first time in a picturesque city of Barcelona as well. To stay with his newborn son and wife, Leo made a pause in his work and came from USA to Spain. Currently Mateo is just 2, but he has already started to play football with his father and older brother.

Ciro Messi (son with Antonella Roccuzzo)

Ciro Messi (son with Antonella Roccuzzo)

photo instagram / antoroccuzzo88

Date of birth: March 10, 2018

He is the only son, who was born after their marriage. Mrs. Messi uploaded the picture with a small round belly to Instagram, thus sharing her big baby news. The baby boy was born in Spain too. He is 4 months old as for now.

Who are Lionel Messi parents?

Jorge Horácio Messi (father)

Jorge Horácio Messi (father)

photo leomessi / twitter

Date of birth: January 1, 1958

Probably, Leo Messi story started on that day, when his father Jorge Horácio Messi married a young attractive girl Celia María Cuccittini. They gave a birth to four kids, and one of them turned to be really special.

Jorge spent most part of his life in a big industrial city of Rosario. He was from a working class of the society and earned his living as a steel factory worker.

It was he, who taught his son to play football and noticed his talent to sports. He took Leo to the local sports club Grandoli and coached kids’ football team, where his son played.

Lionell Messi suffered from the lack of growth hormone, and his father took him to Spain to play for FC Barcelona. The managers of this club agreed to pay for costly treatment of Messi’s disease.

In spite of the fact that Jorge divorced with Messi’s mother, he remained the important person in his son’s life and served as his manger and agent.

In 2016 Lionel and his father were prosecuted for tax fraud. Jorge and his son were sentenced to 21 months of prison, but they both didn’t go to jail.

Celia María Cuccittini (mother)

Celia María Cuccittini

photo instagram / leomessi

Date of birth: 1960Celia Cuccittini can be proud of herself, as she brought up not just a sports genius Leo Messi, but also three other beautiful and talented kids.

In spite of the fact that Celia and her son Leo see each other not so often, they remain really close. Messi is always attentive to his mother. On the 57th birthday he gave her a giant cake with a female high-heeled shoe on it and posted the pics with it in his Instagram. In addition, the football star tattooed his mother’s face on his shoulder.

Lionel Messi siblings

Rodrigo Messi (older brother)

Rodrigo Messi

photo rodrigo.messi10 / instagram

Date of birth: February 10, 1980

Rodrigo is one of those, who helped Leo develope his athletics skills. When Leo and Rodrigo were in their early years, they played soccer together.

Till now brothers remain close. Rodrigo Messi works with Lionel. He manages his daily schedule and public relations.

Matías Messi (older brother)

Matías Messi (older brother)

photo matu_messi10 / instagram

Date of birth: June 23, 1982

Matias is also busy with developing Leo Messi professional brand. He runs his brother’s charity foundation, named “Leo Messi Foundation”.

Matias is widely known by his hot-tempered nature. Twice he was arrested by the police for misbehavior and threats of starting gun shooting. The last time was in 2017, when Matias was involved into a car crash, driving his Land Rover. Then he assaulted another car driver and threatened him with a gun. In Matias’s car two cannabis cigarettes were found. After that the young man spent a night at a police station.

María Sol Messi (younger sister)

María Sol Messi (younger sister)

photo mariasolmessi / instagram

Date of birth: November 30, 1993

Maria Sol is the only girl in Messi family. She is famous not just as Leo Messi’s sister, but also as an Instagram star with more than 200, 000 followers.

In her interview Maria told, that she couldn’t believe her eyes, when she watched her famous brother on TV for the first time. He looked the same as in everyday life, but she felt, that he was special for many people worldwide. She watches Messi’s matches from time to time. Although Leo and Maria don’t see each other very often, they speak on phone almost every day.

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