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Loren Gray biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Loren Gray Beech

Birth Date

April 19, 2002


21 years

Zodiac Sign



Pennsylvania, United States





Loren Gray family members

Mother's Name

Lora Beech

Siblings names

Jordan Beech (older half-sister)

Is Loren Gray a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Loren Gray marital status?


Who are Loren Gray parents?

Lora Beech (mother)

 Loren Gray mother

The woman is in her 40s. She is a well-shaped beautiful blonde, and as numerous fans of Loren Gray say, her daughter inherited her beauty from mom.

Lora is married to Mr. Beech. Currently, they live separately because she moved to California with Loren to develop her daughter’s career, while her husband stayed in Pennsylvania. She has one child only – our today heroine Loren Gray. Obviously, they are very close.

Name Unknown (father)

Loren Gray father

photo instagram / reallylorensdad

He doesn’t publicize his name but appears in social media alongside his daughter from time to time. He has an amicable relationship with his popular kid. In addition to Loren, the man also has another daughter from his previous relationship.

Loren Gray siblings

Jordan L. Adkins (older half-sister)

Loren Gray half-sister

photo instagram.com/jordanleeannn

Jordan is Loren’s maternal half-sister. She is 8 years older than Musical.Ly star. She lives in Boyertown, Pennsylvania.


Loren Gray bio

photo instagram / loren

Due to YouTube, Musical.Ly and other platforms of this kind many new stars were born. The singer and model Loren is one of them. Three years ago she believed in her dream and created an account at Musical.Ly. The girl launched a musical blog. Her talent, charisma and natural beauty helped Loren become really popular and develop the extensive fan base. Following requests of her viewers, she moved the focus of her attention from music exclusively to various lifestyle topics. Her YouTube channel boasts with more than 3 million subscribers. Girls all over the world copy her makeup and clothing style.

Due to her “girl-next-door” image and beautiful looks made her an Instagram star, too. She is followed by more than 14 million people. In spite of it, Loren doesn’t behave like a star – she remains so simple. The girl honestly tells about school, bullying and the fact, that she doesn’t like some school subjects, including math. She has become a virtual friend for many boys and girls worldwide.

Recently Loren Gray has launched modeling. She appears in Internet ads and makes tons of cash through endorsements.

Interesting and fun facts

Loren Gray Interesting and fun facts

photo instagram / loren

  1. As for now, Loren relationship status is single. In spite of her young age, she has already dated several young men. The most notable of them was a TikTok star Whynot_Joey, whose real name is Joey Kisluk. In 2017-2019 she dated a popular singer and YouTuber HRVY, whose real name is Harvey Leigh Cantwell.  Loren posted many photos with her and Harvey on social media. He featured on some of her Tik Tok videos, too. It’s a pity, but this cute couple separated in May, 2019.
  2. Her favorite colors are pink, purple and orange.
  3. Loren’s favorite film is “The Notebook” with charismatic Ryan Gosling, about whom we’ve told you here.
  4. She is a big fan of Eminem and Taylor Swift.
  5. Loren is a very religious person. She tries to lead the pious lifestyle. The girl’s hobby is traveling.
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  • emma says:

    hi I love your tick tocks

  • lorens sushi says:

    the facts are wrong! she loves grey/gray color the most!!!!!!!


    Non ascoltare quei commenti, sono gelosi quelli che ti odiano, io sono molto più brutta di te, tu sei bellissima ?????????????????

  • Martina Pia Polignano ? says:

    Meravigliosa. Abbiamo un sacco di cose in comune, detesto la matematica e amo l’arancionreee???questo messaggio deve arrivare a loren??ho quasi 400 foto sue, 1 fanpage su funimate(@lorenis_mylife14), e
    una su tik tok(@loren_fanpage4000) insomma la stra-amo e la seguo anche su Instagram se non erro e cmq su tik Tok, io su tik Tok mi chiamo @martimi05 spero Che loren mi seguirà dato che la amooo alla follia, sono una sua fan da un botto di tempo e lo sarò sempre??dato che ha degli occhi azzurri da svenire, ha un sorriso perfetto, è tutto, è una VENERE?????SARAI SEMPRE FAMOSAA????LO SARAI ANCHE PIÙ DI CHARLI DAMELIO ??CREDO IN TE?



    PS ho 11 anni e scrivo ste cose?


    …. a very religious person… Sure.
    How are her parents ok with sexualization of a child? This is sickening

  • Starkgal says:

    Omgg ! This kid dont look like 17 ! I though she would be probably 20 or 21 ish ! ? study hard kid

  • Mackenzie zeigler says:

    Actually hugo S!! If I where to met you!!! You are probably so UGLYYYYYYYYYYYYYY THAT NOBODY WANTS TO TALK TO A PICKLE FACE LIKE YOU!!!

  • Hugo S says:

    Shes so stupid and ugly

  • Lauryn Heffner says:

    My dads girlfriends cousin is Loren gray

  • Reddeko Redme says:

    i feel like nothing nice,but loren make it something great.
    i love loren.

  • Mr.Cake says:

    I like her very much much how she acts,how she talks and how she dance….
    And she is pretty and nice and at ‘personal’with hrvy i like her so muchhhh

  • Mr. Jaden says:

    I like her and to read her histroy

  • Kristina says:

    She so pretty I wish someday I could be sort of like her!

  • miroslava99 says:

    I used this website to right my Loren gray facts in buzzfeed. this is really useful if your a righter or a news anchor. about the usfull stuff i just saw in famillytron im not with the girl she dreses unlike for her age but I won’t judge because Loren gray likes the style and if she likes it she should do it. we live ones and that’s her life, not ours.

  • Annie Queen says:

    Img I LOVE Loren Gray she is so pretty I want to know how she does it

  • Concerned citizen says:

    She is very beautiful and talented, but Jesus Christ she is 17 and she honestly dresses like a slut. Cover up a bit. A least till your old enough not to get older men in trouble. Her parents should honestly be ashamed for how they allow her to dress.

  • Maisie Saunders says:

    That give me a lot of information about Loren gray beech. But it is weird that you don’t know here father name. I
    This is a good website.❤️❤️

  • Kendall Angel says:

    She’s magically married to Kenny Stanley also known as her Ken dall Barbie baby doll .she lives so much