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Louis Tomlinson biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Louis William Tomlinson


singer, songwriter, band member

Birth Date

December 24, 1991


31 years

Zodiac Sign



Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England


The Hayfield School; Hall Cross School



Louis Tomlinson family members

Father's Name

Troy Austin (biological father); Mark Tomlinson (adoptive father)

Mother's Name

Johannah Deakin

Siblings names

Georgia Austin (paternal half-sister), Charlotte Tomlinson (younger half-sister), Felicite Tomlinson (younger half-sister), Phoebe and Daisy Tomlinson (twins; half-sisters), Doris and Ernest Deakin (twins; half-siblings)

Is Louis Tomlinson a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Louis Tomlinson marital status?

In relation

How many children does she have?

1 (son Freddie Tomlinson)

Louis Tomlinson is a talented singer for millions of people over the globe. But who helped him to discover his gift and develop it? Let’s see.

Louis Tomlinson husband

Briana Jungwirth (baby mother)

Briana Jungwirth baby mother Louis Tomlinson

photo instagram.com/brianasrealaccount

Date of birth: January 26, 1992

Louis Tomlinson has become a father at a young age. And it’s impossible to tell about his family members and not to mention the mother of his son, Briana Jungwirth. Louis and Briana dated just a couple of months, but the result of their short-term relationships was great – they conceived a baby boy.

Now the music star and his ex-wife maintain friendly relationships. They put lots of effort to make their son’s childhood happy.

Briana lives with her son in Los Angeles. She earns her living as a stylist. Recently, she has started new relationships with a handsome young man, who spent the winter holidays with Briana and her child. And Louis has been dating  the University of Manchester graduate Eleanor Calder since 2017.

Louis Tomlinson kids

Freddie Tomlinson (son)

Freddie Tomlinson son Louis Tomlinson

photo nstagram.com/brianasrealaccount

Date of birth: January 21, 2016

Mr. Freddie Reign Tomlinson is the first and only (as of 2020) son of the famous musician and his ex-girlfriend Briana. Louis tries to be a good dad for his little boy and shares his time between the United Kingdom and Los Angeles.

The major part of his time Freddie spends with his mother. Ms. Jungwirth sometimes uploads his new pictures to show her followers that the boy is doing well.

Who are Louis Tomlinson parents?

Troy Austin (biological father)

Troy Austin father Louis Tomlinson

photo twitter.com/MirrorCeleb

Date of birth: circa 1969

Louis and his biological father Troy Austin are not close. Troy left his wife Johannah and their son when the latter one was still a baby. He didn’t stay in touch with his son for years but then appeared at his concert show intending to reconcile. The music star didn’t accept his father’s apologies. They stay apart till now, and even Troy’s state of health didn’t influence Louis’s decision. In 2019 Austin was diagnosed with cancer.

Mark Tomlinson (adoptive father)

Mark Tomlinson  adoptive father

photo https://twitter.com/tavtommo

Date of birth: August 13, 1970

The One Direction member stays in touch with his adoptive father, whose surname he made popular. Mark Tomlinson married Johannah, Louis’s mother, many years ago, and took care of her and her son from previous relationships.

Now Mark remains an inseparable part of the singer’s life. He is the doting father for his half-siblings, too. In spring, 2016 mark married a woman, named Sallie.

Johannah Deakin (mother)

Date of birth: March 25, 1973

Date of death: December 7, 2016

Louis Tomlinson’s mother was named Johannah Deakin (nee Poulston). She considered motherhood as the main sense of her life, and she gave life and brought up seven kids, whom she considered as stars. And one of her children has become a superstar not just for his mother, but also for the whole world. That’s the hero of our publication, who was the oldest of her kids.

She was married three times, the first one to Troy Austin, Louis’ biological father. The second time she went down the aisles with Mark Tomlinson, the father of her four daughters and adoptive father of Louis. They divorced in 2010.

A year later she met another man with whom she lived till death did them part. That was Dan Deakin, the businessman, with whom he spent a lovely 5 years, two of them they were married officially. They parented two twin boys and were incredibly happy despite the age difference in 9 years. Dan was younger.

Johannah passed away at the age of 43 because of leukemia. She is remembered not just by her family members, but also by her colleagues. The woman earned her living as a midwife. Later she became a television assistant.

Louis Tomlinson siblings

Georgia Austin (paternal half-sister)

Georgia Austin sister Louis Tomlinson

photo instagram.com/georgia_austin

Date of birth: 1999

Louis’s family is very extensive. He has lots of half-siblings from his mother’s side and one half-sister from his father’s second marriage. Georgia Austin is 8 years younger than her half-brother. During many years she didn’t know him at all. But in 2013 she came to One Direction concert with her father finally to see her relative. Besides, Georgia attended the X Factor Live Tour. She was in the first row, and the singer noticed her and shook her hand.

Georgia and Louis aren’t very close till now, nevertheless, they are not strangers to one another. The girl is so proud of her older brother and hopes, his best achievements are yet to come.

Charlotte Tomlinson (younger half-sister)

Charlotte Tomlinson

photo instagram.com/lottietomlinson

Date of birth: 1998

Lottie, whose full name is Charlotte Tomlinson, is known not just as the sister of a famous musician, but also as an aspiring makeup artist, model, and blogger.

She traveled with her brother and other One Direction members all over the world and helped them to get ready for their concert shows. She shared her makeup tips through social media sites, besides she has published a book on the topic recently.

Charlotte was very young when she lost her mother and then her younger sister Felicite. Now she is ready to speak to other people, who lost their relatives, to help him cope with it and move forward.

Felicite Tomlinson (younger half-sister)

Felicite Tomlinson younger half-sister Louis Tomlinson

photo instagram.com/felicitegrace

Date of birth: August 16, 2000

Date of death: March 13, 2019

Felicite, or Fizzy, was the younger sister of Louis Tomlinson and one more source of his pain. In spring, 2019 she was found dead in her apartment in London. The girl and her friend took drugs the night before her death. That caused the heart attack.

They say Fizzy couldn’t recover from her mother’s departure. She almost ruined her health with diets and drugs. The girl’s death became another tragedy within the short three years, which stroke Tomlinson’s family.

Now she is remembered as the aspiring fashion designer and Instagram star, whose account is still followed by 1, 3 million fans.

Phoebe and Daisy Tomlinson (twins; half-sisters)

Phoebe and Daisy Tomlinson sister Louis Tomlinson

photo instagram.com/the.daisytomlinson

Date of birth: March 23, 2004

One Direction singer was blessed with two more devoted fans, his younger twin half-sisters Phoebe and Daisy. The girls were just 6 years old when their brother became a superstar.

Now both girls do not stay in the shadow. Daisy boasts with almost 700k subscribers on Instagram. The incredibly beautiful girl, she is dating a young handsome boy, named Tom Sharman

Phoebe’s account is followed by 600k+ fans, too. Together with her twin sister, she finished the apparel collection of her late sister Fizz. Felicite started to work on it several months before her tragic death. Now her sisters present that collection to honor her memory.

Doris and Ernest Deakin (twins; half-siblings)

Doris and Ernest Deakin

photo instagram.com/deakins_twins

Date of birth: February 10, 2014

Louis has two more half-siblings from his mother’s side. The twins Doris and Ernest are the kids of the late Johannah and her third husband Dan.

Now the boy and the girl are school pupils. They spend a lot of time with their sisters, which pamper these little creatures. Louis adores them too and often plays with them when he returns home from tours.


You may know Louis Tomlinson as the participant of the band “One Direction”, which was founded in 2010 and reached incredible popularity till 2016 when the band participants decided to put their activity on a pause. Surely, singing and writing the songs for 1D is an important chapter in Louis’ career but there are also many other projects, which brought him well deserved recognition.

Louis Tomlinson was very young when he started to entertain people. He was still a kid when he appeared on the screen for the first time – in the series “Fat Friends”. After that, he acted in the movie “If I Had You”.

In 2010 he was selected as one of the participants of the popular talent show “The X Factor”. He was the third, and it opened lots of new opportunities in front of him. He was signed by Syco Records as the participant of the newly-formed band “One Direction, which consisted of five members – all The X Factor alums.

Now Tomlinson is developing his solo career. He presents the new songs through his recording studio “Triple Strings”. In 2018 he was honored to be a judge at “The X Factor”.

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  • Chrisha says:

    Louis dated American actress Danielle Campbell from December 2015 to January 2017. Rumours circulated that Briana Jungwirth did not want Danielle around her and Louis’s son, Freddie. In 2016, shortly after photos were released of Danielle holding Freddie, Jungwirth tweeted “You can pretend all you want but you will NEVER be my baby son’s mother