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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Hector Luis Guzman


TV actor, movie actor

Birth Date

August 28, 1956


66 years

Zodiac Sign



Cayey, Puerto Rico


Seward Park High School, The City College of New York


American-Puerto Rican

Luis Guzman family members

Father's Name

Joaquin Guzmán (father), Benjamin Cardona (stepfather)

Mother's Name

Rosa Cardona

Is Luis Guzman a gay/bisexual?


What is Luis Guzman marital status?


Who is Luis Guzman wife?

Angelita Galarza Guzmán

When did get married?


How many children does he have?

5 (adopted: Cemi Guzman, Yemaya Guzman, Yoruba Guzman, Margarita Guzman; biological: Luna Guzmán)

Luis Guzman family

Luis Guzman wife

Angelita Galarza Guzmán (wife)

Angelita Galarza Guzmán

Date of birth: January 15, 1959

Since 1985 Luis has been married to Angelita Galarza Guzmán, or Angie, as she is called in the family circle.

Angie is a family woman. She devotes all her free time to her 5 kids and husband. She has a sister Monserrate Galarza, with whom she is so close. Luis maintains warm relationships with Monserrate, too.

Luis Guzman kids

Cemi Guzman (son)

Cemi Briggs-Guzman

Date of birth: 1991

Luis is a great family man. He told in one of his interviews that he moved his family from New York to Vermont and bought a house there. He decided to raise his kids in that cold snowy state, out of the big city, to give them free safe childhood. At the same time, he often took them with him, to the movie sets to see the world, so they were not isolated.

His wife Angie and he always dreamed to have many kids. They got married in 1985, and for many years couldn’t become happy parents because of health issues.

In the early 1990s, they finally had a baby, whom they lost soon after his birth because of suffocation. After that, the couple decided to adopt a baby. Thus, they became parents of Cemi Briggs-Guzman.

Currently, Cemi lives in Manhattan, New York. He runs a production company “Dark Rabbit Productions”. He has already produced several movies, including the drama “Hold On”, where his father Luis plays the part of Pastor Rivera.

Yemaya Guzman (daughter)

Yemaya Guzman

Date of birth: January 23, 1994

Yemaya is the second child, adopted by Angie and Luis. The girl grew up in Vermont, but she moved to Los Angeles, CA to study at The Fashion Institute Of Design And Merchandising.

Currently, she works as a fashion stylist and designer. She used to work as a costume designer in the entertainment industry.

Yemaya maintains warm relationships with her adoptive parents and siblings. She is very close with her father Luis. The girl names him “the most influential person in her life”.

Yoruba Guzman (son; Margarita’s twin)

Yoruba Guzman

Date of birth: November 13

Yoruba is one of the twins, adopted by Luis and his wife Angie. He resides in Peacham, Vermont. The boy graduated from Cabot High School. Then in 2014, he studied at St. Johnsbury Academy.

Margarita Guzman (Yoruba’s twin)

Margarita Guzman

Margarita is Yoruba’s twin sister. Like her siblings, she was raised in Vermont. Currently, she resides in Tempe, Arizona. Like her twin brother, she graduated from St. Johnsbury Academy in 2014.

Luna Guzmán (daughter)

Luna Guzmán

Luna-Aurora Guzmán is the only biological daughter of Luis and Angie Gusman. She is a St. Johnsbury Academy graduate. Her hobbies are painting and horse riding.

Who are Luis Guzman parents?

 Joaquin Guzmán (father)

 Joaquin Guzmán

Luis tells not much about his biological father. It’s just known, that his dad’s name is Joaquin Guzmán. The actor’s parents divorced, but Luis still respects and loves his dad.

Joaquin Guzmán names himself on Facebook as a dreamer, entrepreneur, and inexhaustible fighter. He resides in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico.

Benjamin Cardona (stepfather)

Benjamin Cardona

Luis was raised by a stepfather. He maintains close warm relationships with this man. Benjamin used to work as a TV repairman. Benjamin has already passed away. But Luis still keeps him in his heart.

Rosa Cardona (mother)

Rosa Cardona

Date of birth: circa 1940

Luis is closely-knitted with his mom Rosa Cardona. He considers her his best inspiration and blessing. It was his mother, who taught him to be humble and helpful. She came to USA from Puerto Rico in 1950s. The woman spent the major part of her life on the Lower East Side in New York. She has always been supportive and brave. The woman brought food to homeless people in New York all the time. Rosa took little Luis with her. Many homeless people knew little Luis by name and greeted him. Luis’s mother earned her living as a hospital worker.

As of 2022, Rosa is in her 80s. Nevertheless, she still goes to work in the hospital every single day. Her son Luis offers her mom to stop working and start living a more relaxed life, try traveling or something else. But she refuses and tells that her work makes her happy.

Rosa serves as a great role model to Luis and his kids. She is so focused on her family. Till now, for Luis, the best place to eat is his mom’s kitchen among all those great cafes and restaurants he has already visited.

Luis Guzman siblings

The exact number of Luis’s siblings and half-siblings and their names are not known.


Hector Luis Guzman is a famous actor, who has already accumulated in his resume 130+ films and TV series. The most popular of his screen works is “How to Make It in America”, the drama series about fulfilling dreams, where he portrayed a criminal, who tries to tie up with crimes, the biography film “Boogie Nights”, the crime thriller “Carlito’s Way”, etc. Recently, he portrayed Gomez Addams in the series “Wednesday”.

He was born in Cayey, Puerto Rico, but he left his home country as an infant. His parents moved him to New York, USA. Luis grew up in Manhattan with his mother and stepfather. He was educated at Seward Park High School. Then he became a student at The City College of New York.

As Luis told in his interview, he has always been socially active. That’s why he became a Youth Counselor. He joined his social work by acting in the street theater. He was also a frequent visitor of The Nuyorican Poets Café, founded by Miguel Piñero, the talented playwright.

Luis called Miguel his “adoptive parent”. He debuted on the big screen in the film “Short Eyes”, based on Miguel’s play. That was Guzman’s big break. He cemented his initial success with the role of Miguel Revilla in the NBC crime series “Miami Vice”.

Currently, Luis is still going strong. He works on several new movies and TV shows every year. Most of them go well with the public.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Luis told that it took him 18 years finally to become proud of himself as an actor.
  2. He thinks that to become a great actor. The person has to be humble. In his interview, he told, that acting was not about ego. It’s necessary to be a great team player to create an excellent movie.
  3. He is impressed when he sees a young person reading a book. Luis thinks that reading is a lost art in society.
  4. The first movie he did after the pandemic was “Hightown”. He acted in 7 episodes of the show as Jorge Cuevas. The shoe was filmed in North Carolina. Luis told that the most challenging for him was to pass COVID tests 3-5 times per week.
  5. His height is 5 ft 6 in and his weight is 196 lbs.
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