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Luke Perry biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Coy Luther Perry III


actor, producer, voice actor

Birth Date

October 11, 1966

Death date

March 4, 2019 (52 years)

Zodiac Sign



Fredericktown , Ohio, United States


Fredericktown High School



Luke Perry family members

Father's Name

Coy Luther Perry Jr

Mother's Name

Ann Bennett

Siblings names

Amy Coder (older sister), Thomas Perry (younger brother), Emily Bennett (younger half-sister)

Is Luke Perry a gay/bisexual?


How many children does he have?

2 (daughter Sophie Perry and son Jack Perry

Luke Perry wife

Minnie Rachel Sharp (ex-wife; were married in 1993-2003)

Minnie Rachel Sharp


Date of birth: 1969

In the early 1990s, many girls all over the world were in love with Dylan McKay, skillfully portrayed by Luke Perry. Young actresses fancied him, but he fell in love with a beautiful lady, who was not in show business.

Till now it’s not known, how they two met. The legend says that Minnie was Luke’s fan, and she sent him the piece of her lingerie to attract his attention. But in his interview, Perry didn’t confirm these rumors and told that they met in a restaurant.

Minnie caught Luke’s heart not just by her bright beauty, but also by her sharp brain. She was busy in the furniture industry and was much more reasonable than other of Perry’s female fans. The girl was born in 1969, and her father Alan Sharp was a famous screenwriter. He stood behind the film “Living Dangerously” with cult Mel Gibson and Sigourney Weaver.

They dated for 2 years when Luke dared to propose the woman. They tied a knot at a very private ceremony, and just parents and close friends shared this moment with the couple. They parented two children, a son Jack and a daughter Sophie.

The couple lived happily during many years, that’s why their fans were shocked when they announced separation and then legal divorce.

Despite their separation, Luke and Minnie kept amicable relationships. She stood by his side during the last days of his life.

Luke Perry kids

Jack Perry (son)

Jack Perry son Luke Perry


Date of birth: June 15, 1997

The actor fathered two kids, which were born within his marriage to Rachel Minnie Sharp. Jack is his elder child and the only son. The young man has already become a celebrity, too. He is an aspiring wrestler, known under the professional nickname “Jungle Boy”.

He got interested in wrestling in his early teens, and at the age of 18 he debuted on the ring under the moniker “Nate Coy”. In August 2018 he won the title of Junior Heavyweight Champion and in January 2019 he was signed by All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

By the way, Jack fell in love with wrestling due to his father Luke Perry. The actor was a big fan of this kind of sport and encouraged his son to try it. He was a great believer in Jack’s talent, and he was still alive when his boy was signed by AEW.

Sophie Perry (daughter)

Sophie Perry


Date of birth: June 7, 2000

Sophie is Luke Perry’s daughter; she is a stylish blonde, just like her mom. The girl is in her late teens, and according to an Instagram page, she leads the life of a typical young lady. But her joyful Instagram page is sometimes interrupted by painful posts, devoted to her late father. Sophie was very close to her dad and she misses him so much now. To honor her father’s memory, she made a tattooed mushroom on her wrist, which symbolizes her late parent. The connection between Beverly Hills, 90210 star and mushrooms is quite tight – Mr. Perry was buried in an eco-friendly suit, partially made of fungus (according to his will).

Who are Luke Perry parents?

Coy Luther Perry II (biological father)

Date of birth: July 28, 1944

Date of death: January 15, 1980

Luke and his father were not so close, mostly because of the divorce of his parents. Mr. Coy Perry II, a steelworker, passed away at a young age of 35, and he also had a heart attack (just like his famous son). Luke attended his farewell ceremony, but they were not friends during Perry II’s life. The actor characterized his biological father as violent and offensive.

Steve Bennett (stepfather)

Steve Bennett stepfather Luke Perry


Coy escaped from the family picture when his son Luke was just 6. Then his mother and father separated, and Mr. Perry was a rare guest in Luke’s life. The actor’s mother later re-married, and Luke was raised by his stepfather Steve Bennett, a constructor. Steve was by Luke’s side during the last minutes of his life.

Ann Perry Bennett (mother)

Ann Perry Bennett


Luke was mamma’s boy; he was very close to Ann Perry Bennet and trusted her. In one of his interviews, the actor confessed that he doesn’t like anyone, who has ever offended his mom (then mostly he bore in mind his father’s figure).

Ann is a homemaker and a mother of four kids. She had three kids (including Luke) with her first husband Coy Luther Perry and a daughter with her second husband Steve Bennett.

Luke Perry siblings

Amy Coder (older sister)

Amy Coder


Date of birth: January 1, 1965

Amy Perry Coder is Luke’s older sister. She shared a tight bond with Dylan McKay actor and stood by his side at the tragic moment of his death.

Amy is the oldest daughter of Ann and Coy Perry. She graduated from East Palestine High School and then continued her education at Slippery Rock University. She is married and she has kids. Amy is very close to her stepfather Steve Bennett.

Tom Perry (younger brother)

Tom Perry brother Luke Perry


Luke has a younger brother, Tom. They both were friends, and Luke’s early death impressed his brother so deeply, as the latter one shared on social media. Tom was a sailor. Currently, he resides in Little Elm, Texas. During more than 30 years he has been married to the sales manager Mary Pat Perry.

Emily Bennett (younger half-sister)

Luke has another sister from the maternal side – Emily. She was born within the marriage of his mother and stepfather Steve Bennett.


He was a celebrated American actor, a superstar, widely known as Dylan McKay from the series “Beverly Hills, 90210”. Recently, he had been busy as Fred Andrews in the TV series “Riverdale”. He played the screen father of KJ Apa. The last film he featured on, was “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, directed by Quentin Tarantino.

He died because of a massive heart stroke. The actor had a heart attack in February 2019. He was taken to a hospital, where he had another stroke. After that, the actor was disconnected from the life support machine by the decision of his relatives.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. At the moment of his death, Luke Perry was engaged to Wendy Madison Bauer. They have been together for more than 11 years until the actor’s stroke parted their ways. Wendy created a fragile sad video, which was a tribute to her late fiancé, where she thanked her man for many wonderful years by his side.
  2. Luke liked acting since the earliest years, but it was not an easy thing for him to become a superstar. He took part in more than 200 auditions when finally, he was chosen for a small role in a commercial. His first TV appearances were in the films “Scorchers” and the series “Another World”.
  3. After the release of the first season of “Beverly Hills, 90210”, Luke Perry became a sensation. His public appearances very often caused crowds and disorders, because his fans got crazy to see him or to touch him. In August 1991 he participated in an autograph signing session at The Fashion Mall, and his fans were so eager to take a photo with his, that arranged a mess and a fight, where more than 10, 000 people were involved. The police had to solve the accident.
  4. He comes from Fredericktown, Ohio, and even after becoming a Hollywood celebrity, he kept a strong connection with people from his hometown. Every year he returned to Fredericktown for Tomato Show. Besides, he was “Freddie Bird” mascot at his high school. Many of his teachers believed, he would have become a superstar in Los Angeles. “He was a good kid, very charismatic”, his teachers said.
  5. He shared his net worth between his two children equally. His net worth was close to $10 million at the moment of his departure.
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