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Macaulay Culkin biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Macaulay Carson Culkin


actor, musician

Birth Date

August 26, 1980


41 years

Zodiac Sign



New York City, New York, United States


St. Joseph’s School of Yorkville; Professional Children’s School



Macaulay Culkin family members

Father's Name

Kit Culkin

Mother's Name

Patricia Brentrup

Siblings names

Kieran Culkin (younger brother) Quinn Culkin (younger sister) Christian Culkin (younger brother) Dakota Culkin (older sister) Jennifer Adamson (late paternal half-sister), Shane Culkin (older brother)

Is Macaulay Culkin a gay/bisexual?


What is Macaulay Culkin marital status?


Who is Macaulay Culkin wife?

Rachel Miner (ex-wife)

Macaulay Culkin wife

Rachel Miner (ex-wife; were married in 1998-2002)

Rachel Miner ex wife Macaulay Culkin


Date of birth: July 29, 1980

Macaulay’s personal life was not full of affairs, but obviously, he knows, how to attract the most wonderful lady in the room.

At the age of 17, he married Rachel Miner, the beautiful young actress, known by the projects “Sex and the City”, “The Black Dahlia”, “In Their Skin” etc. Then both were ready to start a real family and focus on becoming parents and caring about their home. But Macaulay suddenly decided to start acting again. That caused the couple’s split in 2000 and an official divorce two years later. Rachel appeared in many famous films and TV series, but her face remained unrecognizable for a wide audience. In 2014 she left the industry because of her health condition – she was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis. She is, probably, single as of now, while her ex-husband is dating a singer Brenda Song (as of 2020).

Who are Macaulay Culkin parents?

Kit Culkin (father)

Kit Culkin father Macaulay Culkin


Date of birth: December 6, 1944

Christopher Cornelius Culkin, who was nicknamed as Kit in a family circle, is famous not just as Macaulay’s father and manager, but also as an actor.

He was born and raised in New York City in the family of Philip and Marian Culkin. He has one brother and two sisters, one of which is a talented actress Bonnie Bedelia. 

Kit took classes at the School of American Ballet (his son Macaulay was trained here, too). He started his career on Broadway and had a chance to co-act the best entertainers in the world, including Richard Burton and Laurence Olivier. 

He fathered eight children, the oldest daughter with his first wife and seven others, including Macaulay, with Patricia Brentrup. They have never gone down the aisles and have never exchanged the vows, nevertheless, they cohabited for 20+ years and separated in 1995.

After that Kit met another woman – Jeanette Krylowski- with whom he lived till her death in 2017.

During many years he managed the career of an actor Macaulay Culkin, but then the Home Alone actor sued his dad in the court, blaming him for “being on his money”. They say, Kit was physically abused, and very often hurt Macaulay, his mother, and siblings. As of 2020, Kit and his son are estranged. 

Some journalists wrote on the media, that it was Kit, who was responsible for some collapse of Macaulay’s career. “He was not efficient as a manager, asked for an extraordinary big fee and pushed his other kids into Macaulay’s movies”, Culkin friends tell. 

In any case, Kit and Patricia’s divorce has become a desirable gift for the movie star. In 2014 it had a stroke after which his speech can hardly be understood.

Patricia Brentrup (mother)

Patricia Brentrup mother Macaulay Culkin


Date of birth: 1954

Pat, Macaulay’s mother, worked as a telephone operator. She was a hard worker, nevertheless, the Culkin family lived in poverty. They got used to save cash and to avoid expensive things so much, that they didn’t even move to a big comfortable house after Culkin’s career success. After “Home Alone” reached great box office numbers, Macaulay got an impressively big paycheck. But the child star still resided in a small apartment and shared the bedroom with his siblings. 

Culkin’s mother knew that she would never pamper her kids. No wonder, because her childhood was not so carefree. She grew up on a farm in North Dakota in the company of 10 siblings.

She was 19 when she met Kit Culkin, and as she says, she immediately left her parents’ house and drove east with her new boyfriend. They returned to Manhattan, Kit’s hometown, and created a family, without making their relationships official. Soon they parented 7 kids. 

They didn’t have money at all, but they had something bigger – their talented son Macaulay. The boy got his first role at the age of 6. He was discovered by the casting director Billy Hopkins, who gave him money for a taxi to get home after a long rehearsal, because the boy’s parents were too poor to pay for it. 

In his interviews, Macaulay tells a lot of wicked words about his father, but it’s hard to tell, whether he has amicable relationships with his mother Pat or not. He feels sorry about his mom for all that stress she had to deal with during her unhappy marriage. Nevertheless, he blamed both his parents in the court for using his money. In 1994 the actor announced his retirement from the movie industry at the tender age of 14. He hated all that battle his divorcing parents arranged around him to control his life and money. 

Macaulay Culkin siblings

Jennifer Adamson (older half-sister)

Date of birth: 1970

Date of death: 2000

It’s not easy to tell, whether Macaulay was close with his older half-sister from the paternal side. Jennifer was Kit Culkin’s daughter from his marriage to Adeena VanWagoner. The girl was educated at Seattle Central Community College. After graduation, she resided in Missoula and worked with developmentally disabled people. She died from a drug overdose in 2000. 

Shane Culkin (older brother)

Shane Culkin older brother Macaulay Culkin


Shane is the oldest son of Kit and Pat Culkin. He was in his teens when his father sent him for an audition to Manhattan’s Ensemble Studio Theatre. He took his little brother Macaulay with him, and as you can guess, he was noticed by the casting director Billy Hopkins.

Thus, to some extent, Shane helped his brother to start a career in show business. At the same time, he has never become productive as an actor himself. Shane appeared just in one screen project – “Our Town” – in 1989.

Dakota Culkin (older sister)

 Dakota Culkin older sister Macaulay Culkin


Date of birth: 1979

Date of death: 2008

Macaulay and Dakota didn’t see each other too often because both had tough schedules. But as their friends say, they could speak on the phone for hours.

Dakota was very shy, and she didn’t want to be an actress. But she was working behind the camera and several months before her sudden death she moved to New York to work on the set on some movie. In 2008 she died in a car crash. The woman stepped on the road and was struck by the car. The driver wasn’t under influence and took Dakota to a hospital. The next day she died because of numerous head injuries. That was a tragedy for Macaulay.

Kieran Culkin (younger brother)

Kieran Culkin younger brother Macaulay Culkin


Date of birth: September 30, 1982

Kieran, Macaulay’s younger brother, is prominent in the movie industry, too. He was busy at the set of Home Alone too – acted as Fuller, the brother of Macaulay’s screen hero Kevin. In his interview with “Vanity Fair,” the actor told that he was frightened of fame when he was watching his older brother, surrounded by journalists and fans. Nevertheless, he has become a famous actor with a long film list, which includes the hits “Father of the Bride”, “The Mighty”, the series “Succession” etc.

In 2013 he has married Jazz Charton. On September 13, 2019, they welcomed their first daughter Kinsey.

Quinn Culkin (younger sister)

Quinn Culkin younger sister Macaulay Culkin


Date of birth: November 8, 1984

Quinn is Macaulay’s third sister and she is the only of Culkin girls, who is alive as of now. She has tried her hand as an actress, too and worked on several projects, like “Wish Kid”, “The Good Son” and some others. She went out of limelight then and now lives a private family life. Probably, Quinn got married, because she bears a surname “Jonas” as of now.

Christian Culkin (younger brother)

Christian Culkin younger brother Macaulay Culkin


Date of birth: January 30, 1987

Like other Culkin kids, he was busy at the film set. Christian acted in “My Summer Story” opposite his brother Kieran. He serves as a writer, based in New York, as of now. Christian writes for “Lid Magazine” and other issues. 

Rory Culkin (younger brother)

Rory Culkin younger brother Macaulay Culkin


Date of birth: July 21, 1989

The youngest edition of the Culkin brand is Rory. He was busy at the set of “Richie Rich”, then appeared in “Signs” and played a more complex role in the drama “Twelve”, where his co-stars were Chace Crawford and 50 Cent.


Although his career is in a slow phase as of 2020, his face is known to each person on the planet. He is the star of the highest-grossing films, like “Home Alone”, “Ri¢hie Ri¢h”, “Getting Even with Dad” etc. The boy, who got everything at the tender age of 10 and retired at the age of 14, has an interesting and very complicated fate.

He was born as the third child of Kit Culkin and Pat Brentrup. His father had unrealized acting ambitions, so he encouraged each of his 8 kids to try their hands in this area. Macaulay was his only child, whose talent was discovered by a casting director Billy Hopkins.

The boy started his career at Billy’s studio, and his first stage appearance was in the play “Afterschool Special”. After that Macaulay got positive critics reviews and thus, was involved in other studio projects. Among them was the play “Uncle Buck”, where he portrayed John Candy’s stage relative. The play was directed by John Hughes, the multi-talented movie maker, who later wrote the script to “Home Alone”. As you can guess, he didn’t hesitate a single minute to invite Macaulay for the role of Kevin. And that was a great leap forward for a boy from a poor family.

Tired from his parents’ battles for his money and his struggles with drug addiction, Macaulay decided to retire, being on the peak of his fame. After that, he devoted his life to music and served as the vocalist of the rock band “The Pizza Underground” till their split in 2016. Now he is busy with various web projects and makes occasional appearances on the screen. 

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