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Mackenzie Altig biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Mackenzie Rose Altig


model, Instagram star

Birth Date

July 27, 1993


29 years

Zodiac Sign



Kirkland, Washington


University of Washington



Mackenzie Altig family members

Father's Name

Rick Altig

Mother's Name

Lisa Altig

Siblings names

Natalie Olin (older sister), Richie Altig (older brother), Andy Altig (older brother)

Is Mackenzie Altig a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Mackenzie Altig marital status?


Who is Mackenzie Altig husband?

Kade Speiser (fiance)

We’ve already mentioned Mackenzie Altig in the text, devoted to social media influencer Kade Speiser. Kade and Mackenzie have been dating since 2017. They got engaged in June 2021, and now they are planning their wedding. Kade’s fans saw Ms. Altig in his YouTube videos many times, and her personality was very interesting to them. So, we’ve decided to tell you everything we know about Mackenzie and her family.

Who are Mackenzie Altig parents?

Lisa Altig (mother)

Lisa Altig mother Mackenzie Altig


Mackenzie’s mother is Lisa Pastega-Altig. She grew up in Oregon. She studied art at Cornish College. Then, she was educated at Oregon State University.

Lisa comes from a big and very rich family. Her father, Mario Pastega (passed away in 2012 at the age of 95) was a business mogul. He started from owning a small Pepsi plant in 1961 and ended up being a significant figure in the World’s Soft Beverages business. Her mother’s name is Alma Solari (died in 2008). The other members of Lisa’s original family included three brothers (Gary, Ken, Denny) and sister Emilie Jo, who tragically died at the age of 23 in 1968. Lisa was the youngest kid in the Pastega family.

Being stunningly beautiful since her earliest years, Lisa participated in the Miss Oregon pageant. She was in her 20s at that time. Later she married the love of her life Rick Altig and they built a beautiful family, having welcomed four kids.

Previously, Mrs. Altig used to work as a manager at a family company “Pastega Investment”. Nowadays, her career status is not known. But she devotes lots of time to her big happy family: her husband, children, and grandchildren.

Rick Altig (father)

Mackenzie’s father is a talented personality, too. He majored in Political Science at Oregon State University. After graduation, he started his career at the American Income Life Insurance Company. He has been an employee at that company for more than 3 decades. Mr. Altig made a great career from an ordinary insurance agent to a Multiple State General Agent. In June 2021, he celebrated the 37th wedding anniversary with his beloved wife Lisa Altig.

Mackenzie Altig siblings

Natalie Olin (older sister)

Natalie Olin sister Mackenzie Altig


Date of birth: January 17, 1988

Makenzie was blessed with three older siblings. The oldest of them is Natalie Olin-Altig.

Natalie has been married since 2010. They are raising three kids together.

Richie Altig (older brother)

Richie Altig brother Mackenzie Altig


Date of birth: March 13, 1990

Mackenzie’s older brother is named Richard Altig III, or just Richie. He has been married to a beautiful woman Brita. They became parents of a boy, named Richard IV.

Andy Altig (older brother)

Andy Altig brother Mackenzie Altig


Date of birth: October 16, 1991

Makenzie’s second oldest brother Andy is an Instagram star and a winemaker. Andy is busy with the family business, but he also finds the time to create great videos for his eponymous YouTube channel, which boasts 515k subscribers. He gained wide popularity after he collaborated with Jake and Logan Paul. He produced a video “Road Trip to Logan Paul’s House”. In 2018 he married Melissa Marquez. In December 2021 they will meet their first child. It’s a girl.


Mackenzie is known not just as Kade Speiser’s fiancée, but also as an Instagram star and fashion model. Her Instagram page counts 181k followers. As a model, she is signed by Seattle Models Guild.

Mackenzie Rose Altig was born on July 27, 1993, in Kirkland, Washington. She is the youngest of four kids in the family of Lisa Pastega and Rick Altig. She is half-American and half-Italian. The girl has dual citizenship (American and Italian). The Italian part of her family is quite rich – they produce olive oil and wine in Tuscany.

The girl was stunningly beautiful, and that helped her to get her first small modeling gig at the age of 14. After graduation from school, she entered the University of Washington (the television star Anna Faris graduated from the same educational venue). Mackenzie majored in communication and the Italian language. Besides, she was an active participant in the Alpha Phi sorority. With other girls from her University, she was fully involved in philanthropy. Mackenzie was one of the holders of the “Red Dress Gala” event, where they were raising money for women’s health research.

In 2015 Mackenzie graduated from the university. Before that, she participated in the University of Washington commercial, which inspired her to pursue modeling as a career.

Nowadays, Mackenzie Altig is keeping a healthy lifestyle. She practices biking, hiking, etc. Besides, she is preparing for a luxurious wedding ceremony with her loved one Kade Speiser.

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