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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Madison Nicole Ziegler


Dancer, Actress, Model

Birth Date

September 30, 2002


19 years

Zodiac Sign



Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States





Maddie Ziegler family members

Father's Name

Kurt Ziegler

Mother's Name

Melissa Ziegler-Gisoni

Siblings names

Mackenzie Ziegler (younger sister), Michele Gisoni (stepsister), Ryan Ziegler (brother), Tyler Ziegler (brother), Mathew Gisoni (brother)

Is Maddie Ziegler a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Maddie Ziegler marital status?


The unique dancer Maddie Ziegler for many fans is a bright star and unbelievably talented person. But there are people, who knew her before fame. They are her family members. Read about Maddie Ziegler closest people – her mother and younger sister. In addition, learn about her relationship with her father, stepfather and half-siblings. Maddie Ziegler Family

Who are Maddie Ziegler parents?

Melissa Ziegler-Gisoni (Mother)

Melissa Ziegler-Gisoni

Date of birth: June 13, 1968

Her born name is Melissa Sulo. She has never thought about fame or money in her younger years, which she spent in NY. The woman wedded Kurt Ziegler in 2002, and they gave a birth to two sweet daughters – Maddie and Mackenzie. Melissa has always named family life as her main priority. She has never thought about career and didn’t go to college, which she considers as the main regret in her life as for now.

Melissa and her husband lived in Pittsburgh, PA. In 2009 Ziegler family announced their bankruptcy. The family with the income of $4, 000 spent twice more per each month. That caused $1 million debt to creditors.

In 2011 Melissa heard about the new reality show “Dance Moms”. As she opened up in her interview, the show producer was their family friend. The woman participated in the show together with her daughters Mackenzie and Maddie. She didn’t think about possible popularity of her children due to the show. But she was not afraid to announce in public that Maddie “is the best dancer in the world”.

In fact, she was right. Soon her daughter Maddie Ziegler became a rising star in Hollywood. After the show Maddie decided to move to LA.

Nowadays Melissa Ziegler shares her time between Pittsburg and Los Angeles. She knows that her daughters need her more than ever. Melissa knows that Hollywood is a dangerous place for such young starlets. She watches any men, who approach Maddie, and hopes her daughter would go to college one day in spite of her international fame.

In 2011 Melissa divorced with Maddie’s father Kurt Ziegler. She tells that their financial problems and her love to dancing caused their split. In 2013 after a year of dating she re-married Greg Gisoni. Greg and his stepdaughter Maddie are big friends.

Kurt Ziegler (Father)

kurt-ziegler photo

Date of birth: January 10, 1965

Maddie biological father is Kurt Ziegler. He was born in Pittsburg, PA and after his marriage to Melissa bought a house there. Kurt works as a senior loan officer in the company “Custom Mortgages, Inc”.

He went to the Penn Hills High School with Abby Lee Miller, the dance coach and leader of Reign Dance Productions. When Maddie turned 2, Kurt took the girl to Abby’s dancing classes. Thus, Maddie started her career of a dancer and found her way.

After graduating from school he earned his living as a professional athlete. Maddie’s mother is Kurt’s second wife. He has two sons from his previous marriage.

Kurt and Melissa Ziegler were quite happy together. But their financial troubles and later Melissa’s passion to dancing ruined their marriage. In December, 2010 they started a divorce process and custody battle for their daughters. In summer, 2011 both agreed to share the custody over their daughters. Later Melissa insisted to get the full custody, because Kurt didn’t fulfill his duties of a parent and didn’t support the daughters financially. As for now, Melissa has the full custody over prodigy kids. Maddie opened up, that she sees her father Kurt just on holidays. Mostly she is brought up by her stepfather Greg Gisoni.


Maddie Ziegler siblings

Mackenzie Ziegler (younger sister)

Maddie Ziegler sister

Date of birth: June 4, 2004

Although Mackenzie Ziegler is not as popular as her older sister Maddie, no doubt, she has a great future in Hollywood too.

She debuted alongside her mother Melissa and sister Maddie in “Dance Moms” at the age of 7. At first she combined participation in the show with her studying. The girl went to school in the morning and spent three and a half hours there. After that she went in for dancing class and participated in the show. But that schedule was too tough for her, so she became homeschooled.

In her 14 Mackenzie has a lot of job opportunities. Except for dancing, she is also a young singer (four years later she released her debut album “Mack Z”) and model (she has already advertised the reputable brand Polo Ralph Lauren.

Mackenzie had a short-term relationship with another young singer Johnny Orlando.

mishel-ziegler photo

Michele Gisoni (stepsister)

Michele Gisoni is actually not a blood relative of a dance star Maddie Ziegler. She is a daughter of Greg Gisoni (a rich businessman and vice president of Westinghouse Energy Center) from his previous marriage. Michele is Maddie’s stepsister.

Mathew Gisoni (stepbrother)

Mathew Gisoni is a brother of Michele Gisoni and stepbrother of Maddie Ziegler. He is the son of Greg Gisoni. They say, Mathew Gisoni and Maddie Ziegler do not communicate.

Ryan Ziegler (older half-brother)

Ryan-ziegler photo

Date of birth: May 14, 1991

Ryan Ziegler is Maddie’s older half-brother. He is the son of Kurt Ziegler from his first marriage. Although Maddie and Ryan see each other quite rare because of tight schedule, they are in good relationships and stay in touch.

Ryan comes from Pennsylvania. He worked in Michigan for several years and then entered the University of Pittsburgh. In 2016 he got his diploma.

Currently Ryan, whom his sister Maddie names “my big bro” resides in Pittsburgh, PA. On October 12, 2017 he tied a knot with his long-term girlfriend, Puerto Rican Camille Velazquez. They met in May, 2011 during their trip by a Carnival Cruise Line. At first they communicated through e-mails and in summer, 2012 crossed their ways in New York, when finally shared their first kiss. The couple started dating at a distance and then moved together, when Camille had become an intern at Torrance State Hospital (not far from Pittsburg). On their fourth anniversary Ryan Ziegler proposed his loved one. Maddie Ziegler visited their wedding and posted the pics of the event at her Instagram account.

Tyler Ziegler (older half-brother)

teylor-ziegler photo

Date of birth: June 29, 1995

Tyler Ziegler is a blood brother of Ryan Ziegler and second older half-brother of Maddie Ziegler. He is a son of Kurt Ziegler from his first wife. Tyler and Maddie are friends. Very often they post pics with one another at Instagram. In 2014 Tyler finished his education – he graduated from a college. The boy’s hobby is Ice Hockey. He used to practice it and now is just watching. Tyler is ranked as a rising Instagram star with more than 130, 000 followers.


Madison Nicole Ziegler, widely known as a dancer, model and TV personality, was born in Pittsburgh, PA. She started dancing at the age of 2, and as the girl recollected in her mind during her interviews, she was so fond of this art, that she didn’t want to leave the stage after performance.

Maddie studied at Sloan Elementary School, but most part of her time she spent at the dancing classes. She met her big break in 2011, when the girl was invited to Lifetime reality series “Dance Moms”. Having become the brightest star of the show, Maddie caught an eye of a talented Australian singer Sia, who took the girl under her wing. The young dancer featured in 6 music videos of Sia. During her trip to Australia Maddie lived in the signer’s house. She named Sia “her second mom”.

Nowadays Maddie Ziegler develops her career of dancer. In March, 2018 she started a big dancing tour with her younger sister Mackenzie. In addition, Maddie is a frequent guest at exclusive red carpets events. She has become the face of a popular game Sims.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. When Melissa and Kurt welcomed their baby girl, they named her Taylor. A few days later they decided to change her name to Madison. The Zieglers re-booked the documents of a baby girl and thus she has become Maddie.
  2. Maddie Ziegler is just 15, but she considers herself as a full-time entertainer. The girl spends several hours per day in gym to make her dancing movements perfect.
  3. She practices various kinds of dancing, including ballet, jazz and tap.
  4. Maddie doesn’t like to get up early, but she feels much more productive at night. So, very often the girl workouts around that time, when other teenagers go to bed.
  5. In spite of her young age Maddie is an experienced dancer, that’s why she has a right to judge the other dancers. She was a judge at the show “So You Think You Can Dance”.
  6. Maddie’s favorite color is purple.
  7. The girl likes Chinese food. When she allows herself to have some dessert, she chooses cheesecake. Her favorite beverage is Shirley Temple (the alcohol free cocktail, made of ginger ale and grenadine).
  8. Maddie has a security team, which follows each her step.
  9. She spends the part of her massive income for charity. Maddie is an active participant of Starlight Children’s Foundation, which supports kids with chronic diseases.
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