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Madisyn Shipman biography
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Interesting Biography Facts

Real name

Madisyn Shipman


actress, dancer, musician

Birth Date

November 20, 2002


20 years

Zodiac Sign



Kings Mountain, North Carolina, United States


San Juan Hills High School



Madisyn Shipman family members

Father's Name

Tracey Shipman

Mother's Name

Jennifer Foster Shipman

Siblings names

Sawyer Shipman (younger brother), Caden Shipman (younger brother), Jesse Shipman (younger brother)

Is Madisyn Shipman a lesbian/bisexual?


What is Madisyn Shipman marital status?

In relation

Who are Madisyn Shipman parents?

Tracey Shipman (father)

Tracey Shipman father Madisyn Shipman

Date of birth: 1974

Madisyn Shipman was blessed with great parents, who supported her and helped her to fulfill her dreams. They even moved from their native North Carolina to New York, and later to Los Angeles, California, to let Madisyn pursue her career.

Her father’s name is Tracey Shipman. He is a son of Dale Sprouse Shipman. Tracey is a great family man. He puts lots of effort to make his children’s life happy.

Jennifer Foster Shipman (mother)

Jennifer Foster Shipman


Date of birth: January 3, 1980

Madisyn Shipman often tells that her mother stays behind her success. She never gets tired to praise her mom, to thank her for everything.

Mrs. Shipman cares not just about Madisyn, but also about the three actress’s brothers. She is a great wife to her husband Tracey. She joins her family duties with her work at a hospital (according to some sources, Jennifer is a nurse).

Jen’s face has become popular after she had appeared on the pages of Girls World Magazine and shared with the readers, how to may Mother’s day craft – a cute postcard with the mother’s photo in the middle.

Madisyn Shipman siblings

Sawyer Shipman (younger brother)

Sawyer Shipman  brother  Madisyn Shipman


Date of birth: April 30, 2007

Madisyn knows well, what it means to be an older sister. The fact is, she has three younger brothers. And she built warm relationships with each of her siblings.

Sawyer is a schoolboy. Probably, he is the second most popular kid in the Shipman family. He has already created his Instagram account. The boy boasts with 15k+ subscribers. Besides, he appeared at the set of the show “Henry Danger”, where his sister took part, too.

He is a teenager as of now. He shares his time between studying at a middle school and having fun with his friends and family members.

Caden Shipman (younger brother)

Caden Shipman brother Madisyn Shipman


The other brother is named Caden Shipman. He studies at Plumcanyon elementary school. Caden is a creative personality, too. He has an account at Tik Tok, where he dances, plays, and makes people laugh. Very often he creates videos with his younger brother Jesse.

Jesse Shipman (younger brother)

Jesse Shipman brother Madisyn Shipman


Maddie’s youngest brother is named Jesse. He is a little boy, who likes to play, to have fun, and to enjoy his everyday life. He spends a lot of time with his older brother Caden. They go to the same school. Besides, he stars on Caden’s Tik Tok videos.

The aspiring actress likes the time, which she spends with her brothers so much!


Madisyn Shipman is a young and very talented actress, who is known for her work on such films and TV shows as “Sesame Street”, “Ordinary World”, “Henry Danger” and others.

She was born in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, United States. Madisyn is the oldest of four kids in the family of Tracey and Jen Shipman. She dreamed to become an actress since her kindergarten age and begged her parents to take her to the acting school. She was 5 when her parents finally heeded her words and took some steps to help her follow her dream. They took their daughter to the local talent agency and thus, she got a chance to try her hand as an actress.

Madisyn immediately got lots of offers, and her parents moved her to New York, where she got career opportunities. She started from the advertisement for “Blue Cross Blue Shield”, and then won the role on Broadway. She performed on the show “Enron”. After that, she gradually moved her way on television.

Her big break came when she was cast as Kenzie Bell on “Game Shakers”. The show about two middle school pupils, who occasionally started their business project, was on air for three and a half years on Nickelodeon. Of course, that show, which gained lots of fans all over the world jump-started careers of Madisyn Shipman and Cree Cicchino, who depicted her screen friend.

In 2015 she appeared on her first animated film, titled “The Peanuts Movie”. It’s about Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and Linus and their adventures. While working on the movie, Madisyn got an opportunity to collaborate with other aspiring Hollywood stars, like Noah Schnapp, Alex Garfin, and Hadley Belle Miller.

Now Ms. Shipman is not just a popular actress, but also a social media influencer. Her Instagram account boasts with 1, 8 million subscribers. Besides, she is a high school student. In 2019 she started her sophomore year at San Juan Hills High School. She also dreams to join her peers at a medical school.

Interesting and fun facts

  1. Maddie is a big animal lover. In her interviews, she tells about her pets very often. Previously, she had the chameleon Tails. She liked to play with him. And he was not aggressive at all. Unfortunately, Tails has already passed away, and that was a tragedy for his owner Madisyn. Besides, she has a puppy, whom she took for an interview with her one day.
  2. The actress is obsessed with cleaning her teeth. She can do it two or three times per week. She does it every time she comes out of the house.
  3. Despite her so young age, Maddie is not single. Since 2016, she has been dating Logan Patrick. They come from the same town. Besides, Logan is an actor, too. She announced their relationship through social media. And she uploads their common pictures on Instagram from time to time.
  4. Her favorite food is sushi.
  5. Her height is 4 ft 11 in and her weight is 95 pounds.
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